Apple Company Communication with Customers

free essayCommunication is very vital on individual level as well as on the level of organization. Efficient communication enables people to solve different problems that can cause a major setback to the company (Lenz 1999). In addition, communication allows people to share their thoughts and feelings concerning their work, which allows incorporating different ideas together and generating a more viable and concrete solution to a particular issue. The major conflicts that arise among the employees in a company, or even between the company and its customers, normally happen due to the breakdown of effective communication. Thus, there appears information asymmetry (Gregory 2004). It should be mentioned that proper communication between the company and its customers will ensure effective delivery of information, meeting of customers’ demands, full access to the company’s products and development of the customers’ royalty. Confidence between the company and its customers is usually developed with the help of the well-established communication. Customers who have confidence in the company cannot easily change their preferences and chose another company. Therefore, an appropriate communication helps the company to maintain its customers.

Description of the Apple Company

Apple Company is a company that came into being in 1977. The founders of the company were Steven P. Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple Company is the biggest technology company and also one of the most highly valued companies in the world. In the last few years, Apple Company has really changed the music and mobile industries in the world through producing iPod and iPhone respectively. In addition, entertainment and media industries have also been changed and became more modern. The company majorly deals with manufacturing, designing and marketing of different portable gadgets like mobile phones, laptop computers and music players. The company also engages in selling software, services, peripherals and networking solutions that are related to the most popular products among the customers. The company has several types of products and services that include iPhone, iPad, Mac, IPod, Apple TV and other professional software applications required by the customers that use these products. On October 5, 2011, Apple Company lost one of its key proprietors, Steve Jobs. It was a major concern that raised a lot of tension inside and outside the company (McDonald 2011).

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Many people felt that performance of the company would be highly affected. Such a thought has appeared because of the incredible experience left by Steve Jobs and his ability to understand the customers’ needs. In August 2011, the company announced its chief executive, Timothy Cook. He was able to take responsibility for the whole company and make it one of the most highly valued companies in the world. Apple Company is able to study the market very effectively even after a short introduction of a certain product. Many customers’ desires are easily tapped and are further taken into consideration by the company while producing the new products. Apple Company’s products are used all around the world. Such a success was gained because the company distributes its products to every part of the world via its retails stores, online stores and also through the direct salespeople. In addition, the company also distributes its products through the network carriers, wholesalers and retailers (Sinek 2009).

Communication Activities

Different companies have various ways of communication with their customers. Communication with customers is one of the most important factors that influence customers’ royalty and company’s reputation. Apple Company practices different communication activities in order to share all the updated information with its customers. Apple Company usually communicates to its customers through electronic means, though it also applies other methods but more rarely. Thanks to the company, modern technology advances very fast. Consequently, the changes in communication should not be left behind. Nowadays, communication through electronic media is more comfortable and cost effective. Apple Company makes great use of the social network media to communicate many issues concerning its products to its customers. Use of the social network continues to evolve day after day, and the number of people who often use social media for communication is increasing in thousands. Thus, the company got used to communicate and promote its products through the social network (Sinek 2009).

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Apple Company has also established effective websites, which help the customers to communicate with the company officials at any time. What is more, customers from different parts of the world are able to communicate with the company officials through the online chat. With the help of this, the customers get an opportunity to express their grievances about the company’s products. The company in turn can understand the tastes and preferences of the different customers from all parts of the world (Kleven 2007). In addition, after purchasing any product from the company, the customers can easily communicate with the company officials via chat and are able to inform them about any problems they are experiencing in handling the gadgets. Such a close communication increases customers’ royalty. Moreover, it becomes much easier for the company to maintain its customers. Apple Company has also invested much in media advertising in many countries across the globe. Information about the products of the company and also any other information relevant to the customers is advertised through the radio, television and also through the Internet. The current statistics shows that almost 96% of the world population have access the radio, television or to the Internet. Therefore, Apple Company has great advantages communicating with its customers through media, because it is a good opportunity to access many people at the same time. Most of the young people in the world have access to the Internet. What is more, they form a large market base for Apple Company. The fact that the young people form the largest market for the Apple products enables the company to have an easy time in advertising its product. In addition, young people are very flexible and often fall under influence of advertisements. Most of them like to remain up-to-date with evolving technology or fashion and want to possess any new item in the market. Thus, the company has been given an upper hand as it is able to invent the new products very frequently. Another major activity of the company that makes its communication with the customers successful is establishing a very strong public relation team that is able to spread the information needed by the customers in a more efficient and effective manner (Corrado1993).

