Do you guarantee confidential cooperation?

Undeniably. Cooperation with ThesisLeader.com always remains confidential. We are a reputable writing company because we follow strict policies regarding our clients’ confidentiality.

Who will be working on my paper?

In our team, we have a lot of seasoned, experienced, and well-trained writers, who can adhere to the latest writing standards in their work. When you place an order at our service, you can be sure that we will assign a suitable writer, who will tackle your assignment successfully.

How many times can I ask for a free revision?

You can ask for an unlimited number of revisions within a free-revision period.

Can you send my paper earlier?

According to our policies, we are supposed to send all papers within the deadlines provided by our customers. If you want to receive your paper earlier, you will need to compensate for the price difference between the real deadline and the one set initially.

How can I know that my order is assigned?

You can do it by logging in to your account. When you see that your order has the “New” status, it means that it is verified in the system but the writer is not assigned. If the order has the “Processing” status, it means that it was taken by the writer. Once the order is completed, the status will be changed to “Sent.”

Will I receive any notifications?

When any changes or actions take place in your account, you will receive an automatic e-mail. Also, you may receive updates via the call, system message, or SMS.

Are you able to work on my coding project?

No, we are providing our customers only with writing assistance. The tasks related to programming, coding, or application development are beyond our scope.

Can you complete my online test?

Yes, we do help our customers with completing online tests and exams. Pay attention that you will need to choose the “Online Exam” order type. To receive a good grade, you will need to provide us with all the instructions, files, and other materials that may help your writing assistant to complete your test successfully. In addition, you should not forget to provide us with your login details and the test completion date.

I need to get my paper revised but the free-revision period is over. What should I do?

In case your revision is late, you will need to place a compensation order of Revision type.

How can I update personal data in my profile?

You will need to log in to your account and click on the Edit tab. Then, you will just need to save changes.

How should I request a revision?

If you think that the writer failed to meet some of your requirements, you can ask for a free revision. Depending on the paper`s length, a free-revision period may range from 48 hours to 30 days. To send a revision request, you will need to go to My Orders – Completed orders. Then, you will need to find the order you need to be revised and then choose a Revision Request option. After you are done with it, you will need to send a detailed revision request to the writer in the messaging system or forward it through our support managers. Either way, we will revise your paper according to your comments.

Can I receive a draft of my order?

Yes, you can add a draft to your order, which will be available to you within 50% of the deadline. Please note that this service requires an extra payment.

I have chosen the wrong urgency/writing level/writing service/number of pages. Can I update the order form?

Once the order form is completed, you will not be able to make any changes to it. However, our support managers can do it for you upon your request. You should keep in mind that the price for your order will be recalculated based on the updated instructions.

The order form is loading and I cannot submit it. What should I do?

Most probably, you are trying to upload big files. Our system has restrictions, which can be a problem when submitting the order form. Try to submit the form without the files and if everything is working, you need to send these files to our support managers and they will forward your materials to the writer working on your order.

I decided that I can write an essay on my own. How can I cancel my order?

This issue is controversial, as to place your order, you had to go through the detailed steps before the actual submission. You also paid for your future project and the assigned writer started working on it. It means if you cancel your order in the middle of the expert’s work, some compensation is required. We cannot let our employees work for free. Yet, there are instances when we can pay back the whole sum of your order. Thus, we prefer applying individual criteria to each case. Please, get in touch with the support department, and they will assist you with the matter.

If I am unhappy with my paper, what happens to paper?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the work we provide, you can, of course, ask us to revise it through the revision area on your Personal Account page and let us know how much time your writer can spend on it. If the work needs major changes from the initial specification or a full rewrite, the price will depend on how complex your requirement is. More information on this is available in our Revision Policy page.

If my assignment doesn’t arrive by the deadline, what happens?

Contact our customer support without delay. Call us, send a message via your Personal Account page or initiate a live chat session. Our support team will immediately investigate the delay. There are different reasons that might cause a delay. For instance, it may be that you have given us an incorrect email address or your spam software has rejected our notification. Or, it could be that your writer is still expecting some feedback or information from you and cannot continue until he or she receives it. Another reason may be that it is undergoing plagiarism testing. But, whatever the reason, don’t delay in contacting us if there appears to be an issue.

Will I receive an MS Word printable version? If so, how?

Yes. Your order will be delivered to your membership area in MS Word format. Another copy of your paper will be delivered to your email for your convenience.

What is the procedure if I forget the password I set?

When you first place an order with ThesisLeader.com , you are asked to choose your own unique password. If you forget what that was at any point when you want to access your account, just click on the “forgotten password” link and you will be given further instructions on how to proceed.

Tell me a little more about my Personal Account page?

Your Personal Account page is a secure customer area, through which you can monitor the progress of your assignment or assignments, add any additional material and communicate directly with your writer and our administration team. It comprises:

  1. A “My Orders” option, which allows you to track all the past and present orders you have placed with ThesisLeader.com and it shows their status, which generally means they are in progress, successfully completed, or were canceled;
  2. A “My New Orders” option, which enables you to place a new order;
  3. A “My Profile” option, which holds your personal details and an option to change or reset your account password.

