Supply and Demand for Yahoo as an Employer

free essayTraditionally, the capital investments were supposed to be the basis of the successful development of each enterprise. However, the introduction of the more advanced technologies increased the role of the competent employees making them the key value of each business. The modern concept of production based on the maximum productivity, quality, and competitiveness can be achieved only with the participation of every employee in the improvement of the production process at the workplace as well as the enterprise as a whole. It means that the involvement of the staff into the process of the production improvement provides the creative atmosphere and is supposed to be the powerful motivator for the employees to work. In fact, it allows each employee to maximize their experience and creativity ensuring personal and professional development as well as the efficient operation of the company.

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Based on the overview of Yahoo’s current performance, it can be stated that the demand for labor at Yahoo exceeds the supply (Noe, 2013). It means that the company should make significant efforts to attract and retain the competent employees. The key competitors of Yahoo on the labor market are Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

The Actions Aimed to Strengthen the Internal Recruiting at Yahoo

To strengthen the internal recruiting, Yahoo should provide the additional value and advantages to its potential employees. For example, the company can offer the wages and bonuses, which are higher than the average ones within the industry. In addition, Yahoo can offer specific professional training to its employees for them to master their skills and gain new expertise. The proposition of the employees to implement the creativeness can also bring the additional advantage to the company in the eyes of the potential employees. The current strategy of the recruitment at the Silicon Valley is supposed to be quite efficient due to the intense competition among the professionals in the area. However, such practice does not ensure the company’s stability on the labor market.

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Personal Recommendations for College Recruiting at Yahoo

In case I were responsible for college recruiting at Yahoo, I would continue to recruit at the Silicon Valley. However, I would propose to recruit the IT graduates from the areas far from the Silicon Valley, bringing the talented young people from the unpopular colleges to the company with the great experience within the IT industry. Such program would help to find the real talents among the low-income population and minority groups.

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In addition, the company should invest more into the promotion of its image among the potential employees, especially students. The positive image of the company as well as the set of its social, economic and professional advantages can significantly improve the attitude of the applicants towards Yahoo as the stable employer. The company should provide the employees with more decision-making activities and responsibilities compared to its competitors within the industry. Such strategy will help the employees to feel their importance within the company motivating them to retain and continue contributing to the efficient development of the Yahoo Company. Thus, the treatment of the employees as the key value and the provision of the attractive bonuses as well as personal and professional benefits will strengthen the influence of Yahoo on the labor marker, increasing its popularity among the potential applicants and employees.

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