Google Inc.

free essayGoogle is the only company that blurs the boundaries of management and establishes its own rules. One of the goals is to maintain its personnel with the best conditions to generate the product that will be helpful for future generations, Inc. organizational culture, its organizational structure, power and control that the company gives its personnel and how it affects their performance along with the management of the company will be analysed.

Google Inc. Organizational Culture

Google organizational culture is built on that specific model that share values and beliefs over time within the company. It produces certain behavioural norms, which are adopted into internal Google environment and directed to solve not only existing problem, but prevent the future events that might happen within its own internal culture (Hierling, Yu-Chen, Tai & Yu 2008).

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Google founders have established perfect model of culture in their company, which can be divided into three levels, set by Shein. Physical and social environment are characterized with such behaviour, art, technology and visible patterns as full freedom of action allowing Googlers to attend their sits with pets, be able to express and discuss their thoughts at the same level as the founders do, go on some “creative vacation” to be able to experiment with the ideas and others (Millier 2009). Espoused values are maintained with the understanding that every employee at Google designs the product that will affect the future generation. He/she is unique and valuable unit that is a part of the company. Basic assumptions have established with a truly unique way as every employee does not even feel that he/she works at a real job even. Everyone is happy over there. They attend gaming classes, gym, swimming pools and just feel like they hang out, but do not work at all (Flamholtz & Randle 2011).

HR communicates to the workers exceptionally on business objectives, organizational results, and the relevant information in the company. Employees have a personal interest at Google success because they are shareholders at the same time. That is the reason why they always try to be aware in operational results. They see current reports, data, and information. The approach of HR is unique compared to the approaches of other companies recognized by Fortune in general. However, its success shows a good example to the success of the company with the way of how HR can be established and operated (Mathis & Jackson 2011).

Google’s Organizational Structure

Google has a very strong organizational environment, which covers all its workers. The founders, Larry and Sergey, have become innovators of both technology and business, which is not adopted in any other organization. Google aim is to organize all the information around the globe and make it more available and useful for everyone. That is the reason why Google founders are good examples for everyone, who are not afraid of rivalries, willing to take risks and do not exalt themselves among the others (Bolman & Deal 2008).

Google organizational structure consists of Executive Officers, Senior Leadership and Board of Directors.

Larry Page is a Google Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for Google daily operations, main product development of the company along with its technology strategy. The reason lies in the fact that he has a degree in Engineering and Computer Science, which he has received from the University of Michigan and Stanford University. Co-founder, Sergey Brin manages special projects.

Eric E. Schmidt, an Executive Chairman, builds partnerships along with outstanding business relationships, government expansion and technology intellectual innovations.. David C. Drummond is Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer. He operates Google M&A and investment projects along with different strategic partnerships and licensing potential.

Senior Leadership of the company operates the following departments: Knowledge, Google Fellow, Mobile and Digital Content, Geo and Commerce, People Operations, Communications and Public Policy, YouTube and Video, Google org., Engineering, Chrome and Apps, Advertising and Technical Infrastructure (

It can be perfectly illustrated that Google tries to use the new method to create its own unique organizational structure. Its main business lies within the virtual world, named the Internet. There will not be any efficiency within the company without an organizational structure, which is responsible for the company’s production along with the company’s value (Madura 2007). Such factors as the firms overall strategy, the size of organization along with the stability of its external environment and others are the basis of Google organizational structure (Gitman & McDaniel 2009).

Every member of Google needs qualities to sustain strong internal environment within its organizational structure, which is required for creating products that will affect the future generation. The stability of grand strategy is adopted by Google because of its gradually improvement of its functional performance by marginally changing one or more of its businesses in terms of their respective customer groups, customer functions, and alternative technologies – either single or collectively (Kazmi 2005).

Power and Control

Google managing system uses classic management model of operating people, but with the help of certain implements try to create its own unique model with this way. Unlike Google unique management model, it uses power and control for achievement of its goals along with conducting well-balanced policy to its staff as it establishes classic management model. However, the company does it with its own way and certainly deserves the right to be the best company in the world (Martin 2005). The policy of the company is directed not to control the employees totally, but, on the contrary, to cooperate with personnel. Google does not try to tight its employees. Page and Brin have created the unique atmosphere within the company, where people work hard, generate their ideas and take part in the common decision-making process expressing their thoughts and ideas at the same level as the founders are doing (Hamel & Breen 2007). Page and Brin control their employees enabling them to offer their ideas, take part in daily operations, be shareholders and feel like they are part of the team. Thus, leaders have the real power and influence in their employees because they are respected, always welcoming and truly role models for them (Weightman 2004).

