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The firm under analysis is a small IT consulting company in the United States. Cloud Computing has performed in the industry within 8 years, so that it has managed to collect its regular customer base. The company was founded by a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs being still the chief executive officers. Their team designs and implements IT solutions for various organizations while the rest of the personnel receives the knowledge presented by few founders of the firm. The organization takes a top-down approach in human resource management. However, it is appropriate to make a general comment on the fact that knowledge management is a key driving force within the company. The chief executive team shares its knowledge with the rest of employees, so that a positive ethical environment is always present within this organization.

Surprisingly, the enterprise did not recognize innovations much. That can be justified with the fact that the firm’s financial potential is evidently limited owing to the corporate size and revenues. The company was addressing its target audience, which could not be described as unexpectedly big. Recent changes in a sphere of information technologies have caused the firm to reconsider its entrepreneurial orientation. Cloud Computing technologies have entered the market of the United States. Therefore, the organization has decided to make an adequate response on thea trend and gain a new competitive advantage. The chief executive team was quite aware of the fact that Cloud Computing is a technology typical of large enterprises. The implementation of Cloud-based services in the company would mean the risks of substantial expenditures as well as success to optimize current costs and address a larger context of the competition within the US market.

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As for the services provided with the firm, they comprise a standard list of IT consulting such as Business Intelligence (traditional being not cloud-based), custom software development, servicing of mobile applications, Sharepoint establishment and support, visual design, etc. The company has implemented Cloud Computing technology of a hybrid model in order to serve multiple requests of various customers. Unexpectedly, the firm has started losing its main target audience. Therefore, last five quarters had been associated with its deep stagnation. Cloud Computing services did not produce a desired effect, so that the main risk factor of consistent expenditures had striken the firm. What is more, the company has started losing its target segment in regards to the rest of its initial services. The firm has been in such a situation of an adverse competitive position demanding a new approach to gain a more feasible and cost-effective competitive advantage.

The company has a sufficient potential in human resource management and its knowledge base. To be more specific, the firm is proud of its workforce that demonstrates high rates of learning and unexpectedly strong willingness to change. It is hard to argue that such competences in human resources can be involved in the recovery of the organization after such a disaster. The firm will have to change its business orientation and align its objectives with a newly adopted business strategy. The rest of its services can be also integrated with Cloud Computing technologies. Thus, the firm will be able to enter into the competition on a higher level without a considerable corporate growth. The organization is experiencing an evident decline though with a heavy reliance on change management, human resources, and expertise that can normalize situation and boost its entrance to the national market.

The Market

In regards to the market of IT consulting within the United States, its growth can be admitted. This process, however, is slow because of the recent recession during 2008 – 2012 (Moore, 2013). An up-to-date market forecast suggests that it will grow on 2% in 2017 (Moore, 2013). In such a way, it is reasonable to admit that the trend on Cloud Computing technologies is still persistent within the US industry of IT consulting. The companies, which have already adopted Cloud Computing on a regular basis, expect a better growth of their business. Therefore, an average increase of revenues among such companies will be 40% higher in 2017 (Moore, 2013). This trend is the distinct evidence of the upcoming third wave of a digital revolution. That is why all business organizations deploy information technologies as an indispensable element of the successful performance. Thus, IT consulting companies experience a strong flow of customers with various requests, which result in a new step in the market maturity.

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As a consequence, the increasing market maturity and capacity cause a change in a business orientation of IT consulting firms. The company has failed to react on this shift even though it implemented Cloud Computing. Some changes in business orientation require the organization to promote more flexible and custom services. The firm did not position Cloud Computing as a platform for unique services. That is why it has lost all its competitive potential. A growing demand on IT consulting has implied a related competition for its target audience, which seeks for fast engaging projects and services deployed to their organizational environments (Moore, 2013). The firm has positioned its Cloud services as one of available services without an emphasis on the uniqueness of Cloud-based technologies. Besides that, the organization has neglected the reorganization of its human resources working on the Cloud Computing implementation without any distinct instructions regarding service positioning. That is why the firm has started losing its customers.

The main peculiarity of the contemporary market of IT consulting is based on the demand of its customers to be maximally involved in a process of services (Moore, 2013). In other words, its potential clients were expecting some offers that would facilitate their adoption of Cloud technologies. Meanwhile the company did not specify its scope of a new vertical element of its product line. Generally speaking, it has implemented the new stuff, but has not assigned to it any specific characteristics. As a result, the variety of possible services was not feasible within the technology of Cloud Computing. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the direct impact on the marketing strategy of the firm has not been made with the implementation of Cloud-based services. The technology itself renders a strong competitive advantage even in a rough market environment. The organization has not obtained its service niche. Therefore, a considerable segment of its target audience has moved to the companies with a more profound positioning of the same services.

To return to the subject of changes within the market, it is appropriate to note the reflection of human resources management in that regard. The proactive use of Cloud Computing has changed a functional role of human resources. This technology is more accessible from a perspective of its operational accessibility. Nevertheless, it remains a key decision-maker of IT consulting services. Moreover, the workforce’s value concentrates on a need to implement various models of Cloud-based platforms on a regular basis. In spite of a spreading concern about the depreciation of human resources in a sphere of IT consulting, an average salary has grown up to 20% within several years (Paysacle, 2016). The need for expertise in emerging technologies is apparent in each IT consulting company. Therefore, the firm has appropriately relied on its chief executive team, which evidently holds the most meaningful knowledge in information technologies. Hence, human resources management has not been affected adversely with the implementation of Cloud Computing.

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The most evident mistake of the organization is its attempt to place the new product in the same position with its key competitors (Galal, 2014). When multiple companies try to obtain a similar product niche, the probability of selection pressure and raise of incentives becomes accordingly high. In such a way, the firm has limited its competitive potential and the market’s maturity, as a whole (Galal, 2014). It has been reflected in absence of specific competences, which can be used for obtaining a custom niche of services. To the greatest extent, the company should have launched a product differentiation strategy. It would be an adequate response to a proactive competition within the market of IT consulting. The firm has been placedin a situation of the so-called overlap product density, which resulted in adverse conditions (Galal, 2014). Thus, the firm is required to take a different approach to positioning of its Cloud-based services.

