The People Behind Google

free essayThe company chosen for this research is Google. Nowadays, Google is a worldwide company which serves millions of people around the globe. It was founded in 1998. Its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, where two university friends who had many ideas to realize. From a little search engine Google grew to become a powerful tool, which every person has on his/her personal computer. However, Google is not as simple and easy as everybody thinks it is. Behind the scenes there are 40, 000 staff who operate, control, respond to every message and request, and do many more other jobs.

Question 1. What industry does Google belong to?

The current period in history is defined as Information Age. Everything that surrounds humanity is, in a sense, information. Thus, the industry Google works in is the Information Industry. Google aims “to make it as easy as possible for [people] to find the information [they] need and get the things [they] need to do done” (The people behind Google – Company – Google, 1998 – 2015). One of the two Google founders, Larry Page, described Google as something which “understands exactly what you mean and gives back exactly what you want” (The people behind Google – Company – Google, 1998 – 2015).

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Google is the enterprise which helps each and every kind of business to succeed. At the same time, this help is mutual. The advertising programs Google offers vary from simple text advertisements to the advertisements in high-quality media. With the help of advertising businesses find a lot of new customers, and earn good money, which they gladly share with Google. The company also supports certain money-saving and productive businesses with cloud computing tools.

On the web, Google shares such products as Chrome and Android. The intention of the company workers is to make these applications even faster and easier in exploitation. Moreover, Google aims at making solid contributions into the web environment.

Question 2. What is unique about the culture of Google and its strategy relative to the industry it is in?

Indeed, the culture of Google and the working atmosphere it creates for its staff is unique. First of all, the company hires people who are smart, determined, and who are more creative than experienced. Second, Google’s office is a workplace for people of various nationalities who speak different languages but share common goals and ideas. Third, the culture Google maintains is rather open: workplace is where everybody feels like at home – comfortable. Every week Googlers tend to have meetings with their bosses, where they discuss questions directly and solve issues. Special design of each and every office and caf? on Google’s premises is meant to encourage workers’ interaction with one another. This way the staff can produce valuable ideas in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Even the way Google hires people is exceptional. The company tracks brilliant personalities all around the world. Whenever somebody interests Google, it sends him/her a letter with a request for a CV, which is also part of the company’s culture, where it tries to find people who best suit its principles and goals.

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The main strategy Google adheres to is listed on the website of the company. Essentially, these are ten steps to follow:

  1. The user is the primary focus.
  2. Things should be done decently.
  3. Speed in more valued that backwardness.
  4. Democracy should be both in the company and on the web.
  5. Ability to answer questions everywhere is a unique phenomenon.
  6. Money can be made doing good deeds.
  7. There is a lot more information than anybody knows.
  8. The need for the latest information has no borders.
  9. Official style of clothing does not make one serious.
  10. If something is great, it is not enough.

All these steps are really significant and Google follows them with respect.

To conclude, Google is one of the most newsworthy companies in the world. The industry it works in is information industry, and the culture it has created promotes entertainment, but with productive work-related outcome.

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