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free essayThe Chartres Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals located in Chartres, France. In recent days, the building strucks by its beauty and majesty. The building is not only remarkable in the way that it tells the biblical stories, but also in its conduciveness for the worship practices. This cathedral directs one’s spirit and one’s eyes upward (William et al., 2015). This was achieved through the design and the structure, not only through the striking sculptures and the stains in the windows’ glasses. The cathedral has existed since the VIII century, but until 1876 the cathedral was an important site for the town. In 1876, Charles presented a gift to the cathedral. The event was viewed as a relic, which is believed to be the tunic worn by Mary when she gave birth to Jesus Christ (Samper & Herrera, 2014). Since then, the church has used to house the relic and accommodate those who come to pay homage to the veil from different parts of the world. Geometry, which is a part of mathematics, played an imprtant role in design and construction of any structure that needs to be laid. Math is important in construction because it defines the spatial of the building, it creates beautiful forms of the building, and, finally, it decorates the structure layout.

Mathematics has been described as gatekeepers subject. The mathematical knowledge is consolidated on the earlier learning. It connected a web of concepts and skills. Therefore, it provides the basis of new knowledge in technology, engineering, and computer sciences. Many researchers have argued that reasoning provides an insight about nature, which is found in mathematics. The practicals of mathematics are the great models of real phenomena. The recent ride in discoveries is associated with mathematics. Therefore, mathematics has arisen different kinds of problems; today, science has posed a problem, which can be solved mathematically. Architects is primary application of mathematics, starting from the days of Pythagoreans. Many researchers have stated that in the layout of any building, there is a need of consideration on harmonious and its surrounding mathematically. However, according to Williams and Oswald (2015), the architecture of the building is primarily a skill of mathematics, particularly geometry. They state that the present Chartres Cathedral building was well laid out in its designation and construction. Furthermore, geometry is also important in construction because it defines the spatial of the building, designs the beautiful forms of the building, and, finally, decorates the structure’s layout.

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The current research has identified that the master builder assumes the responsibilities of execution, the designation, and construction of the new Chartres Cathedra. I also got to understand that the process of construction of the building was not a continuous process; the process was halted due to one or a couple of reasons. Furthermore, I found that Mathematics play a significant role in the cathedral, since it involved the use of engineering and constructions. In the archeological site, I concluded that the numerals were used as illustrative to religious teachings on the walls of Chartres Cathedral.

The building of the Cathedral in the XIII century was much different from the expectation. The process of the construction of the building was not a continuous one; the process was halted due to one or a couple of reasons. It is claimed that the building was constructed by nine different master builders. Although there was a change of this leadership, the effects did not change the final product. It is fascinating to note that mathematically the master builders did not use the same measurements (Rousseau, 2014). Therefore, it means that most master builders would have been dealing with added complications in the adjustment of calculations. Despite, those challenges which made the construction process to last for 13 years, the final result was magnificent, and the unity was reached, despite a variety of themes and plans.

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Mathematics played a significant role in the cathedral, since it involved the use of engineering during the construction process. The different dimensions in constructing parts were calculated, such as the buttresses and the designing of windows. For example, the elaborate plan of widows construction has been showed the application of mathematics, using the ratios 2:3. This ratio was important in designing and constructing an equilateral triangle of windows. The master builder is believed to have been enough versed with the equilateral geometry, which plays an important role in calculating the complicated problems, left by his predecessor. Therefore, mathematics and mathematical relationship play a vital role in designing and construction of Cathedral.

The cathedral was not only designed or built in the cultural vacuum. Many researchers have been trying to make connections between the learning and the architecture. Although most of the researchers have not agreed in each of their points, they all drive the tendency that charters are architecturally manifested. They all agree that the uniform space divisions and subdivisions of Chartres clearly show a plan of the cathedral’s construction. This is driving the learning and the architectural style during that time period.

