The Organizational Structure of Apple Computers Incorporated

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In the strategy to meet the objectives that an organization has set for itself, organizations need to find ways in which they will arrange and structure their functions. In coming up with the appropriate structures of organizations, these institutions look take into consideration such factors as their main functions and purposes. These organizations also consider their employees and their responsibilities. This, in turn, impacts on the success or failure of a particular institution. They, therefore, come up with structures that are well within their objectives, policies and other strategies (Jones, 2010).

The organizational structure of the Apple Computers Company is mainly collaboratively functional structure. The employees and management at the Apple Company are categorized and grouped in accordance with their common experience, expertise, and resources. In this Company, workers within its functional divisions carry out a specialized set of responsibilities and duties. The outcome of this organizational structure by the Apple Company has been the operational efficiency within the functional groups and translates to the Company’s success (Griffin, 2014).

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The functional structure of organization by the Apple Company is concentrated on the attainment of a common goal for the Company and establishes an environment that is collaborative. The result is that both cooperative and personal work is supported. This kind of structure eventuates in innovation and more ideas and, therefore, the general success of the Apple Computers Company.

Apple Computers has, on the other hand, experienced the disadvantage of the functional structure in that it results in the lack of effective communication between the set functional groups within the organization.

The Functional Structure of Organization Adopted By Apple As Contrasted Against the Matrix and Divisional Structures

The functional structure is said to be a combination of individuals who work together and do similar tasks or have the same positions in an organization. The divisional structure, on the other hand, is said to be divided mainly along physical division but also has strategy, function and product divisions. The matrix structure is known to simultaneously group individuals in two methods. These methods are through the function of which they are associates and through the product team on which they are presently operating (Jones, 2010).

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The functional structure is mainly formed as a method of dealing with the enhanced differentiation demands. It is also appropriate for the production of standardized goods and services and huge amounts but in low prices. It is, therefore, more concentrated with activity. The divisional structure, on the other hand, is more concerned with results and not activity. The staff of every division is aware of the division’s needs and participates actively in the achievement of the division’s goals. Personal dedication and motivation are enhanced in the divisional structure. The matrix structure is, on the other hand, more concerned with getting the benefits of the divisional and the functional structure and decreasing their drawbacks. It concentrates on sharing or shifting personnel and other organizational resources across the organization (Galbraith, 2008).

The functional structure ensures that the employees are allocated in the departments where they have skills. This leads to specialization of the staff and the facilities and improvement of skills. On the other hand, the employees in the divisional structure are actively involved in the achievement of the division’s goals. They also have knowledge of all its needs instead of concentrating on the departments where they are best skilled. It is decentralized unlike in the functional structure, and every division has all the needed resources and functions. The matrix structure ensures that the resources are shared in the entire organization thus reducing costs and allowing improvement of skills (Jones, 2010).

Organizational Functions Influence and Determination of the Organizational Structure of Apple

The Human Resource Department is the most crucial function in the influence and determination of Apple’s organizational structure. First of all, the Human Resource Department’s function of managing the workforce cannot be shared with another department ass it would result in confusion in the Company. It, however, performs its functions in collaboration with other departments of the Company. For instance, it liaises with the Finance Department in order to understand whether to recruit more employees or lay off others or even raise their remunerations (Griffin, 2014).

The HR groups the workers together according to their resources and expertise. The department makes it appoint that the employees at Apple understand the roles that they play in the Company. The HR department ensures that the employees wear clothes that are different colors in accordance with the responsibilities and duties that they perform. In this way, the Human Resources Department provides the clear distinctions that are the bases of the functional structure of organization as adopted by the Apple Company. It functions majorly to help in the avoidance of the duality and overlapping of the various roles played by the particular functional groups (Jones, 2010).

The Human Resources Department also influences and determines the adoption and maintenance of the functional organizational structure by Apple through ensuring that the various groups have their leaders. These leaders are managers and supervisors. These leaders make sure that the labor force is effectually organized. This helps in easier and more effective performance of the duties given to the various departments or groups. The effecting of managers and supervisors also help in the easy interaction and collaboration of the different groups that have been set up by the Human Resources Department. This promotes the use of the functional organizational structure.

Apple’s Finance Department has the responsibility of ensuring the maximization of the value of shareholders whether in the long term or short term. It is up to this department to determine the best means in which this can be attained. In so doing, the Finance Department influences the Company’s organizational structure. This is done through the implementation phase of these selected ways of achieving the value. For instance, the Finance Department determines the number of persons to be recruited or lay off, and the most effective way to arrange them so as to achieve the Company’s objectives (Griffin, 2014).

Organizational Design in the Determination of the Apple’s Best Organizational Structure

Organizational design is a prescribed and controlled process that seeks to integrate the labor force, data and technology of an institution. The organizational design of any company integrates these elements of an organization in order to help in the achievement of the company’s set objectives (Jones, 2010). These functions end up with employees who are of similar experiences and expertise. The specific functions borne by the various employee groups help in the avoidance of overlapping tasks. This, in turn, affects the type of organizational structure that is adopted by the Apple Company (Griffin, 2014).

The categorization of the products of Apple is also a factor that influences the Company’s organizational structure. There is a proper and definite assignment and demarcation of tasks in relation with the kind of products that the employees have expertise in. This is either in the design, manufacture or marketing of the various products of the Apple Company.

In conclusion, the Apple Computers Company has adopted the functional structure of organization in order to achieve the objectives set by tit. This structure is influenced by the Company’s various functions such as the Human Resources Department and the Finance Department. It is also influenced by the Company’s products.

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