BARS Rating Scales and Business Student Performance in Team Projects

free essayCommunication, which is the capacity to express ideas about the projects through verbal or written communication, is the first competency. Proper grammar usage, making presentations in a professional way, using plain and relevant messages constitute good communication skills. Inability to communicate well leads to a low performance of the team, because its members will not be able to understand the ideas communicated.

Another competence is teamwork. It is the ability to work in a team to accomplish all the objectives of the project promptly and as per the guidelines. This competence includes helping other team members and often seeking partnership with them. Failure to build up teamwork will lead to degraded overall team effectiveness resulting from miscommunication amongst members of the team.

Knowledge of business is also a key competence. It comprises being aware of trending business activities, applying appropriate business research capabilities to current projects, continuous learning new skills, being in touch with professionals in the business world and being informed on the latest business news.

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Critical Behavioral Indicators for each Competency

In teamwork, a conducive environment should be provided. The student has to accept and value contributions of all team members and help them every time a need arises. Another set of indicators concerns communication. First, the student has to use proper grammar and word choice in written communications. Second, he/she should give plain and relevant messages. Third, during meetings, the student should present project findings and thoughts in a professional manner. Business knowledge is the next indicator. It implies active participation of the student in group discussions, presenting research solutions zeal, and reading business news every day to update information on trends in business.

Critical Incidents

Critical incidences technique uses three categories: the high performance, average performance and poor performance.

High performance Average performance Poor performance
The student always actively participates in group discussions. In group discussions, the student makes contributions only basing on his/her experience (limited participation). The student is passive in group discussions.
The student does research on presented solutions with zeal. The student does research only in areas of interest. The student never researches presented solutions.
The student follows business news every day to get the latest information on business trends. The student reads/watches business news every week. The student does not follow business news.
The student gives plain and relevant messages during meetings; presents project findings and thoughts in a professional manner that is clear to group members. The student gives plain messages during meetings and presents project findings and thoughts in a fairly good manner. The student cannot give clear messages to other team members; his/her presentations are confusing and difficult to understand.

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Graphic Rating Scales

Teamwork implies one’s capacity to work in a group to complete all tasks in time and according to the guidelines, as well as helping other team members and cooperating with them. Inability to organize teamwork brings about low group viability because of the absence of communication and participation among members.

5 Outstanding: Being enthusiastic to work with colleagues besides fulfilling tasks.

3 Capable: Communicating with colleagues concerning tasks.

1 Significant Change Required: Alienated from the group.

5 Outstanding: Appreciating other colleagues’ thoughts.

3 Capable: Requesting for colleagues’ views, however, not always appreciating them.

1 Significant Change Required: Not requiring opinions of other members.

5 Outstanding: Volunteering for additional assignments helping the group complete its tasks properly and in time.

3 Capable: Offering help other team members if the deadline is drawing near.

1 Significant Change Required: Not offering help to colleagues.

Business information. The student possesses and applies pertinent business research aptitudes to fulfill the tasks. He/she continually adapts new abilities, stays conversant with business news and communicates with business experts. Inability to provide proper business information will lower the quality of work delivered by the group.

5 Outstanding: Constantly providing updated information during group discourses.

3 Capable: Providing information for group discussions according to own areas of interest.

1 Significant Change Required: Not providing any information for group discussions.

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