However, the feasibility of modeling a product differentiation strategy within a small firm is rather debatable. The organzation might have lacked costs, expertise, or technology to make cloud-based services as diverse as possible. What is more, the implementation of a Cloud platform with a flexible model for multiple customer cases is a quite frequent result of a lot of experiments and amendments. These ones are evidently unaffordable for a small firm. Such a profound work could be done with more mature and bigger competitors. That is why competitive conditions had been preliminary unfavorable for the company. From that perspective, it had little chances to defeat bigger and more experienced firms in providing better Cloud-based consulting. Cloud Computing is known to be initially oriented at big enterprises. Therefore, the implementation of these technologies in the environments of small or medium businesses is always associated with the complications related to methodology or expenditures. Nevertheless, the firm has failed to consider not only this aspect but also the issues concerning marketing of the adopted technology.

The contemporary state of competition within the market of IT consulting in the United States presupposes the following issue. Each organization has to use a set of marketing instruments in order to follow a competitive flow within the industry (Baum, 2013). The small firm has neglected its marketing strategy on the recently adopted Cloud Computing technology. The service has been launched without brand building, advertising, establishment of dedicated sales initiatives, etc. (Baum, 2013). It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the firm has been excessively focused on the technology itself. Meanwhile basic strategic rules are still applicable to Cloud Computing despite of its relatively recent entrance to the US market of information technologies and consulting. The trend on these technologies is currently active. However, it does not deny the impacts of the business context and competition. It requires customizing of services to be offered to the target audience.

The competition could have been much favorable for the company, once a buyer power is the highest one within the entire existence of the IT consulting market in the United States (Baum, 2013). As it has been already mentioned, the third wave of digital revolution has caused an active growth of the customer demand on outsourcing or offshoring information technologies. Regarding that, most of the revenues flow from publically and privately owned sectors of business (Baum, 2013). The firm has failed to communicate with its customers being evidently as the most valuable asset of any IT consulting organization under circumstances of the current market trend on Cloud Computing technologies. In addition, modern customers seek for flexible pricing models, which are not affordable for the organization with objectively small financial capacity. A market entrance barrier is low nowadays. However, the company did not recognize a need to establish the communication for its new services. That is why it has lost its group of potential clients.

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Marketing Instruments

In regards to the marketing instruments to be applied to the promotion of Cloud Computing services, the frim should have presented its new technology as a package of multiple services (Schultz & Doerr, 2009). It would have increased the differentiation of its product line. The firm would have been recognized within the market. As it has been already mentioned, the organization paid the entire attention to the technology only. Meanwhile the promotion of new services had been neglected. Cloud Computing is not an ultimate means of facilitation business in terms of the contemporary competitive pressure. Hence, the absence of complex services has resulted in an adverse state of the firm.

By the same token, the organization has not established a communication between its recently implemented technology and potential customers. Even though it could not afford advertising and settlement of good public relations, a social media platform is still available for the companies of different corporate sizes (Schultz & Doerr, 2009). Furthermore, the social media is one of prominent environments, in which potential customers look for outsourcing and consulting concerning information technologies, especially Cloud Computing. Social networks is a convenient space for promoting the company’s services as long as its fast feedback, evaluation, and flexibility being available for clients.

The firm has not also applied a branding strategy, which is also important for launching a new technology. One may argue that the branding development is a redundant element in a small business. It is certainly not true, since the company was attempting to address the largest context of competition and defeat bigger and experienced IT consulting organzations. A recognizable brand, however, would not change the situation considerably but would place the firm in relatively equal conditions of competition (Schultz & Doerr, 2009). At this angle, the company also has failed to place an emphasis on its uniqueness. That is why it was defeated with branded firms.

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Product Positioning

Speaking about product positioning, the company has not considered the fact that information technologies are an indispensable component of any business nowadays (Schultz & Doerr, 2009). That is why potential customers need different services and support. The organization did not deploy a flexible Cloud Computing technology. Therefore, it was unable to address any requests of its target audience (Schultz & Doerr, 2009). The company has positioned its Cloud Computing services as an up-to-date technology. It is a relevant decision. However, the technology should have been diversified, according to the needs of its clients. The common trend on Cloud Computing consulting implies that outsourced firms have to provide their services in the customers’ environments. In order to fulfil that purpose, the establishment of client-shared network is required. The implementation of WAN network is one of the most widespread means of regular communication with customers. The chief executive team obtains the sufficient expertise in that regard. However, the costs and expected benefits should have been forecast. The company has implemented Cloud Computing technology without creating a developed network for the distribution of services to its business environments.  The recent market trend presupposes the participation of IT consulting firm in terms of the clients’ case for a better optimization of resources and knowledge.

The firm has not defined the concept of its Cloud Computing services. That is why it was hard to create a service package. The common practice of Cloud Computing technologies recognizes three models of access: private, public, and hybrid. The firm has evidently implemented the last form of Cloud Computing. However, it did not formulate the scope of activities possible with the use of this technology. Consequently, the organzation was unable to address the customers’ needs as long as its product did not render any distinct value (Schultz & Doerr, 2009). In such a way, a cutting-edge technology has become a redundant element of the firm’s product line.

General Comments

Taking these points into account, it is appropriate to make a general comment on the following fact. The firm did not align the implementation of Cloud Computing with its overall marketing strategy. Cloud Computing is a strong competitive advantage. However, the company did not integrate it with its general business strategy. As a result, this project did not belong to its project portfolio. Thus, product deliverables did not address the customers’ expectations. The technology itself is a valuable asset for the organization. However, its independent placing within the product line has made it redundant. Therefore, the company could not apply it to any aspect of its performance.

To be more specific, the firm has implemented Cloud Computing technology as its key competitive advantage for addressing the intensified competitive pressure within US market. The technology has been successfully incorporated. However, the implementation towards improving the customers’ participation was not conducted (O’Mahoney, & Markham, 2010). The firm was expected to use Cloud Computing for gaining a competitive advantage. The technology itself does not make any organization harder to compete. The company did not settle an exact goal, towards which Cloud Computing technology can be used. Additionally, the more experienced businesses manage to direct Cloud Computing towards multiple marketing objectives.

Overall, the product differentiation strategy would require the firm to experiment on the models of Cloud Computing or even redesign the entire platform. It is informative to note that the company is unable to cope with such expenditures on the single technology (O’Mahoney, & Markham, 2010). That is why the firm was not ready to use Cloud Computing as its key competitive advantage and leading product of differentiation strategy. Its financial capacity can justify this statement. It is necessary to give an account of the financial analysis of the company. The probability of an inappropriate allocation of costs is always high. That is why the financial analysis of Cloud Computing project is required.

