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Highlighted below is information relating to the Costco wholesale corporation The corporation together with its subsidiaries operates membership warehouses in many countries including USA, UK, Puerto Rico, Mexico Australia, Taiwan Korea and Japan. The corporation purchases almost all of its merchandise from the manufacturers and later transports them to their depot or to the warehouse. The shipment from the manufacturer is made in large containers and thereafter packaged in the company’s depot. The packaged cargo is then transported to the various destinations within 24 hours. The typical warehouse belonging to Costco is averaged to be 143,000 square feet. The warehouse operations take place throughout the seven day week for 69 hours. The active SKUs (stock keeping units) range from 3,300 to around 3,800 units in every warehouse. Most of its products are offered for sale in cartons, case or in multiple pack quantities.

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Trending news from Costco Wholesale Corporation Micro economic activities

  • Costco Corporation planned to make payments to the record shareholders on 29th of November after the close of business on that quarter scheduled to be 15th November 2013.
  • The corporation made public its report which included the breakdown in detail, price targets and the analyst ratings.
  • October sales were quoted as better than was initially expected with promotions and discounts being central to attracting customers to these stores.
  • Costco Corporation increased the level of growth by 5%. This did not include gasoline, thus meeting the expected level at 4.5%.
  • The strongest performing commodity categories were garden, office, toys, jewelry, small appliances and apparel. However, it was noted that there was a muted performance for electronics. The regions that performed extremely well were Midwest, Southeast and Texas.
  • Costco wholesale reported sales for the four weeks and the nine weeks that ended on November 3rd 2013. The net sales were $8.15 billion in the four weeks before November 3rd. This was an increase from the initial $7.66 billion which was recorded in a similar period in 2012.
  • The company recorded net sales amounting to $18.01billion, which was an increase of 6% from the $17 billion in a similar period in 2012. The comparable sales which did not include gasoline which had suffered deflation with a foreign exchange of 6%
  • The price of gasoline deflated in the international market causing a negative impact in the recorded sales for Costco Wholesale Corporation despite other products doing fairly well.

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