Within each order page, you can check the current status of that order or send a message to your writer or the support staff at ThesisLeader.com by appropriately selecting either the “Order Information” or the “Message” tab.

How can I send additional information or relevant material to my writer?

When the order process is satisfactorily complete, ThesisLeader.com will automatically allocate a Personal Account page to you. You will see a “Files” option on this page where you can directly upload or attach any relevant files you have. Once you have done this, the material you have sent will be immediately accessible by your writer. If you have any difficulty attaching your files, please contact our customer services representative for help.

Tell me a little more about your order and customer inquiry forms. Are they easy to complete?

Firstly, select the order link and it will open the form. From there, list your topic and the length of your custom assignment in terms of its number of pages, but don’t count the title page or bibliography. Specify your delivery option and date and tell us how many sources should be incorporated in the paper. If you have any special instructions about how you want the completed work to look, tell us about them. We will also need to know the name of your course and the writing style you would like us to use. In general, let us have as many details as you can because it will help your writer develop the paper in line with your expectations. As you go along, you will notice the “more information” options against each field. By clicking on these, a pop-up window should answer any queries you have. Moreover, if your instructions are complex and you want to make sure we understand them, you can submit a free customer inquiry. After you proceed with payment, we will locate a suitable writer to deal with your order.

How long will you need to complete my paper?

ThesisLeader.com offers a range of delivery and completion options, which determine when your paper will be ready. We start calculating time as soon as our system registers your order and payment. Let us take an example: if your order is received by 2.00 pm on a Sunday and you have chosen a two-day deadline, then you should expect to receive your completed paper by 2.00 pm on Tuesday. Additionally, you should be aware that if you opt for our binary-date deadline, which offers two alternative delivery dates, it is the later date that will automatically apply by default, unless you specifically state otherwise when ordering. If you place an urgent order, do allow 1 to 3 hours to complete each page. Do try and remember that your writer needs enough time to undertake whatever research is necessary to create a top-quality paper, so please select the most reasonable timeline when ordering. Remember also to attach all the additional and relevant material at the start. If you don’t, it can delay your delivery deadline. You may also want to consider our Progressive Delivery option, which is a method whereby we can send completed sections of your work at pre-scheduled intervals. We refer to the precise date for submitting your paper as the Final Submission deadline, so please ensure this date exceeds your first draft deadline by at least 30%. This will allow sufficient time if revision is required.

What formatting do you apply to custom papers?

Our normal formatting style is: each page is 300 words in length, we use double-spaced or Times New Roman 12 pt font and each page is laid out 1 inch from the top, bottom, left and right hand margins. However, you can request your own formatting style if you wish.

What is your policy on pre-written essay databases? Do you keep one?

We do keep a database of the papers we have already completed for customers. We use this to check that writers do not try and re-use papers they have already submitted, which are already validated as being plagiarism-free.

How can I be sure my paper is not plagiarized?

We apply zero tolerance to plagiarism, so all our work is originally created. We use our own plagiarism scanning software to detect any form of Internet-based plagiarism. While many colleges rely on such plagiarism detection programs as Turnitin, our in-house system does not report to publicly accessible databases, so our checking mechanism is safe. Our strict policy and guarantees against plagiarism ensure you receive unique work from us. But, you should be aware that, while our system can check against freely available Internet and other open sources, there are no plagiarism systems available that can guarantee against Turnitin-indexed sources, with the exception of turnitin.com. Therefore, we cannot offer a guarantee that there is no paraphrasing in your text. We recommend you use write check (a service from turnitin.com) and let us have the details if anything untoward appears. Additionally, if you want to avail of our proofreading, editing, or rewriting service, you can upload your plagiarism-free assignment and we will do the necessary work on your behalf.

Will I have any direct communication with my writer?

When you are completing the order form, we do require a small amount of personal information about you, such as your name, your contact number, and a preferred email contact address. However, you should be aware that ThesisLeader.com treats your order details in the utmost confidence and we will never provide information about you to anyone else. If our support staff need to call you, they will only do so using one of the numbers shown on our website, which are +1(888)813-7465, so you should not engage in conversation with anyone who calls you from other numbers saying they represent ThesisLeader.com. Neither will our team ask for any information from your credit cards; The ThesisLeader.com administrator will confirm your payment via your Personal Account page when payment is successfully processed. More information on this is available on our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy page.

Where do your writers come from?

All of the writers we hire are native English speakers who have great experience in custom writing and are able to assist you with writing assignments of any academic level and complexity. Be sure that the paper ordered will be of the highest quality and all of your instructions will be followed precisely.

Do I get a choice of writer?

If you have previously ordered one or more essays from us, you can ask to have the same writer again. To do this, you just need to click on the field that prompts you to choose a specific writer and a list of names will appear, from where you can choose the writer you want. However, do ensure you do as we have described, because otherwise we cannot guarantee that your writing project will be allocated to your preferred writer.

What qualifications will the writer have? Will my writer have a degree?

