Organizational Structure of

Jeffrey Bezos, the head of, and a team of nine committed directors who form the top leadership level of the company help in running This group of directors and the executive officers are involved in all decision-making processes ensuring that the company remains its positions in e-commerce. At the top leadership level, has a chief finance officer in charge of all finance matters that pertain to the company. Any finance-related decision or analysis of the company’s profits and losses are under control of the chief finance officer. The chief technology officer, business development, e-commerce platform, North American retail officer, digital media and web services officers form the second level of the company’s management. Consequently, legal and secretary, international retail and kindle offices are also a part of the second level of management after the chief executive officer and the directors being the top level.  The second level is in charge of implementing all services that offers to the public.

This level is answerable to the chief executive officer of the company.  The second level breaks into several other posts, which ensure that service delivery is of the best quality and satisfies the customers’ needs. There are two more offices under the chief finance officer, which are the real estate and control ones. Also, under the international retails office, there are three other offices based in China, Europe and India that help to serve the needs of a large population in these countries. The abovementioned countries are the most populated in the world and, therefore,, trying to make profits, strives to dominate the market in these regions.

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The North American retail breaks into five sections categorized according to the different products that sells. These sections are seller services, operations, toy and sport, amazon publishing and music and video. Digital media have two other offices under control, which are Amazon S3 and database services. Being in the e-commerce market for over a decade, has a database that stores all company and customer information that must run appropriately. The legal and secretary office has wireless products and services unit, which is responsible for online transactions. Kindle product development and studies, Europe operations, computing services, global customer fulfillment and global advertisement and sales are also a part of the management.

Organization Chart and Roles

All these positions in help in ensuring that products get to customers from any part of the world. can deliver products and services anywhere around the world at customer’s convenience. It has made it possible by e-commerce platform and web services departments of the company. These branches have also helped to nurture staff experienced in online shopping. Global customer fulfillment and e-commerce have helped in maintaining good customer interactions across all continents. The international retails office, which has branches in India, China and Europe, has also assisted in the growth of in these densely populated areas. With all the skilled workers, makes a good profit out of these regions. The products and development office also helps to ensure that products and services that are highly demanded by customers are made available. It also is vital in making a safe place for customers to find any product they need.

Control and work organization made from the chief executive officer to the employees allows to satisfy all customer needs. Therefore, employees work with a lot of pressure to keep the company on the top of the e-commerce business platform.

Every chief executive officer’s goal is that the company remains its leading position. Without these competent workers and well-run offices, it would be difficult to beat other e-commerce giants from all over the world. Such company structure helps to ensure competitiveness that in turn leads to business growth.

Organization Roles

The C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer)

Being the founder of, the chief executive officer has the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Leading, guiding and evaluating the work of the company directors and other employees.
  2. Leading and advising the board toward the achievement of the company’s strategy.
  3. Acting as an interface between the board and the employees.
  4. Leading the company in the achievement of both short and long term goals according to the company’s strategy.
  5. Sitting in committees of the board as determined by the board.
  6. Evaluating the success of the company.

The C.F.O (Chief finance officer)

  1. Monitoring and directing the committee on the implementation of strategic plans.
  2. Overseeing the issuance of financial information of the company.
  3. Reporting all finance results and providing analysis to the board of directors regarding the company’s results.
  4. Maintaining the appropriate insurance coverage for the company.
  5. Investing funds of the company into viable business opportunities.
  6. GRAC

Desired Results

  • Serving new and existing customers satisfactorily with products and services at the lowest feasible price.
  • Solving client problems within the shortest time possible.
  • Maintaining quality and convenient prices of online products than what industrial competitors offer.


  • Combined effort to work together to serve customer needs.
  • Employees report to the chief executive officer who is also answerable to customer requests.


  • A dedicated team of experts that can be addressed when the need arises.


  • Ensuring that products are delivered to the customers desired location.
  • Responding to every customer requests



  • Every solved problem increases the level of experience for the staff.
  • The company grows due to profit increase.
  • Better recommendation for all employees who give consistent positive reports to the management.


  • Consistent lack of productivity leads to job termination.
  • A stern talking all the time to keep employees working to achieve positive results.

Recruitment plan

Amazon conducts thorough interviews to search for the best talents required for the job. They conduct phone interviews conducted by a recruiter or hiring manager. Written interviews for senior roles are used to evaluate the candidates during the interview and face to face interviews with several managers in the company. A team of bar raisers with a long history of interviewing potential candidates votes for candidates to reduce the risk of hiring unqualified candidates. While the signing off on a candidate, the bar raisers get involved to ensure that the decision is not biased. The process involved in recruiting employees ensures that competent people are employed to speed up the growth of the company.

Required Commentary

How are organizational roles aligned with the strategy?

The second level of management is directly answerable to the chief executive officer and thus makes all employees work to deliver positive results. Every office makes an effort to ensure that it makes its best to boost the company’s profit.

Do you believe that these roles are designed well to achieve the strategy?

The tasks assigned at are the best for any e-commerce company that wants to grow and beat its competitors. Direct reporting to the chief executive ensures that there is accountability in every department and gauging based on performance. Therefore, employees have to work because if they do not, the chief executive officer can fire any incompetent employee.

What is the connection between the strategies, the written job descriptions, what employees believe in their minds about their role, and the actual performance of the company?

The strategies set by focus mostly on customer satisfaction because the company understands that the customer is the most important stakeholder for a company to grow. Every employee’s job description in the company matches the company’s strategy. The chief executive officer oversees every activity in the company to ensure that customers get the best quality products at affordable prices.

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