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Financial Analysis

The starting balance of the Cloud Computing project was $500, 000. It is hard to argue that it is a moderate amount for implementing such costly technology as Cloud Computing. Therefore, the organization launched the project quite early, as long as it could not afford a sufficient financial support. The rest of expenditures, however, were appropriately allocated. However, the company has spent $200, 000 on the deployment of Cloud Computing technology itself. It is sufficient, especially for the operational capacity of a small-sized firm. The company has managed to establish even security considerations of the technology within the costs spent on the implementation. It is possible to argue that overall credibility may be not satisfactory. Conversely, a chief executive team consists of experienced managersbeing aware of the risks associated with the implementation of Cloud Computing. At any rate, the expenditures related to the implementation of the technology are justified.

Further, the company has spent $100, 000 on its workforce. These expenditures have included bonuses, training, rewards, and the payment for the outsourced personnel for the project’s completion. The company has placed an emphasis on its human resources as its most valuable asset. That is why investing in the personnel was excessively high (O’Mahoney, & Markham, 2010). The workforce, however, justified such substantial costs and successfully completed the project within the budget and deadline provided. In such a way, investing in workforce was not a crucial point. The rest of the starting budget, i.e. $200, 000, were spent on the development of the technology towards key functions of Cloud Computing. Once the implemented technology was designed in terms of a hybrid model, consistent expenditures are justified (O’Mahoney, & Markham, 2010). Provided that costs were appropriately allocated to the particular extent, the following question emerges. One should inquire what a real cause of the company’s failure in promoting its Cloud Computing services is. The allocation of costs is an important aspect. However, the firm has neglected another factors related to finance.

Factors of Failure from Financial Perspective

The recent recession of IT consulting industry has made a market entry barrier much harder to overcome even though it is low. In other words, the costs required for entering the market have grown while an opportunity of entrance was available. It leads to the conclusion that the use of Cloud Computing technology does not mean entering the competition (Monapartha & Lokhande, 2014). The company has appropriately allocated its costs regarding the implementation of the technology. Meanwhile the expenditures assigned to the development of services for the promotion were unreasonable (Monapartha & Lokhande, 2014). The organization should have conducted a cost-benefit analysis and chosen the most feasible models of a Cloud layout (Srinisavan, 2014). On the basis of these models, the company could have developed a preliminary service package. Its core failure is based on the fact that the costs assigned to the promotion of Cloud Computing services were spent on redundant and unfeasible activities.

Likewise, the firm has decided to launch Cloud Computing services within a single project. It is almost an impossible task, especially for such a small organization. In consequence, the budget assigned to launching a new service was comparatively weak. The differentiation strategy presupposes multiple attempts to optimize and update services package. The firm has implemented a hybrid model of the Cloud platform. Therefore, numerous approaches should have been taken towards scoping the values of new services (Srinisavan, 2014). Taking into account the fact that requests the customers tend to vary, the company should have invested more in the optimization of the technology. The conditions of the modern competition within the market of IT consulting require each firm to find a flexible solution to penetrate customers’ environments with minimum costs for itself as well as for every single client. In general, the organization has completed a maximum of activities within the budget available. However. the feasibility of the project was dramatically underestimated.

Cost Factors of Cloud Computing

The analysis has already mentioned that the company determined fixed costs while associated ones were not included and allocated. Cloud Computing technology presupposes multiple services for supporting the platform. Support services do not require contracting an external party, once they provide a system of pay-as-you-go (Srinisavan, 2014). The firm did not orient its budget towards future expenditures. Therefore, the technology has become redundant fast. The chief executive team has the profound knowledge in information technologies. Howvere, the support of Cloud Computing implies regular outsourcing, which is financially hard for the firm. The common practice suggests that outsourcing of Cloud Computing support saves up to 30% of monthly expenditures of IT consulting company (Srinisavan, 2014). The organization has relied much on its expertise and human resources being obviously effective. Nevertheless, the company should have hired an external party for optimizing the technology. Meanwhile the personnel could have learnt the peculiarities of working with Cloud Computing.

All in all, the main cost factor for Cloud Computing is the determination of fixed and associated costs. The company has failed to distinguish associated costs thereby making its Cloud Computing technology redundant. The overall approach to the cost allocation was moderately reasonable while a heavy reliance on the experience and effectiveness of human resources from cost-effective solutions throughout outsourcing the external support (Monapartha & Lokhande, 2014). Therefore, the main reason for the firm’s failure is the inappropriate product positioning, unreasonable use of expenditures, and excessive reliance on the technology itself. In the light of these conditions, the organization still has a chance to leverage its performance towaeds Cloud Computing services. Considerable changes should be made. However, following the basic rules of marketing, project management, and IT business modelling will lead the firm to its stable performance.


Since the firm has implemented a hybrid model of Cloud Computing, it has to invest its further development into various approaches. The inclusion of public as well as private functions of the technology will enable it to serve more companies without switching on a single model. The firm is recommended to start with starting basic functions. These ones can address its minimal target audience. These services can be integrated for rendering a better product differentiation and flexibility for customers’ business environments. Still, these changes should provide an outsourced Cloud platform provider.

The firm has to apply the so-called 8I framework, which involves the following ingredients (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). They are software, hardware, power, environment, payload, network, human, and policy. This framework will indicate the main dimensions of the work aimed at improving Cloud Computing technology. These aspects are the basic principles of optimized operating with Cloud Computing technology. That is why the firm needs to consider them on a day-to-day basis (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). Some of them may need an individual approach.Mean while the core of the technology is integrated. As a matter of fact, human resources and policies need a separate approach.

However, the preparation of a flexible Cloud platform may require the enlargement of the regular workforce. The company relies heavily on its personnel, which is why widening the personnel will facilitate the optimization of Cloud Computing (Monapartha & Lokhande, 2014). It is an objective requirement, as long as a successful deployment of Cloud Computing technology with such a small company that is almost impossible. Human resources are a central decision-maker regarding the technology in the firm (Monapartha & Lokhande, 2014). Therefore, the organization needs the sufficient number of workers for a credible fulfilment of its Cloud Computing project. Technical considerations, however, are not a single group of recommendations for the firm.

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The first recommendation regarding the costs is based on the need to structure them. The firm has to plan its budget considering the expenditures allocated to Cloud Computing. As it has been already mentioned, associated costs will be needed within the entire lifecycle of the implemented technologies. That is why the company should be ready to readjust its budgeting in case of any arising issues (Bauer & Adams, 2012). It does not have to be necessarily a loss or other disaster, since the development of information technologies is proactive nowadays. Henceforth, the organization will need to plan its budget together with these costs.

As a consequence, the expenditures on Cloud Computing is not a single source of costs in the company. That is why the firm may align cost planning with its overall business model (Bauer & Adams, 2012). Some changes, however, still should be made. However, their nature has to be consistent with the entrepreneurial orientation of the firm. Once it relies on its knowledge, the investment in talent management and benchmarking is reasonable. The exchange of expertise is pivotal for the firm. Outsourcing of Cloud is also a justified approach to cutting costs, so that the financial state of the organization has a chance to improve.