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Moreover, some recall that during the time of construction of the Chartres Cathedral, the school in the region was established. The school tradition was focusing more on the scientific and music studies. Therefore, it is believed that mathematical design could have been studied at school. The masters, like Platonist and Pythagoreans of the Chartres, are obsessed by mathematics (William et al., 2015). They consider being a link between God and the world. They believe the magical tools are used to unlock the secrets. The scholars like Thiery, had used the geometry to bring up the religious aspects. Therefore, Chartres already had a deposition of mathematical knowledge; there is no surprise to have incorporated in the building of Cathedral (Samper & Herrera, 2014). The Chartres had used many mathematics and geometry in the designing processes of many Gothic Cathedrals. Even though the knowledge of geometry was limited, the people view it had connections between them and their creator, God giving wisdom to men. The knowledge of mathematics and geometry was at the Chartres’ desposal.

Furthermore, in the Middle Ages, there was a significant place of number and symbolism. This made the construction of Cathedral inconceivable without incorporating the geometry symbols (Ostwald & Williams, 2015). The research shows that during this period, the church building was the eternity itself. Unlike our days, where the church is the House of God, a place where His presence occupies. People believe that in order to believe in God, something magnificence should be constructed on the Earth. Therefore, to build such a special place, design has to be combined with the appropriate knowledge of mathematics, and geometry symbols play a vital role.

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Also, mathematics, and, particularly, the geometry was used in creating the floors of the Chartres Cathedral (William et al., 2015). First, the floor plan shows that it is of cruciforms shape, contains nave and choir lying along the eas-west axis. Secondly, it shows the two towers at the western end and the seven chapels of the Cathedral. Through a series of analyzed of the geometry representations, it is believed that the master builder used three diamonds in the construction of the floors. The diamonds are interconnected to each other at the center of the labyrinths. This shows the role that geometry plays in the development of floors of the Chartres Cathedral.

Since the building was used for religious teachings, it necessitates the use of numerals, as illustrative (Ostwald & Williams, 2015). Chartres Cathedral, since it is a Catholic church, the number three is synonymous, it is non-divisible after one is often used. The number three brings the relationship between the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which is important, since it is a non-divisible number after one. The Chartres cathedral is divided into three parts vertically and horizontally. There are also three doors in every portal and there are three stained glass panels (Trutty-Coohill, 2014). The other number which most builders of the Chartres Cathedral used was sets of seven. This is because it has four plus three, thus combining the Trinity realm. Therefore, throughout the Chartres Cathedral building, the geometry is applied to strength is beauty and the strength.

The exterior architectural structures of charters view are flying buttress. The flying buttress allowed the architect to expand the size of the window. This significantly shows how mathematics was wondefully used by the builders. The plain pyramid completed around 1160 meters. The symbol, and spiritual journey from the Paleolithic to the construction of the Cathedral in the 12th and 13th century to the present believers. They believe that the labyrinth possesses a spiritual and the mysterious significance to human. Therefore, the Chartres Cathedral is world’s designated heritage. The geometry construction has attracted many people from all over the world (Gamwell & deGrasse Tyson, 2015)

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In conclusion, it is significant to recognize the fact that the use of mathematics and, particularly, geometry was necessary for the building of the Chartres Cathedral. After a long way, it is fascinating to realize that mathematics still play a vital role in our churches constructions and designing. It is great to recognize that the geometry plays a significant role in our worship today. It is inspiring to see buildings like Chartres; masons and crafts with little knowledge about construction managed to create a magnificent structure, like the Cathedral. During the construction process, as research shows, only the fundamental mathematics was employed but the result is magnificent. It made many scholars try to determine formulas that were used. The design and construction of the building show how such a remarkable skill, as the problem solving, can help in building. The use of mathematics can be seen everywhere in the Cathedral building. The completion of the building, which includes chapels cloister and chapter house are numerous, those are the religious and ancient treasures from the stained glass.