Our expert writers hold a variety of impressive degrees, which include Bachelor’s, Master, and Ph.D.’s in numerous fields of specialization. This diverse structure enables us to choose the most suitably matched writer for your specific assignment. To guarantee high-quality services, we use the following recruitment criteria when selecting writers for our team:

  • Professional experience and academic qualifications;
  • We test each writer’s written English abilities through a written test and by assessing the quality of their application papers;
  • We assess the scores they are awarded in different categories of study during their employment with ThesisLeader.com;
  • We establish the present availability of each writer and their willingness to undertake specific customer assignments.

What factors influence your pricing policy?

We don’t deny that our price range is marginally higher than the industry norm. But, this is a reflection of the personalized approach we take towards each customer by providing them with written work that is entirely exclusive to them. When you buy an assignment from us, you will immediately see the difference. Don’t make the mistake of buying papers from a writing provider who charges less than $10 per page because this is unrealistically cheap. Do you believe that a highly qualified professional would produce work for $7 per page, which is the maximum they would be paid from a $10 fee? The most likely scenario is that the paper which was just sold to you was created by an inappropriately qualified writer or that it will instantly be resold to someone else. Either way, you are most unlikely to receive a high-quality result. We simply do not subscribe to the policy of reselling papers. So, we charge a price that enables us not to have to resort to such a practice, while still keeping our service prices as cheap as possible.

By what means can I pay for any assignments I buy? Are your payment methods secured?

ThesisLeader.com works in close cooperation with the reliable money transfer business. Our online billing and payment options are properly registered in line with legal requirements and, so far, we have processed thousands of transfers safely. When you have filled out the order page, you are invited to select between one of our secure payment options. When you choose your preferred method, you are directed to that company’s page where you are guided through all the steps with a range of helpful dialog. Your funds are received by us in a few minutes, which is our cue to begin creating a top-quality custom paper on your behalf.

Can you explain how your custom essay writing service works?

Ordering academic papers from ThesisLeader.com is an easy route to educational achievement. It’s simply a matter of filling in the short order form, making your payment and waiting for the assignment you ordered to be completed by the date you specified.

You can start the order process right now if you know the detailed instructions for your paper and if you have all the necessary materials available to upload. This is how our paper writing service usually works:

  1. Fill out a short order form and pay using your preferred method.
    If you have any queries while filling out the form, simply click on the “Information” option next to the appropriate field and a pop-up window will provide you with the additional information you need to proceed. Once the order is successfully completed, you will be assigned a Personal Account page, which will enable you to track your order’s progress or add any relevant material or additional files. This personal page also allows you to trade messages with our administrator or the writer that has been allocated to your project.
  2. A writer is selected for your project.
    We will carefully select an appropriately qualified writer who has expertise in your own field of study and who meets the specification you have provided. If they need any special technology or material to complete your project properly, let us know about them on the order form.
  3. Your completed essay paper is punctually delivered to your Personal Account area.

On completion of your academic paper, we upload it as a MS Word file to your Personal Account area. Another copy of your paper will be sent to you via email. If you think any adjustments are needed to the paper, then you are most welcome to tell us by requesting a free-of-charge revision and setting a new deadline by which you want the writer to make these modifications. There is more information about this in our Revision Service section. By clicking here, you can place your order today!

Can I expect confidentiality from your paper writing service?

When you are completing the order form, we do require a small amount of personal information about you, such as your name, your contact number, and your preferred email contact address. However, you should be aware that ThesisLeader.com treats your order details in the utmost confidence and we will never provide information about you to anyone else. If our support staff need to call you, they will only do so using one of the numbers shown on our website, which is +1(888)813-7465, so you should not engage in conversation with anyone who calls you from other numbers saying they represent ThesisLeader.com. Neither will our team ask for any information from your credit cards; The ThesisLeader.com administrator will confirm your payment via your Personal Account page when payment is successfully processed. More information on this is available on our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy page.

My deadline has passed, but my assignment hasn’t been uploaded into the system yet. Should I worry about the thoroughness of my writer’s work?

Our experts usually adhere to the specified deadlines. We primarily discuss the urgency of your paper. Such problems do not tend to occur on our website. Yet, we cannot exclude the possibility of technical issues or accidental misunderstandings. The moment you see that the deadline has expired, but your paper is not uploaded, contact us immediately. The quickest way may be to address our Live Chat or call our Support Team. We will address your issue, studying the process of your assignment writing step by step. We will surely find the reason for the late delivery or missing delivery of your order. Certain issues do not depend directly on us. For instance, if you entered an incorrect email or our messages keep getting into your Spam folder, it may hinder our cooperation. If you did not mention your phone, then the email address was the only option to keep in touch with you in case of emergencies. Perhaps, the assigned expert was looking forward to your reply when some order-related questions arose. Despite the reasons, which can be justifiable and unjustifiable, please contact us immediately when there is a deadline issue.

Is it ethical to request personalized writer’s help?

Every work we create is tailored in accordance with the unique requirements of each customer. You pay for professional assistance with your academic project. You can further use the work you ordered as, for instance, a template for your future assignments. We guarantee to keep our cooperation strictly confidential.

Do you proofread written papers?

Yes, you should not hesitate and place your proofreading order. We will assign one of the best editors to improve your work.

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