The company may establish partnerships with other IT enterprises and even share the Cloud technology. At this stage, it is a strategic decision, which will enable the firm to gain much experience and knowledge in Cloud Computing consulting. Partnership may influence the independence of the organization. However, it will provide an access to a wider experimental field for Cloud Computing (Bauer & Adams, 2012). It will diminish costs on support and outsourcing of technology. Therefore, the company will be able to design an additional plan for its recovery. Partnership with other IT companies will place it in a more protected business environment.


The firm has to comprehend the fact that Cloud Computing is a part of the majority of business models. That is why the companies use this technology as its strategic instrument (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). Therefore, the organization has to position its services towards that concept. What is more, many companies have already found redundant to implement information technologies within their business environments. The firm has a chance to become a regular outsourcing partner for many enterprises. Therefore, its Cloud Computing services should presuppose a long-term cooperation with devoted customers (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). Since the capabilities of Cloud Computing are diversified nowadays, it is appropriate to recommend the company to optimize its services throughout such trendy functional requests of enterprises as business analysis and intelligence, technical support, project management, and the integration with stakeholders.

Many companies rely on Cloud Computing as the element for gaining strategic advantages and intelligence (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). Thus, the customers would like to receive a profound and participatory consulting. The firm will need to position its services as a package of solutions aimed at addressing the clients’s strategic goal not as the high technology, once Cloud Computing is not recognized as an average innovation any longer (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). On the contrary, many business representatives claim that they will do less outsourcing in a shortcoming future, as soon as the personnel acquires peculiarities of the strategic use of Cloud Computing. The company, however, needs to consider a threat from external markets. Offshoring of information technologies is a common practice, especially for the organizations that plan the international expansion (Poulfelt, Geiner, & Olson, 2009). That is why the firm should position its services at an angle of appropriate policing and reasonable pricing. These ones are crucial factors for attracting thetarget audience. Eventually, a horizontal line of Cloud Computing services will have to grow progressively in order to be ahead of the firms’ client base. Generally speaking, the company should apply basic business principles to Cloud Computing technology. The latter ones have influenced the organization to the particular extent without rendering any benefit to use the basic strategic knowledge.

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All huge companies and enterprises always think about how to improve their business activities with the purpose of maximizing own profits. One of the proven ways to achieve this aim is outsourcing. When some activities of a company are outsourced, it has a chance to save a significant amount of money on both production and […]

Finsbury Food Group

Finsbury Food Group is the UK-based company that dominates the London stock market. It manufactures and sells bread and cakes to the UK grocers. This company has complex structure as it consists of cake business and bread business. The peculiarity of Finsbury Food Group is that it manufactures sweet snack products in store bakeries. Product […]

Financial Analysis and Management: Sports Direct PLC

Sports Direct PLC is a UK based firm operating in the retail industry with specialty in sportswear products. Founded in 1982, Sports Direct is currently the leading sportswear retailer in the UK in terms of sales volume and revenue. It also owns hundreds of stores spanning across Europe. It also vends its products on its […]

Code of Ethics for Food Establishments

Food safety is a renowned premises as well as the foundation of life and consumer safety. Food safety is often associated with the quality of life and the overall body health. There are numerous ethnical issues involved in the food business, including improper handling of food materials that this study seeks to emphasize. The majority […]


Vitango is a drink produced by the Coca-Cola Company. It contains all vitamins and minerals necessary for people on a daily basis, thus it will be distributed in Botswana, where many people suffer from anemia and other diseases caused by mineral deficit. In order to sell this product successfully, it is vital to develop a […]

Production Strategies

Various companies employ different production scheduling techniques using several strategies. The implementation of the latter depends on such factors as a customer’s feedback, shareholders’ demands, and the reshaping of a product or service. Moreover, organizations do so hoping to rethink their distribution approaches, connecting supplies to retailers. Ultimately, each implemented policy has its direct or […]

Lenovo: Strategic Analysis

Strategy and sustainability: the expression of organizational values and vision Lenovo Group Ltd is a global technology company with headquarters in Beijing . It was founded in 1984. In 1996, it has become China’s largest PC Company. Its name used to be Legend Holding, but in 2004 the company was renamed to Lenovo. In order […]

The Making of Fiat Mio

As it turned out, innovations did not only concern the product of the company, but expectations of its clients. Fiat managed to invite its clients and followers to the process of the creation of a car, generation of ideas, and participation in the key decision-making aspects regarding the design and technical details. The process turned […]

The Importance of Social Media in Business

In the recent history, there have been numerous debates among the researchers and the academics about the existing challenges and opportunities of social media and online research. The social media platforms offer rich data in all areas of life and businesses. The researchers are using the data to support their work and create networks. A […]

Macroeconomic and Company Success

The world of economics has two main layers: macroeconomics and microeconomics. As everything in the economics, macro and micro levels are closely interrelated. Macroeconomic level examines the whole economy as the aggregation of all firms and households and studies indicators like output, consumption, level of prices, etc., while microeconomic studies each individual, every firm, and […]

The Affordable Care Act and Cadillac Tax

The Affordable Care Act has been amended by the Congress to impose an excise tax on high-end insurance coverage, sponsored by the employee. This provision is popularly known as the Cadillac tax and will become operative in January 2020. Currently, most of the employees that contribute to high-end plans are exempted from the income and […]

The Detailed Information About Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)

Over the past century there has been a dramatic increase in the world economy. The automobile and railway corporations have shown the rapid development in the economy. This paper is divided into four parts. The formal business report presents the detailed information about Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), its purposes, bases of operations, mode of operation, […]

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a leading global management-consulting firm in the Middle East, which serves governments, leading non-governmental organizations, businesses and not-for-profit organizations. The company assists its clients in making lasting improvements especially to their performance and realizes their most significant goals. For over a century now, McKinsey & Company organization has been uniquely equipped […]

History of Hilton

Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a chain of full service hotels and resorts that are spread all over the world operating under the brand of Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Hotels & Resorts (2015) indicates that it is made up of a chain of at least 540 hotels in 78 countries spread across six continents. The company […]

Models of Organizational Diagnosis

A necessary step in the design and management technology for the internal object, subject, and goal of a company is to determine its condition, the approach to resource utilization, and performance outcomes. The tools for determination of these aspects are organizational diagnosis allowing the partners and owners to find appropriate and relevant significant issues of […]