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Halicon International is a worldwide known multi-channel retailer, which also has online stores. It sells luxury gifts, the latest designer clothes and fashion garments for both women and men, accessories and also food. Global prestige and reputation of Halicon are built upon its brand values, which are British, Service, Sensation, Luxury and Innovation. Halicon has […]

Consumer Policy and Consumer Rights in South Korea

South Korea is a sovereign state in East Asia. Since its foundation, South Korea has come a long way of development. In the 1960s, the country was one of the poorest in the region, but now, the Republic of Korea is a developed industrial and highly urbanized state, one of the largest trading countries in […]

Social Concepts in terms of Age Discrimination and Social Stratification Theories

In modern society, the image of older adults is mostly negative. People believe that the elderly possess such traits as negativism, conservatism, inertia, stubbornness, increased vulnerability, irritability etc. In modern culture, there is an absence of traditionally accepted respectful attitude of young people to the older adults. The representatives of the young generation tend to […]

The School Uniforms

School uniforms are strongly advocated by both local and private schools; thus, more and more educational institutions in the United States adopt the practice today. On the one hand, supporters prove that school uniforms ensure a better safety, create equal conditions that mitigate socioeconomic differences and enhance children’s concentration on learning rather than on outfits. […]

Strategic Analysis of Coca-Cola (Analysis Essay)

The Coca-Cola Company deals in the manufacturing and marketing of soft drinks. It is the leading producer of beverages in the food and beverages industry globally. Due to its stability in the market for more than 100 years, Coca-Cola has become a household name. The Coca-Cola Company has traded in NYSE since the 1990s with […]

The Issue of Workforce Skills Gap

People often perceive education as the issue of their personal development or a tool for further occupation that will bring them money and decent social status. However, it is only one perspective on the subject. It is worth looking at it through the sociological imagination that allows seeing “the connection between individual experience and larger […]

Ritz-Carlton Operations

Ritz-Carlton is a brand that represents a luxury chain of hotels, as well as resorts, with properties spread across major cities and countries such as Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, the U.S., the Virgin Islands, and even Spain. It is a subsidiary of Marriot International. This case examines the processes at Ritz-Carlton, its systems, technology, leadership, […]

Rhetorical Analysis of “Social Media: Establishing Criteria for Law Enforcement Use” by Robert D. Stuart

The rapid growth of social media encourages the law enforcement to reexamine the positive and adverse effects of its usage. In the essay “Social Media: Establishing Criteria for Law Enforcement Use”, Robert D. Stuart urges the state officials and agencies to develop a conceptual framework for social media usage in regards to its potential benefits […]

How Much Language Fails to Measure Up the Richness and Complicacy of Communication

Karen Joy Fowler is the author of the mega-bestseller We Are All Completely beside Ourselves. This novel combines witty character drama and a tragic story about science, ripping readers’ hearts and electrifying their brains. Language and communication appear to be the two interlaced opposing themes presented from numerous angles. It is obvious that the ability […]

The Character of Bilbo Baggins

The Hobbit or There and Back Again is one of the most prominent works of John Tolkien and probably one of the most famous tales in the world literature. Written for Tolkien’s own children, the story is a winning combination of myths, epos, and the author’s vivid imagination. The fact that Tolkien wrote Hobbit for […]

Ideology Project: Colonialism

The previous parts of this project included a discussion of the ethical problem of enlightenment and its role in bringing about the problems related to freedom and, subsequently, colonialism. Enlightenment, which first came to attention in the 17th and 18th century, represents a form of movement that entailed the rise of promise and prospect in […]

HRM Essay: UltiPro Software vs Bullhorn

Human resource department is indispensable in any organization. It serves the central purpose of recruiting and staffing, and as such it ensures that the right people with the necessary skills are employed for the job. Due to the evolution of information technology, it has become necessary for firms to automate their human resource information systems […]