The employees of the company deliver the latest news concerning the company and its products to the public. The agents are well trained to handle the customers; they are well skilled in communication as well. For instance, Apple’s agents are able to listen to the customers patiently without interrupting. Thus, the customers feel valued knowing that their problems will be solved (Heller 2001). The Apple agents are very careful while communicating with the customers and do not ask any negative questions. The agents are aware of anything concerning technical knowhow and are able answer each question. In addition, apart from having perfect public relation team, Apple Company always gets in touch with its customers (Corrado1993). For example, the company has established a lot of stores in different places, where the products are presented. While visiting these stores, the customers are also able to communicate with the company’s officials. Apple Company also establishes trade shows or public events, where it communicates different information about its products to the customers. These trade shows are held annually in different parts of the world (Zingale & Arndt 2001).

Apple Company communicates to its customers for various purposes. There is a need to communicate often with the customers. First, Apple always informs its customers about the existence of a new product, as the company is able to invent the new products quite frequently. Secondly, the company communicates with its customers in attempts to increase sales by creating interest and demand for the particular product. Another reason is to create loyalty and maintain it in order to make good profits. In addition, the company communicates to the customers when it is launching the new products in the market. Furthermore, Apple Company communicates with its customers if it wants to change their attitude towards a certain product. It helps to clarify the information about the product and make the customers aware of it (Kleven 2007). The company also reminds its customers of the existence of a certain product and reassures them that it is still of a great utility. In addition, the company also engages in communication with its customers when trying to offset the competitors’ advertising. The methods of communication practiced by Apple Company with its customers are very successful (Smith & Flanagan 2006).

Customers are able to get any information they need about a certain product directly from the company officials. It is very important to support the customers of the company and to develop their royalty. Many customers prefer only Apple products (Smith & Flanagan 2006). When the new products or advanced versions of the existed products are introduced in the markets, Apple customers are able to get this information within a short period of time. It helps the customers choose the right product and in the right time. If the customers doubt any of the Apple products, the company is able to clarify the issues in time and make the customers feel more comfortable. Another thing that makes communication with the customers successful is the fact that different shows and exhibition are conducted by the company in order to present the products of the company. The customers are able to ask questions concerning the products of the company. In addition, the customers with certain perception of the product are able to get the correct information about it from its owners. The customers need to feel that they are valued and that their opinions are being taken into consideration by the company. Moreover, this often makes the customers feel a part of the company. Thus, they cannot stop buying products from the company (Zingale & Arndt 2001).

Apple’s modes of communication with its customers are customer oriented and are not just meant to increase sales. Many companies communicate with their customers with the only aim to increase sales. As for the Apple Company, its major concern while communicating with its customers is to improve their satisfaction with products and also to improve their welfare. The company has invested much in ensuring that customers are able to access the right information in time. It is also important to note that everything has its own advantages and shortcomings or disadvantages. Therefore, having mentioned the numerous advantages of communication provided by Apple Company, its shortcomings should be pointed out as well. Due to the fact that there are many customers in different parts of the world, the complaints received by the company officials are not always solved instantly. It is often caused by the large number of different issues that need immediate solutions.

In addition, the company faces a problem of inability to manufacture a new product that is a perfect substitute of the just completed commodity in the market. Thus, the company is forced to go back to the same customers and convince them of the new product. The consumers are left to decide which commodity to prefer. One of necessary recommendations for the company is that consumers need to have a close contact with the sellers. What is more, it is important for the company to consider opening its branches in different parts of the world and ensure the customers that they can always get in touch with the sellers. Another recommendation is that communication via the Internet should be more invested in, because many of the customers have an access to the Internet. Finally, the company needs to consider the frequent change of the perfect substitute products that leave many of the later commodities lying in the stores. It would be more advisable to leave the products in the market behind the customer’s back. Therefore, the first product will be introduced in the market before appearance of another one (Lu?sted 2012).

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