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Google has designed 70-20-10 policy to every engineer. It comes down to a non-terminable license to buy their passions. Every developer can use over 20 per cent for his/her time to some its own leisure time. This policy helps the company to update its portfolio all the time and maintain its best people. Basically, there is always some per cent of employees, who spend certain part of the day every week developing some interesting project Google does not bind the following actions of its employees as freedom helps to avoid the issue, when employees’ performance is tightening with some model of dictate team working. Generally, it gives great results as more than half of the company’s new launched products traced their roots back to a 20 per cent project. Google does not even try to keep people from using their 20 per cent time to simply fool around. The company figures that the cost of closely supervising everyone’s 20 per cent time is measured in terms of the bureaucratic drag and it would impose on all the Googlers who are not wasting their time, would far outweigh any benefit. The 20 per cent rule has several important consequences. It ensures that short-term pressures do not consume 100 per cent of the company’s energies. It makes it clear that innovation is everyone’s responsibility. A certain number of people can be “out of control” at any time. They use the principle that states that in order to complete order it is necessary to join the Marines (Mediratta, 2007).

Management of the Company

The company allows its workers to attend their work place with their pets, provides on-site child care, swimming pools along with all free food that can be desired by a worker as a benefit. This company tries to maintain its staff with all necessary environments that might be helpful for its employees to generate a new product, which will be able to affect the future generations.

Google has applied the principles of the Hawthorne theory and pay more attention the incentives of employees to improve their output in the working groups (Ahlstrom & Bruton 2010). It is declared to work in teams at Google. Even more, every task is assigned for special group that is usually consisted of up to 3 or 4 people. There are no boundaries between the responsibilities. That means that every person can switch an assigned team and continue his/her work in another team (Hamel & Breen 2007). Every group of employees combines up to nine team roles as it has been stated in Belbin’s management model (Thomas 2003) Google offers full freedom of action letting its employees combine such team roles as Coordinator, Plant, and Resource investigator, Shaper, Monitor-Evaluator, Team Worker, Implementer, and Completer along with Specialist.

This company has applied all five levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for each employee (Steinberg 2007). Google hierarchy comes from the lowest level, which contains the basic needs up to the fifth level that is about the need for self-actualization (Koontz & Weihrich 2007, 2010). Every member of the working stuff agrees that he/she enjoys hanging out at work rather than somewhere else, even at home. Google offer all the advantages of the Herzberg’s theory that include the salaries, work conditions along with the policy of the company (Sapru 2006). People are satisfied with their performance. Google does not require any special dress code and allows its employee to care the pets with them. Such internal factors refer to motivation like receiving the remunerations, professional growth and others (Wright 2009). The founders apply differentiation in human motivation as every human need can be motivated in a different way, explained by McClelland’s theory of leadership. Brin and Page have created the culture, in which each human need is included (Montana & Charnov 2008).

Google founders have established friendly industrial relations (Zepeda 2007). It is even difficult to find out the real manager among them as the hierarchy is too thin, which allows every employee to take part in the decision-making process and express his/her thoughts the same way the founders do (Shirley Tay Siew Theng, 2007)


Google, Inc. is a unique company as its founders have never wanted to have the company with traditional culture of corporations that have been presented at the market at the beginning of the company’s growth. They did not want to create a working culture full of drama, betrayals, insecurity and general discords.

The founders wanted the unique managing structure. As a result, they created the Googleplex, where the best and the brightest workers could gather like in a college campus and collaborate on ideas, which might change the world. They believed that in order to attract the best personnel, they had to offer the internal environment, which makes people enjoy their work (Thinking Leader, 2012).

The main goal of Google is to “strip away everything that gets in our employees’ way” (Girard, 2008). The company provides its personnel with various remuneration packages. These are first-class dining rooms, gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms, haircuts, carwashes, dry cleaning and the other that must be needed for a hardworking employee. Additional benefits include maternity leave up to 18 weeks of at approximately 100% salary. Besides that, mothers and fathers get Take-Out Benefits to make things easier. That list can be itemized more, and there is no doubt it will be added in the future. One can definitely state is that a person who decides to work for Google, Inc. has come not only for his/her additional bonuses and revenues but has come for freedom.

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