Open (OI) and Closed Innovation (CI) in Digital Creative and Cultural Industries

In 2003, it was declared that a significant number of companies and industries considerably changed their way of innovation (Galli 2011, p. 19). Various industries transformed their efforts from a Closed Innovation (CI) to an Open Innovation (OI) model. Hence, this shift appealed to scholars and practitioners. Closed Innovation Model Closed innovation is strongly internally […]

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton represents an American politician and is currently the US presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the elections to be held in 2016. Hillary is an influential figure and has been a part of the US political environment for a long time. Over the years, she served as Senator, First Lady, […]

The Case of the US versus Sterling

During working in an institution, all employees must understand all the human resource policies that guide the human capital development of the institution. Specifically, the policies about what involves misconduct in the workplace such as disrespect towards supervisors should be noted by the employees to ensure that they do not rub their shoulders the wrong […]

The Concept of Label and How it Negatively Affects the Society

Labels are things or terms that are used in categorizing a given group that has common characteristics. In the society, human beings label different things such as clothing brands, food products, personal items, file folders and people. When labels are used they are associated with certain type of images, connotations, stigmas, stereotypes and characteristics. Racial […]

Analysis of Strategy Implementation and Strategic Controls at the Coca-Cola Company

The performance of Coca-Cola is a significant business topic, which hides its importance in a strategic aspect. Coca-Cola is a legendary company, which has managed to develop a flexible organizational design. It focuses on several regions that have the same structure in every other one. The core of the organization has several departments, which perform […]

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is an entertainment theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort modeled as the original U.S. Disneyland. It was the first Disneyland built outside the United States. Tokyo Disneyland consists of the following themed areas: Mickey’s Toontown, Critter Country, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Westernland, Adventureland, and the World Bazaar. Tokyo Disneyland is the second most visited […]

The Phenomena of Fast Fashion Invented by Zara

The case study answers the question regarding the phenomena of fast fashion invented by Zara. In addition, the paper investigates how the distinctive features of Zara business model affect its operating economics. The case study provides the answer on the question about the ways Zara creates competitive advantages in the market due to the modern […]

Me, My and I: Conflict Resolution

Riddles, contradictions, enigmas, polarities, and paradoxes are an imperative part of nature. They are also a chief element in creative thinking. Therefore, for one to achieve the ability to resolve conflict, one must be willing to embrace its innate nature. Ergo, learning about the conflict is the only way to provide a viable solution (Cloke […]

Contrast the ENISA and Commonwealth Approaches to Developing National Cybersecurity Strategies

Rapid progress in IT industry over the past years created an evolvement of various unprecedented opportunities. At the same time, the accessibility and interaction of various local and global networks increase their vulnerability to cyberattacks of different nature. For instance, there were cases when hackers cracked online security systems of banks endangering up to 25 […]

Analysis of the Essay “The money” by Junot Diaz

The ability to critique a text, i.e. to determine its valuable and useful parts, is a very important skill for a scholar. There are many aspects considered when critiquing a text. It can be based on the author’s credibility, the type of publication as well as types and relevance of the sources used by the […]

“Making Movies” by Sidney Lumet

Sidney Lumet was a renowned author and movie director in the world’s film industry in the world. His works are recognized across the global scene for their unique taste and the message that the audience is able to perceive both on the motion picture and literature levels. Every party was in a position to understand […]

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans is a classical fictional movie that tells one the myths of the ancient Greece. This movie has gone through a series of remakes. The latest version was released in 2010 (Manohla). The book suggests a piece of the Greece mythology, which can be used to analyze the modern life situations. This […]

The Extinction of Experience

Nature and extinction are the key words used in Robert Pyle’s essay. Nature comes from the Latin word ‘natura’. ‘Nat’ means ‘birth’ or ‘to originate’. It also came from the word ‘icunde’ which means ‘to the nature’ in the early Middle English. The word extinction, in its turn, comes from the Latin word ‘extintio’. Robert […]

