Clash of the Titans

free essayClash of the Titans is a classical fictional movie that tells one the myths of the ancient Greece. This movie has gone through a series of remakes. The latest version was released in 2010 (Manohla). The book suggests a piece of the Greece mythology, which can be used to analyze the modern life situations.

This film explains different features, such as immortality, destiny, divinity, and patriotic nature. Clash of the Titans has a unique way of blending the ancient myth with real life scenarios (Turan). Personally, I think the film advances the knowledge of an individual’s character regarding the natural factors. One of the reasons why I chose this movie was due to the effects developed by the filmmakers.

The Clash of the Titans suggests an overview of what the world used to be according to myths and of the divine powers that guided it. In this mythology, there was a time when the gods engaged in a victorious war against the Titans. The gods then decided to divide the universe among them (Turan). This myth relates to the history of mankind and their existence. It gives an explanation of the existence of other natural phenomena.

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The gods, apart from Hades, decided to create mortals who would worship them because of their power over the universe (Manohla). This part gives a more vivid explanation of the purpose of the human race. It also shows how and why a rift between divinities and mortals happened (Morford and Lenardon 147). After a long time of loyalty, the humans started to question the gods and became defiant. This angered the gods, who therefore decided to release Hades so that he would punish the humans on their behalf. The above part of the plot shows just how human defiance affects the Supreme Being (Turan). This relates to the modern religious world where believers are against defiance of their creators.

The part when Perseus survived the massacre twice proves that there are people who are guided and protected by their destiny. This is when Hades revealed to him that he was a demigod. This shows the god’s characters. It reveals various aspects of emotions, including greed, anger and desperation (Morford and Lenardon 76). However, this part of the film does not reflect any real life situation. This is because most of the religions consider their makers to be flawless. However, in this part of the plot, one can see the power of destiny. The contemporary life issues applied in this case were properly expressed in both the readings and the film. Notably, it had a connection with my life in various ways. This section showed the importance of personal life experiences for me as an individual.

It was discovered that only the head of Medusa would be able to destroy the Kraken, which posed a challenge to the gods (Turan). This part can be compared with the real world situations and can be paralleled by the situations when people face dilemmas and only one solution is possible.

The film has many similarities with the class readings. This film gives wide knowledge of the Greece mythology. The use of magic in the movie that expresses the power of immortality can be seen in class readings as well. The classroom readings portray the use of magic as a divine feature. The movie presents this supernatural power in most scenes. For instance, one can see it when Perseus took the powerful sword that could not glow with thunder when used by any other person (Turan). This was a symbol of immortality, and Perseus did not want to accept it.

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The imagery created by the classroom reading was also connecting to the film. However, the classroom reading was more disposed toward the modern world view of the mythology. At the same time, the class readings were less intensified compared to the film’s version. The film brought more physical aspects of the gods, unlike the readings. The part where Zeus tried to persuade Perseus just shows the physical difference between the humans and the gods (Morford and Lenardon 2; Turan).

The film was rather similar to the class readings. Its dissimilarity was limited and that let me engage with the mythology. The similarity of the film to the class readings developed a number of concepts. It is through these concepts that I was able to connect with the mythology. The readings gave clear definition of the features of the gods. This was advanced in the graphics of the film. The characters in the film had the same impact on the plot as in the class readings. This expounded on the issue of religion and immortality in the ancient Greece. It is worth stating that it is through the film that one gets most of the concepts in-depth. I would recommend the film to others since it is a story that has widely expressed the notions of destiny and divinity. It has related the two concepts to the modern life. It also considered the human aspect of the ancient myth (Morford and Lenardon 200).

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