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There are certain companies in the world that has changed the history of humanity and Microsoft Corporation is one of them. Almost every business organization and private home employs its software and hardware. Nevertheless, the way to success has not been easy since it has undergone different transformations in order to hone skills and appeal to the changing needs of the society. For example, to penetrate into different spheres of life, Microsoft has created the project of using Microsoft software in mobile phones and cable television like Time Warner and TCI (Economides, 2003, p. 3; Hamel & Prahalad, 1996, p. 38). Nowadays Microsoft Corporation heads the world because it provides business enterprises and private users with many modern advantages and adjusts to their future needs.

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Analysis of Historical Development and Current State of Microsoft Corporation

Firstly, the success of the company in many cases is dependent on its leader. Therefore, in order to realize why Microsoft Corporation occupies the leading position in the world, it is necessary to analyze the steps that the leader has taken in the course of historical development of the company. Talking about Microsoft Corporation, the company’s leader is Bill Gates who is the greatest entrepreneur of the 21st century. The first step he has taken is determination. In 1975, Bill left Harvard and together with his friend Paul Allen founded Microsoft. They were not afraid of future difficulties because their goal was clearly defined, namely to develop software for the newly emerged PC market (Clark & Salisbury, 2006, p. 920). The second step is the opportunity to catch the chance. With the introduction of the first PCs by IBM in 1980, Microsoft did everything possible to develop an operating system for them. The invention of DOS helped Microsoft not only to achieve this objective but also to become the most popular standard for PCs in the world (Riper, 2011, p. 308). The third stage is fighting with competitors. In 1983, to be in the same league with Apple Macintosh, which sported a graphical user interface, Microsoft created Internet Explorer and version 1.0 of Windows operating system. The last stage is constant improvement. To adjust to the changing needs of the society, Microsoft provided users with new updated versions of Windows operating system. For example, Windows 95, introduced in 1995, was a radical departure from the previous as its principal innovation was 32-bit memory addressing with protected memory and independence from MS-DOS (Ritchie, 2003, p. 279).

Nowadays the majority of people define Microsoft Corporation as the leading company in the field of software. Almost every person has in his or her PC such Microsoft applications as Internet Explorer, Media Player, and MS-Office Suite consisting of Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Access. Almost all Microsoft products are complementary to a member of the Windows family of operating systems for personal computers and servers (Economides, 2003, p. 3).

Secondly, one can reveal the present position of Microsoft Corporation on the worldwide market with the help of analyzing concrete case studies. The first case study shows that Microsoft helps business companies to be successful. According to it, Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union upgraded its Windows XP PCs to mobile PCs running the Windows 8 operating system so that it can offer modern financial services (Microsoft Case Studies, 2013). With the help of the use of Windows 8-based mobile computers, RBFCU can serve customers more promptly, calculate and post interest rates faster, and enables employees to work in different conditions (Microsoft Case Studies, 2013). The second case study proves that Microsoft is helpful for people with special needs. At the Abu Dhabi Center for Autism, Microsoft through its assistive technology device the DynaVox Maestro, built on the Windows 7, helps students to communicate, interact with teachers and school peers, develop language skills, and successfully function in the society (Microsoft Case Studies, 2011).

The analysis of the historical development and current position of Microsoft Corporation with the help of concrete examples of case studies gives the opportunity to indicate its main benefits. The most significant benefit is well-organized and influential leadership. Bill Gates has developed and introduced the plan and concrete steps to adjust Microsoft to the needs of the contemporary world and be in the same league as competitors. Second advantage is a wide range of products. They appeal to the changing requirements of turbulent business world, modern society, and people with special needs in particular. Nevertheless, one should also take into consideration the drawbacks of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is the monopolist in the sphere of software. Therefore, it does not give other companies opportunity for presenting their products. Moreover, Tony Bove notes that Microsoft has tricked, bullied, or purchased its way to nearly total control over the computer industry. Thus, its monopoly is illegal and unethical.

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Finally, it is difficult to imagine what Microsoft will prepare for its users in the nearest future. Nowadays people have the possibility to use Windows on their mobile phones. Thus, it is possible that in a few years, Microsoft managers will provide users with penetration of Microsoft in almost every sphere of their life. For example, cars will be equipped with special small computers, based on Windows, and toys for kids will be running with the help of Microsoft applications. Thus, one might formulate the motto of changes in such a way Microsoft is everywhere.


Microsoft Corporation is a leading software manufacturer in the modern world. One can analyze the history of its development from the point of view of steps that the company’s leader Bill Gates has taken on the way to its success. They are as follows: determination to open the new company, the opportunity to seize the chance proposed by IBM, fighting with competitors, and constant improvement. With the help of regarded case studies with Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union and the Abu Dhabi Center for Autism, one can indicate such benefits of Microsoft as strong leadership and a wide range of productions, adjusted to the changing needs of the modern world. However, the biggest disadvantage of Microsoft is illegal and unethical monopolization of power. It does not give the opportunity to reveal the potential of other smaller companies. It is difficult to predict the future of Microsoft Corporation. Nevertheless, it is feasible that Microsoft will penetrate into different spheres of life of its users from cars to toys in order to make the life of people easier and extend its influence.


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