“Globalization: The Super-Story” by Thomas Friedman

Globalization plays a significant positive role in modern world. It creates a fruitful integration of people, countries, and organizations that can benefit everyone. However, for some individuals globalization may also become a tool to gain the amount of power that can be compared to such of a country. These consequences of globalization are discussed in […]

Article Critique: “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles

The current essay presents a critical analysis of an article entitled “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles who has researched hundreds of contemporary commercials with a view to coming up with a list of basic appeals found in advertisements that are aimed at convincing consumers to buy this or that product or at least […]

Satire in Moliere’s Tartuffe and Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal

Satire is known to be a specific genre of literature, which may occasionally use graphical and performing arts in order to ridicule society and stimulate its self-improvement. Due to the fact that social criticism is the main objective of satire, it frequently applies repartee combined with dark sarcasm in order to depict and vividly demonstrate […]

Historical Cost Versus Fair Value Accounting For Non-Financial Assets

The choice between historical cost accounting and fair value accounting has been a question of debate in the international scene. A particular measurement has not been provided by the conceptual framework that deals with financial reporting in the international scene. The analysis methods recommended for financial reporting are stipulated according to the international financial reporting […]

Appalachian State University

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Appalachian State University has a breathtaking location. Moreover, the university offers challenging academic program, and active campus life. In fact, Appalachian State University combines attributes of a small library college with parameters of a large research university. The university is widely known for its affordability and […]

Optimal Pollution

William F. Baxter (1975), in his People or Penguins: The Case for Optimal Pollution focuses his concept on limited environmentalism. William Baxter outlines that as humanists, we are obligated to promote and stand for the goodness of mankind. The basis of Baxter’s argument is the anthropocentric view : “We should not and have no moral […]

Wireless Technology Essay

Wireless technology refers to the type of telecommunication, in which electromagnetic waves are used instead of wires for transmitting the signals over a part or entire communication path (Firestone 2009). The earliest form of wireless technology was used to send telegraphic signals across the waters and was integrated into the passenger, and cargo ships after […]

New Labour’s Foreign Policies between 1997 and 2010

Between 1997 and 2007, Britain witnessed a lot of changes in its foreign relations and policies (Williams 2005). This was the time when Britain was led by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Tony Blair took over from Gordon Brown to spearhead the New Labour. This essay, therefore, tries to discern the influence brought about by […]

Dramaturgical Analysis of Occupational Performances

During interaction with other people, an individual would change his or her settings in order to regulate the impression that the people may have. On the other hand, those people that the individual is interacting with will try to conceive as well as obtain any information from the individual interacting with them. In essence, all […]

The Nile River and the Rise of Successful States in North Africa

The River Nile lies in the northeast of Africa, being the longest one in the globe. Its source is located in equatorial Africa, and the mouth is in the Mediterranean Sea. The river is referred to as a transnational one because many countries depend on it as their primary source of water (Calas and Martinon […]

Swatch, Mountain Dew, Coke Case, Disney and Rose – Case Study

The Swatch Case Study What choices did customers have before arrival of the Swatch and how were these choices positioned? Before the Swatch entered the market, few changes have occurred, which actually impacted the positions of the companies within the global market. First of all, after the introduction of quartz many foreign countries started to […]

Gillette Company Analisys

Nowadays, many businesses face a number of problems and/or challenges that are to be managed in order to become sustainable within both the market segment and the industry as a whole. One of such challenges is the problem of dealing with the aspects of business merging and/or the economic worldwide changes. The most important changes […]

Starbucks Analysis

Starbucks is a globally recognized company that specializes in the production and sales of premium roast coffee and other special beverages. It is currently the largest coffeehouse in the world whereby it is known not only for selling high-quality coffee. It also provides a sophisticated lifestyle, which is as a result of its enticing aroma, […]

