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When students get a memo as an assignment to submit, they frequently question themselves how memos should be structured and written. So, what is a memo, aka memorandum? It is a type of document, which is utilized in business or formal communications. It is one of the most widespread written papers in businesses apart from a letter. If to compare a memo with a letter, the former paper is more straightforward and succinct whereas the latter paper is more formal. Nowadays, memo paper writing is becoming less popular and is replaced with email. Nonetheless, paper memos are still used, especially if there is a need to provide a hard copy of some document. Moreover, memo writing format is used for organizing effectively structured emails or business papers.

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Memo writing refers to a brief note that is addressed to a person or a group of people with an aim to inform them of some news, warn against something, or tell them to do something.

Type of assignment: Memo

Academic level: University

Pages: 6

Urgency: 5 days

Type of assignment: Memo

Academic level: College

Pages: 13

Urgency: 12 hours

As such, it is obvious from the examples that writing is usually brief and concise and deals with specific news or information that needs to be considered as soon as possible. Often an effectively written paper memo can replace the whole meeting, and thus save more time for workers to concentrate on more important matters. When reading a concisely and logically structured memorandum, a worker can get the answer to his/ her question without directly consulting his/ her boss, manager or team lead.

If you have to write a memo, remember that the paper has to be brief: people will hate you if they need to read lengthy memos on a regular basis. A memo is not an article or an academic paper, so there is no need to use wordy sentences and flowery language to explain something. If you make the memo confusing in content, there is huge probability that your recipient will question your message.

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Before working on writing, consider the following:

  • Formulate a clear request in your mind before even writing it on paper. If you give a needless order in your writing, it will just annoy workers. Therefore, ensure that your message is necessary and worth sending.
  • Convey the most essential information in a straightforward manner. If you need some templates of memos, seek help from online service.
  • Pinpoint to the needed action once again at the end of the memo (or write it in bold).
  • If workers do not react to the message, meet them in person and tell them to do the same.
  • If you need to say to your employees that nothing should be done, just clearly state at the end of the paper: “No action required.”
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