Taobao and Consumer Protection

If a person happens to spend some time with common people in China, he/she will quickly recognize that their shopping patterns significantly differ from those of people leaving in the western countries. It can be explained by the fact that e-commerce has grown and become so essential to the population of China, Taiwan, Macau and […]

Supply Requisition Process and How It Can Affect the Average Customer Wait Time

According to the business dictionary, supply requisition process is a detailed procedure of acquiring inventory for an organisation. Its necessity consists in an organisation’s need to purchase uniform and supply goods and services. This process is rather complex and can take a considerable amount of time. Various organisations have different procedures, but as a general […]

United Airlines: Leadership Concepts and Practice

The application of leadership concepts and practice in real life can be rather helpful in addressing the arising challenges. Much attention will be paid to the development and presentation of the coherent strategy for overcoming of the stated challenge. This strategy will be based on the data from various peer-reviews journals. The identification and evaluation […]

Webstore Components: Hardware, Software, Network and Database Devices

Technology has brought significant revolutionary changes to the business industry. Modern firms are conducting most of their business operations over the internet. For instance, marketing firms are utilizing the internet to advertise and sell their products online (Chaffey, 2009). This strategic approach has, as a result, created product awareness to the customer. Most importantly, the […]

Whole Foods Market Feedback Loop

The feedback loop and organizational learning opportunities are based on the fact that all elements and activities of businesses are placed in such a way that they result in a cause and effect situation. All the activities of organizations are dependent on each other and thus there is no business activity that can be carried […]

Globalization of MNCs

There is the tendency for companies all over the globe to transform into worldwide organizations nowadays. Few following factors have led to the transformation of not only enterprises but also a change in the requirements for human resources management. They include such as globalization and internationalization of the world economy, the trend to form alliances […]

“Working at McDonald’s”: Amitai Etzioni

In modern society, it is common for teenagers living in the United States to have a part-time job in various fields. However, the fast food chain is the most common choice of work placement. In the essay entitled “Working at McDonald’s,” Amitai Etzioni claims that working in the fast food industry, including McDonald’s, may have […]

Verizon Communications Inc.: Case Study

Verizon Communications Inc. is an American telecommunication company that focuses on wireless and wireline Internet connections. The organization is one of the leading telecom companies in the world. It has succeeded in various areas of its operations and generated 10k reports over the period it has been operating (Petrova & Wang, 2011). Verizon is arguably […]

Amazon Company: Management and Key Activities

Amazon’s success is one of the most discussable topics in the world of business, entrepreneurship, and management. Usually, there are two groups of people – the first one agrees with the majority of company’ management decisions, and the second one does not support them. When it comes to any leader of the industry, there are […]

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways is an airline that operates in the United States and offers low-cost services to travelers. The headquarters of the company are in New York and the main base is the John F. Kennedy International Airport. It serves at least 97 destinations, and thus, it is an influential airline service provider. Founded in 1999, […]

Amazon Fulfillment

The field of logistics entails mainly manual work and thus has proved to be inefficient in service delivery to different customers. Automation of this field would mean that companies in this industry would offer freight services at a faster pace and, at the same time, this would reduce the cost of delivering the goods. In […]

ZARA: Performance Analysis

In fact, Inditex is the lucky owner of Zara, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Oysho, and Massimo Dutti. Every store reflects the company’s approach towards the integration of fashion in the daily clothes of every customer. Moreover, Inditex demonstrated the importance of fashion and proved its desire to obtain a leading position in the market thanks to the […]

Strategic Management at Google Inc.

Current Organizational Structure of Google Google Inc. is currently known as Alphabet Inc. The company does not embrace a conventional corporate structure model, in which the prevalence of influence flows in a top-down fashion to the managers and then to staff (Yarow). Conversely, Google Inc. has adopted a cross-functional corporate structure, utilizing a team approach […]

Keda Industrial Co.Ltd – Case Study

Keda Industrial Co.Ltd is a company that engages in real estate, infrastructure, imports and exports, financial services, semiconductors, biochemical engineering, and large-scale machinery businesses in China. The company’s main business is producing and selling machinery for processing ceramics used in construction on a vast scale (Scherner, Muntermann, & Rossnagel, 2009). In 2005, Keda successfully installed […]

Tesla Motors Company

Introduction to Tesla Motors and Overview of Its History Tesla Motors is named after electrical engineer and well-known physicist Nikola Tesla. The company started its operations in 2003 in the Silicon Valley. The idea was to reassure the target audience that electric cars are more efficient compared to those that use fuel or gas. One […]

McDonald’s Brand: Problems and Solutions

Outline 1. Problems: A. Poor marketing strategies is one of the reasons businesses are failing. a. Engaging in wrong marketing strategies exposes the business to unnecessary costs that produce no value to the business. b. Wrong marketing undertakings resulting in a company having unfavorable public perception and long-term loss of market command. B. McDonald’s faces […]

The Social Impact of Walmart

Wal-Mart has become a household name in business and society today. It is a symbol of success, efficiency and wealth. Wal-Mart tops the list of the largest companies in the world. Additionally, its founders the Walton family is among the richest people in the world since they hold from the 7 to 10 position in […]

Volkswagen Company Report

The Volkswagen Company was founded in the 1930s in Germany and has been in operation for many years. The Company automobile company operated only in Europe for several years. It has then expanded from Germany to different parts of the world. Apart from manufacturing and distributing the automotive products, the company also offers banking services […]

BARS Rating Scales and Business Student Performance in Team Projects

Communication, which is the capacity to express ideas about the projects through verbal or written communication, is the first competency. Proper grammar usage, making presentations in a professional way, using plain and relevant messages constitute good communication skills. Inability to communicate well leads to a low performance of the team, because its members will not […]

Market Structures: QFinance

There are four main market structures, in which the companies may operate, including monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and perfect competition. Each market structure differs from others by variety indicators. In order to reach competitive advantage and generate a proper income the companies should apply competitive strategy, which would respond the market structure’s conditions. Coca-Cola is […]

Positive Image of Organization and CSR

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept in organizational behavior that relates to my experience. CSR is a business model according to which an organization manages its actions with an attempt to produce an overall positive influence on the society. Specifically, CSR has a wide-reaching impact on a company’s reputation among all the stakeholders. The […]

Benefits and Compensations Package

Compensations and benefits are very crucial HR constituents in all types of organizations. Compensations and benefits relate to how a firm, with the help of its HR department, manages the personnel expenses budget and ensures transparency of compensation policies besides introducing competitive benefits for employees (Oliphant & Wagner, 2012). Purpose of Compensations and Benefits from […]