How Starbucks Changed Supply Chain Management

How was the Starbucks Company was Founded and by Who? The essence of Starbucks is about roasting the highest quality whole bean coffee, but this is not the whole story. According to Starbucks, people today believe in two things: making a contribution to the world and drinking a cup of coffee with friends and family. […]

Starbucks SWOT Analysis

To begin with, Starbucks has several opportunities. First, the company can increase the number of its suppliers. As a result, it will be less dependent on such factors as natural disasters, weather, increase of production costs, changing political and economic conditions etc. On the other hand, today the company has a wide number of suppliers […]

Online Learning vs. Learning in Traditional Classrooms

Being in a traditional classroom provides students with an opportunity to experience freedom and interact with the world. Putting a student in a room with a computer means that the student will never be able to bond with the professor and other students. When studying online, it becomes difficult for students to clear their doubts. […]

Nescafe Case Study Analysis

The Nescafe case study identifies a number of problems that differ in their priority but, nevertheless, need to be addressed by the company. First, it is the growing scarcity of raw resources for coffee production and, as a result, the growing price. According to Alvarez and Petty, the coffee industry has witnessed dramatic swings in […]

Martin Luther King’s Speech

Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream” is more than half a century old but it is still a widely studied example of good rhetoric and persuasive methods. Martin Luther King was known as a powerful orator; all the more he had to use his speaking talents to engage as more people as possible […]

Corporate Governance and State Ownership

The state ownership of publicly marketed corporations is rather diffusive around the globe; it has been highly elevating in the recent years. Despite the fact that the majority of literature focuses on the corporative management and its influence on a firm, it is highly important to understand how the state, being a stockholder, can affect […]

The Impact of the iPad on High School Education

High school students received iPad in winter. It is expected that these devices are stored in the school. “All of the devices were insured. Six iPad were damaged during the first two weeks from the beginning of the program, “- said Stephen Braunius, Director of Learning Technology. None has been lost or stolen. Only two […]

Coca-Cola Strategic Analysis

The Coca-Cola Company, established in 1892, is the world’s largest beverage company with the market capitalization of $168.7 billion being one of the top 5 valuable brands as of November 2014 (Forbes, n.d.). The company manufactures primarily carbonated soft drinks (CSD) as well as still beverages, tea, coffee and energy sports drinks. Operating in more […]

Executive Summary of iPhone Brand

In September 2013, Apple Inc. launched iPhone 5s, a new model of a smartphone. At that time, the company managed to introduce 2 iPhones simultaneously. 5s to suit its main target audience and  5c model as an attempt to occupy a lower price range market share. The distinctive feature of the 5s model was so […]

NHL Marketing

Hockey will always be regarded as a game that gives fans the second chance of joy, even when the team is painfully eliminated. The fans just need to be willing to battle and to be truly committed to a relationship with the team. In addition, with the spirit of great love, the National Hockey League […]

Analyzing Amazon’s and eBay’s Strategies

Attaining sustainable competitive advantage is the goal of every company. Therefore, organizational changes are crucial developmental processes in every corporation. Similar to globalization, technology plays a significant role in the developmental process of today’s companies. Nowadays, technological development, particularly caused by the World Wide Web and dot com, is a sure way to attain valuable […]

Comparative Analysis of Consonants in Arabic and English

Arabic and English are two widespread languages which are vividly used by people all over the world. Arabic is used in all the Muslim countries as it is the language of Koran. It is the official language in 26 countries, including Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Mauritania, etc. English is the official […]

Oligopoly: Alibaba vs. Amazon

According to monopoly, both companies are aimed at expanding to global market, while according to oligopoly, the companies have the opportunity to control the industry. With the help of oligopoly term, considering economic forecast, companies’ current market condition, government regulations, industry and history overview of companies, opportunities and issues the companies face, entry impact, productivity, […]

Potential for Solar Power Production in India

India is characterised by a high solar insolation and a dense population, which is a perfect combination for utilising solar power in the country. At present, the country is the world leader as regards wind power generation [2]. With respect to the solar energy segment, a number of large projects have been planed including setting […]

Biotechnology Research and Development Investment Analysis

The Innova Bio-Tech Corporation Board of Directors has authorized $10 million additional budget for Research and Development over the next five years for accelerating innovation. The Board of Directors plans to uphold the company’s current patent rights and acquire additional protections because the current patents are due to expire in five years time. In addition, […]

Social Aspects of Television

Before the 1940s, the entertainment industry had separate business sectors that rarely overlapped. If one wanted to see a movie, one could go to the corner cinema. If one wanted to hear the latest music, one could only turned on the radio. However, with the introduction of the television in the late 1940s, one could […]

Tuition Reimbursement

There are numerous advantages that accrue to an employee as a result of working in a particular organization. Some of these advantages have no direct impact on the success of a company. However, there are some that have a direct impact on the organization’s success. A perfect example of a mutual benefit for a company […]

Private Teaching

This topic is worth the research, because private teaching is a worldwide activity, with both positive and negative impacts. It exists in developed countries such as Canada, South Korea, and Singapore, as well as in developing countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya and Vietnam (Bray, 2003). However, this research acknowledges that private teaching has its advantages, […]

A Detailed Characteristic and Financial Analysis of Financial Statements of IKEA

Analysis of financial statements is a process that allows assessing the past and current financial position and results of operation of any multinational business organization. The main goal of the analysis of financial statements is assessment of financial results of the company’s operations. On the example of Swedish company IKEA we will consider the financial […]

The Difference of Language

Language refers to verbal, biological innate, physical, and vital form of communication to human beings. According to behaviorists, it is a learned behavior that involving a response and stimulus. Poynton suggested that language is a verbal behavior that includes body movements, gestures or sign language, and spoken words (15). Therefore, language is a crucial aspect […]

Knowledge Management Analysis of the Organization

The ever increasing globalization has emerged as a threat to organizations’ knowledge management. As a result, size, nature and scope of the organization are vital to the success of how it manages its knowledge. The floor space, client base served, net assets owned by the organization, sales volume and others, measures the size of the […]

General Motors (Vehicle Manufacturer)

General Motors, known as GM, is a world leading vehicle manufacturing company based in the USA. The company is involved in the development, designing, manufacture and marketing of automotive products on a global scale (Pelfrey, 2006). The company remains a force to reckon with in the present day auto industry. Although the company has adapted […]

UK House Building: Analysis From The Perspective Of Porter’s Five Forces Framework

The UK house building industry is a rapidly developing sphere due to the diversity in directions and specializations. There are many large industries, such as Barratt Homes, Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes, that can be characterized by exceptional quality, broad customer base and quality of the construction. However, all of them have different emphases and […]

Managing Leadership and Influence Forces (Samsung vs Sony)

The article under consideration is titled “Samsung Moving Phone Engineers a Lesson in Speed for Sony”; it was written by Pavel Alpeyev and Grace Huang and was posted in Bloomberg Business Week on November 18, 2014. The article has some quite interesting lessons, both to Sony Corp. and to the readers. Samsung Electronics Co. made a quick […]

Microsoft Corporation

Introduction There are certain companies in the world that has changed the history of humanity and Microsoft Corporation is one of them. Almost every business organization and private home employs its software and hardware. Nevertheless, the way to success has not been easy since it has undergone different transformations in order to hone skills and […]

Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is the leading warehouse retailer and the second biggest general retailer in the United States of America. The company deals with the sale of household goods, foods, and general merchandise, including appliances. These products are sold by the company in bulk and at greatly discounted prices. The Company is facing competition from BJ’s […]

External Environment Analysis of Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel Hospital is situated at the center of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It was opened in 2012 with the aim of bringing a positive paradigm shift in the delivery of private healthcare. Burjeel Hospital is one of the best medical facilities that provides quality and advanced medical facilities (Burjeel Hospital 2012). UAE […]