The People Behind Google

The company chosen for this research is Google. Nowadays, Google is a worldwide company which serves millions of people around the globe. It was founded in 1998. Its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, where two university friends who had many ideas to realize. From a little search engine Google grew to become a powerful […]

Growth Case: Inditex and Zara

Expansion and growth are signs of improved performance for organizations. The manner in which a corporation manages its growth amid numerous challenges creates perception in the eyes of customers, which influences their relationship with the firm. Zara and Inditex have been an epitome of excellence performance, especially due to their aggressive growth strategy amid an […]

Organizational Change Initiatives

I am reviewing an article of organizational change initiative by General Electric. When John Flannery was selected as the CEO of the company’s subsidiary in India, he called for a big change in its organizational structure. Before that, like any other branch of multinational companies, GE India worked using a matrix structure. According to it, […]

Nike Case

As of May 31, 2013, Nike accrued $25.31 billion in revenue, had an approximate 48, 000 employees and sourced Nike products in 914 contracted factories, which hired over a million factory workers globally. When a company ventures into the global arena or receives public scrutiny for unfavorable practices in their value chain, comparisons to the […]

Apple Inc: Organizational Strategy, Corporate Culture and Human Resource Management

organizational strategy expresses the manner in which an organization needs to evolve with time in order to achieve its objectives and provide a detailed appraisal of what needs to be done. organizational culture implies the way people behave in an organization and the meaning they attach to a particular behaviour. It is a collective representation […]

Coca-Cola Reward Management System – Essay

All Reward Management Systems (RMS) deal with formulating and implementing policies and strategies that aim at rewarding employees equitably and fairly. This must be consistent with the values of both organization and individuals to ensure achievement of strategic goals. In a general context, RMS designs, implements and maintains a company’s reward system. In the end, […]

M&S and The UK Business Environment

The UK business environment is one of the most attractive, competitive and forward-looking places in Europe. One can say that the UK government fosters the development of business by means of encouraging private organizations such as M&S, for example. The World Bank ranking defines the UK as the place efficient for running a business. As […]

Southwest Airline Company – Common Assessment Accounting

The lean philosophy is a contemporary approach that many companies use to minimize their costs while increasing their revenues. The essay highlights the view that lean philosophy is aimed at reducing the wastage of valuable resources such as time and space within companies. Some of the key findings include the view that the lean philosophy […]

The Road Accidents and Logistics

Logistics covers the topic of goods delivery and various factors that may occur along with this process. The major issue is that road accidents are mainly likely to occur during the transportation process. Therefore, logistics and road accidents relate to each other. Logistics mainly looks at process such as planning, controlling and implementing the storage […]

Business Assets of Oxfam

The world is undergoing a revolution that has been brought forth by changing paradigms in technology and, therefore, in turn affecting the nature and mode of business transactions that are handled on a global scale. Due to these changes in everyday businesses operation, the economic sector of the globe has witnessed numerous changes from inflation […]

Daiso versus Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, Inc. is the largest retail chain not only in the USA, but also in the whole world, which contains more than 10,000 stores worldwide. The format of the stores is hypermarkets and supermarkets where people can purchase both food and household goods as the company maintains a maximum range in its stores. Thanks to […]

The History of Walmart

The process of starting a business can be very challenging. Anyone who has an interest in business must consider a number of factors, which influence the growth and expansion of business. Walmart is an international retail organization that is based in America. It was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton as a family business. It […]

Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management involves the use of financial instruments to examine as well as manage a firm’s exposure to market and credit risks. Financial risk management is a very important practice with economic value for any firm. Financial risk management includes management of other factors such as a firm’s shape, volatility, liquidity, foreign exchange, inflation […]

The Consultancy Report of the Auto Producing Business

The first alternative is the purchase of a new auto producing business. The alternative automatically presupposes the introduction of a new unique brand, as well as exclusive production line. The second alternative is the possibility to take over such a prominent and profitable giant within the market of auto producing corporations as Mercedes Benz brand. […]

What are the Secrets of IKEA’s Success?

In some way, IKEA stores remind those of Wal-Mart. The company also appeals to low prices, its stores are located mainly in the suburbs, and the company crushes its competitors with its sales volumes. Society does not like Wal-Mart. Contrarily, people are much more lenient to IKEA. However, they always say that the furniture being […]

Strategic Review on Zara

Every organization or any other part of an organization has to make many important decisions occasionally (the decisions that actually affect the organization’s entire destiny for many years into the future). Such decisions are designed in such a way that they address the major and most important organizational issues. These decisions do not just dwell […]

International Business Management

Why ABB Bought Zamech and How the Company Can Link Zamech to its Overall Strategic Plan Strategic planning is one of the main actions the company takes while operating. Strategic planning depicts the main objectives of the company compared with the working process and including the relationships with all the members of the business. Specifically, […]

You Have To Be a Good Manager to Be an Effective Leader

A manager is a person who is in charge of tasks such as strategizing the work to be done by employees. The duties of a manager involve: organizing, directing, controlling and planning on behalf of the group. A manager has a group of staff who usually report to him/her. A good manager has to be […]

Final Business Model and Strategic Plan: C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.

C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. became a publicly-traded company in 1997. The company’s new marketing service division aims for offering marketing services based on the types of products transported or rendered into market sectors. The company has formed a separate business division as a means of cultivating a competitive market advantage. Starting on this division gives […]

McDonald’s Business Strategy Analysis

McDonald’s is a global corporation which is largely and widely recognized by many people around the world. It controls numerous fast food restaurants worldwide. Although its activities and operations are diversified around the globe, the corporation has its main headquarters located in the US. Initially, the company used to sell hamburgers to people in the […]

Encouraging Small Scale Business

The state is often under strain when it comes to joblessness. Whenever there is an opportunity that can offer solution to the case of unemployment, the government is advised to boost such initiatives, because it helps in unifying the community, since it empowers the society in the financial terms. Over the years, it has been […]

Southwest Airlines Strategies

This publicly traded company is based in Dallas. Southwest Airlines operates the passengers’ airlines and offers a scheduled transportation by air. The company operates 694 aircrafts, performing about 3,200 flights daily (Gittel, 2005). Additionally, Southwest Airlines closely cooperates with hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants, and retail locations for offering a wider range of services to […]

Web 2.0 Technologies

The Knowledge Management (KM) Business Problem Facing TPMT One of the key knowledge management (KM) business problem facing TPMT is the lack of an effective mechanism to manage excellent relationships with its customers, hence the inability to derive the most accurate information relating to their product demands. It is noted that most of the agents […]

Tommy Hilfiger Case Study Report

First of all, it should be noted that the main goal of each enterprise is making a profit from its activity and attraction of new clients; consequently, it tends to reach this goal. If a company reaches the intending aims on the domestic market, the highest management of the company takes a decision to entry […]

Price Elasticity of Red-Bull

This research is to determine the price elasticity of Red-Bull energy drink in Los Angeles. The demand elasticity of demand of a product determines the responsiveness of demand of the product with change in its price. Therefore, this research concentrates on predicting the elasticity extent of demand of red-bull energy drink. In determining the responsiveness […]

Change Management of Nike Company

In a world full of dynamism and change, many companies go through some form of organizational change. According to Jones (2010), organizational change is the process of facilitating alterations in strategies and policies of a firm in order to manage firm’s present and future goals and objectives to increase effectiveness of the company. Organizational change […]

Communication Strategy of Coca Cola

Communication is a crucial tool that both small and large corporations use to access resources they require for management (Belasen, 2008, p. 45). Without an effective and incorporated communication system, corporations fail to develop appropriate structures for their business communication strategies. Since business communication involves selectively communicating company’s objectives and views to stakeholders, who are […]

Google Inc.

Google is the only company that blurs the boundaries of management and establishes its own rules. One of the goals is to maintain its personnel with the best conditions to generate the product that will be helpful for future generations, Inc. organizational culture, its organizational structure, power and control that the company gives its personnel […]

Schneider Electric’s Future Financial Health

Operations of Schneider Electric can be traced from early 1800’s. The company has had operations in various industries including: ship building, steel and iron industries, as well as heavy machinery. However, Schneider Electric has been constantly scaling down its operations in other industries, so as to avail more funds towards investing in energy (electricity) provision. […]

Apple Company Communication with Customers

Communication is very vital on individual level as well as on the level of organization. Efficient communication enables people to solve different problems that can cause a major setback to the company (Lenz 1999). In addition, communication allows people to share their thoughts and feelings concerning their work, which allows incorporating different ideas together and […]

Business Finance Project: Phillip Morris (PM) and Lorillard Inc. (LO)

What Does these Businesses Have in Common These businesses operate the largest cigarette production across the globe. For instance, PMI boosts of producing about 7 of the worlds’ 15 international cigarette brands. The company is the sole producer and distributor of Marlboro: a leading cigarette brand across the globe. On the other hand, Lorillard Inc. […]

Strategic Management in General Electric

General Electric Company (GE) is a financial services and a diversified technology multinational conglomerate organization that is incorporated in the United States. It was founded in the year 1892 due to amalgamation of Thomson-Houston Electric Company and Edison General Electric Company. GE deals with technology, monetary, and media services. It is considered one of the […]

Amazon Ratio

The Amazon Company is one of those Fortune 500 electronic based commerce companies; its main office is in Seattle. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Benzos. The company deals with advertising and selling music CDs, books, software, video games, VHS tapes and DVD, clothing, furniture, toys and food items. Current Ratio The ratio is […]

FedEx Strategies

FedEx is the company that pushed the development in the small package express delivery industry by Fred Smith’s vision of the overnight delivery. In addition, this company made a difference between passengers and packages transportation by using different types of aircraft and another schedule. During the industry’s history in USA, business models have been changed, […]

Wal-Mart and Bharti

In 2006, Indian company Bharti Enterprises Ltd and American Wal-Mart created a joint venture and a partnership. Bharti owned the franchise of Wal-Mart and opened stores in India. It helped Wal-Mart to enter a highly regulated retail market of the country. The partnership was expected to modernize Indian retail market. At the same time, Wal-Mart […]

Verizon Communications, Inc

The fact that every single thriving organization plans its further performance on a regular basis cannot be ignored. The planning usually includes analysis and evaluation of company’s current capacities because they will be mobilized in a particular way, in order to achieve a desired goal. Many successful companies become exceedingly confident regarding their excellent performance, […]

History and Importance of Coca-Cola Trademark

One of the most widely recognized logos in the world is the Coca-Cola logo. This company has been able to build a soft drink empire with the vigorous protection of its intellectual property, achieving unimaginable success over the years. Being a universally recognized brand, Coca-Cola has been a part of the national and global culture […]

Airbnb: Online Travel Resource

Natural division of human interest in the information field into segments forms a plurality of virtual communities that connect people by their passions and needs. Groups of people, who may never have met in the real physical world, have a chance to receive information in these communities and, moreover, influence the behavior and decisions of […]

Starbucks Corporation

Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders Starbucks is one of those legendary companies, which have its own set of core competencies. Starbucks focuses on outstanding customer service, quality, continuous expansion of the coffeehouse chain, and continuous product improvement. Quality became an essential part of the company’s performance long ago. It finds itself in all processes within the […]

All American Group

This paper is about All American Group, a company that has ventured in prefabricated buildings. The company was founded in 1964 and is currently based in Indiana, USA (All American Group, 2015). All American Group is among the leading companies in the US that have ventured in off-site construction of homes. The company started as […]

RMCF International Franchising Activities into Singapore

Companies pursue international expansion for various reasons: to gain global market share, expand into new markets to take advantage of new customers, and enhance the cost-effectiveness of their operations. Companies operating in highly competitive markets or nearly saturated home markets may court international expansion to foster future growth. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (RMCF) is a […]

The Strategic Approach to Employee Training and Development

The intense competition and constant emergence of new challenges force companies to apply the strategic approach to employee training. This brings benefits to both employees and employers. Strategic Nature of Employee Training and Development Employee training and development is the process within an organization that involves gaining or transferring knowledge, skills, and abilities required for […]

Tesla Cars in the UAE

The situational analysis performed is intended to provide a framework for Tesla Motors’ future strategy in surviving in the highly competitive UAE environment. Tesla Motors is an established car company majoring in the manufacture of electric cars and battery (Becker & Sidhu, 2009). Moreover, the company provides powertrain components to major car producers on a […]

Yahoo and Amazon: Building a Competitive Advantage

Describe, in brief, the histories of both of and, and determine the core business of each. Amazon Inc. is an international e-commerce firm that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 with its headquarters in Seattle, United States.Amazon Inc. is an international e-commerce firm that was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995 with […]

Amazon Management Information System

The rapid development and dissemination of new information, as well as telecommunications technology today acquires the character of the global information revolution, which has a growing influence on politics, economics, management, finance, science, culture and other social spheres within national borders and in the world as a whole. One of the most important tasks of […]

Benefits of Electronic Communication Tools in Family Sized Firm

Electronic communication is a modern way to manage communication between employees in the family sized firms. It is used to transfer different types of data and information in a form of text messages, audio and video or imagery. In fact, it was revealed in the end of the 20th century and has a growing acceptance […]

Communication Skills in Negotiation

Negotiation involves reaching an agreement between two or more parties that have dissimilar goals and needs that require compromise. Ideally, the agreement should stand to benefit each of those parties. In negotiations, groups or parties resolve matters by holding formal discussions and reaching a mutually agreeable position. Negotiations assist stakeholders in settling their differences. Such […]

The Strategy of Microsoft

Microsoft is a multi-national corporation that has its headquarter in Washington, the U.S.A. The organization develops computer software. Since its inception in 1975, the company has registered a tremendous growth up to date. Microsoft’s strong base is attributed to the strong strategies the company has put in place. Today, Microsoft is the biggest software maker […]

ISO Implementation Company

ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards certification is recognized worldwide and is developed to offer basic conceptual as well as structural adjustments that will help achieve consistency with customers as well as the preferred product quality. The certification sets out the criteria for quality management systems, based on quality management principles which include strong customer focusing, […]

Chevron Corporation Business and Corporate Level Strategies

Chevron Corporation is a multinational corporation that engages itself with international business operations and activities in the global vast energy industry. Chevron Corporation is the American company, and it is headquartered in San Ramon, California. It is one of the biggest companies in the world, both in terms of revenue and market capitalization, since it […]

Proposal for China Southern Airlines in China

China Southern Airlines is a reputable air travel company that always tries to deliver the best for all stakeholders. It is worth appreciating that the company is one of the big three companies in China and the world’s sixth airline company measured by the number of passengers carried. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been improving […]

Hyundai Motors

The object of the research is Hyundai Motors Company. It was founded in 1967 and started its development in Seoul, Korea. The company follows a rapid pace of development and has already built new plants in Europe and USA. In fact, the company is an object of interest, as long as it remains in the […]

Sustainable Talent Management

Developing a sustainable business is the role of corporate leaders. Talent management for the future staff is significant to the success of organization. However, with a dynamic business environment, leaders face the challenge in leveraging the workforce to attain a sustainable and competitive advantage. As a result, organizations prioritize an environment for the talent management […]

Nestle and Communication

Organizational communication plays a significant role for a company’s management as it serves as a foundation for planning and a platform for the implementation of the future strategic changes. It serves as a way to promote motivation by sending to employees a clear message how tasks should be done and what improvements are needed for […]

The Organizational Structure of Apple Computers Incorporated

In the strategy to meet the objectives that an organization has set for itself, organizations need to find ways in which they will arrange and structure their functions. In coming up with the appropriate structures of organizations, these institutions look take into consideration such factors as their main functions and purposes. These organizations also consider […]

Procter & Gamble in the China Market

Procter & Gamble, abbreviated as P&G, is one of the popular international daily global consumer goods firms. P&G has witnessed rapid development in oversea and hometown marketing since its inception in 1937 (P& G, 2011). Since then, the company has expanded to at least 80 countries, and has employed at least 127000 people. P&G has […]

Leadership and its Affects on a Business

Businesses are set up with the intention of growing and continuing to exist and achieve their set goals. To accomplish that, the management needs to have the staff and objectives in mind. How management style contributes to the success or failure of a business is a sophisticated topic with several factors playing different roles (Anderson, […]

Credit Risk: Models, Derivatives, and Management

Credit risk refers to the allocation of financial losses that can occur based on unpredictable changes related to credit quality in terms of a financial agreement. The nature of credit loss distribution is sophisticated because the default probability resulting from failure to adhering to the financial agreement is presented. In order to evaluate the default […]

Trade Secret as Part of Intellectual Property

At the present stage of social development, information becomes a commodity, so its receipt, storage, transfer, and use obey the laws of commodity-money relations, and therefore success of any commercial activity depends on the competent handling of information flows. Every entrepreneur has the right to protect his or her interests and protect information valuable for […]

Company’s Name is NOKIA

Nokia is a leading mobile company that conducts its business globally. As any other prosperous company, Nokia provides its compensation services for either customers or employees. The basic principles of Nokia’s philosophy are to attract, motivate and retain the talented workers. In order to cooperate with experienced staff and get success in rapidly evolving and […]


ECCO has been under Karl Toosbuy’s management and guidance until he died in 2004. His values, spirits and objectives for the company have influenced its success today. He created a strong brand across Europe expanding its market and appreciation across the continent. The company’s growth has increased with demand for its brands growing across the […]

Organizational Structure of

Jeffrey Bezos, the head of, and a team of nine committed directors who form the top leadership level of the company help in running This group of directors and the executive officers are involved in all decision-making processes ensuring that the company remains its positions in e-commerce. At the top leadership level, […]

McDonald’s Logistics

McDonald’s is a popular corporation famous for the supply of fast food products all over the world. The business has been very successful and enjoyed serving over 70 million customers with its products globally (McDonald, 2011). The success depends on the exceptional logistics organizations that sustain the supply chain. Because of its exemplary performance in […]

Holacracy in Zappos: Advantages and Disadvantages

In June of 1999 with $150,000 Nick Swinmurn founded an online powerhouse called His main idea was to make the site different and propose shoes in all sizes, colors and styles. Nick also wanted the customers all over the world to have an opportunity to buy these products. In July of the same year, […]

Trending News from Costco Wholesale Corporation

Highlighted below is information relating to the Costco wholesale corporation The corporation together with its subsidiaries operates membership warehouses in many countries including USA, UK, Puerto Rico, Mexico Australia, Taiwan Korea and Japan. The corporation purchases almost all of its merchandise from the manufacturers and later transports them to their depot or to the warehouse. […]

Risk Management

In every successful business, the investors must lay down the rules and the objectives of the business. Some important factors like security policies and security countermeasures must be taken into consideration. In every business, there appears to be some risk, the major point to consider as to whether the business survives or perishes appear to […]

Organizational Design and Culture at the Aldi Stores

Introduction Organizational design can be defined as the way an organization is structured to run. It involves the distribution of power, decision making capabilities and even specified roles and responsibilities within the organization. The culture of an organization, on the other hand, constitutes the existing organizational behavior including issues like employee empowerment, motivation, satisfaction and […]

Organizational Change

Question 1: Interbrand as an Innovative Company Interbrand organization has realized that it must adapt to the vast changing world and consumer tastes and preferences for it to remain competitive in the market (Collins, 2001). The organization has managed to remain competitive due to the fact that providing quality services remains its key priority. Consequently, […]

Aspects of Business Communication

Communication is essential for any business be it to clients, to senior employees, to junior employees, or to the public at large. Being able to communicate effectively is one of the steps to the company’s success. One can be very good in giving services to clients, but the inability to communicate well can limit his […]