Wireless Technology Essay

free essayWireless technology refers to the type of telecommunication, in which electromagnetic waves are used instead of wires for transmitting the signals over a part or entire communication path (Firestone 2009). The earliest form of wireless technology was used to send telegraphic signals across the waters and was integrated into the passenger, and cargo ships after Titanic had gone down.

Some of the most common forms of wireless communication include cell phones, pagers, Global Positioning System (GPS), wireless mice, printers, and keyboards, VCR control and TV remote controls, FM receivers, vehicle door openers, wireless local area networks (LANs), and satellite TV. However, there are more advanced forms of wireless technology such as Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Enhanced Data GSM Environment (EDGE), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and the I-Mode (Santos & Block 2012).

Wireless technologies can be divided into four categories:

  • The fixed wireless – mainly operate devices at home and office environment. They include equipment that is connected via modems.
  • The mobile wireless – mainly used while in motion and include the motorized cell phones used in vehicles.
  • The portable wireless – they are easy to carry from place to place. They include the personal cell phones.
  • Devices that relay data via infrared radiation and Bluetooth technology.

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Technology and Productivity

Wireless technology has had a tremendous influence on my life. The use of these technologies has had a number of positive effects on my productivity as discussed. Firstly, wireless technologies have enabled the sharing of data between phones and PCs through the use of infrared and Bluetooth technologies. This sharing of data, include Word and PDF documents, video and audio files, pictures, has not only made it easier for one to transfer data but also led to the saving of the all-important time resource. I have also been able to improve my research potential, as well as the timely acquisition of information from all over the world. The WI-FI technology that is used in laptops and cellular phones has made it cheap and easy for students to gather all the information they might need.

In addition to the above benefits, my communication with friends and relatives is now cheaper, easier, and more convenient. I have been able to call my friends and relatives, send emails to friends, family and also receive assignments and submit them without any personal meeting with my tutors. This has lowered the costs associated with meeting people physically thus saving time as well.

Furthermore, with the emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that employ the use of these wireless technologies, I have been able to chat and convey important information to my friends and relatives cheaply and conveniently. I have also been in a position to know what is happening around the world faster than before. Hence, I have been well-informed, as well as have managed to inform others on what’s going around my vicinity.

On top of that, with online wireless technology, I have been able to offer data entry services and essay writing services without having to meet with the clients physically. Thus, I have been able to earn money at the comfort of my home. Therefore, with wireless technologies, I have also been able to use wireless modes of payment such as mobile banking, PayPal, credit and debit cards, as well as Bank ATM cards. Thus, I have been able to purchase and pay for goods without dealing with cash. I have also received money from all over the world without meeting with the sender physically.

Moreover, the wireless technologies have also helped me get Forex reports without having to visit the Forex market, thus, saving on time and energy and, hence, channeling the same elsewhere. Further, with these technologies, I have been able to attend meetings via video conferencing. The technology of video conferencing improves productivity in the sense that a person can participate in discussions, arguments, and debates without having to spend time and money like in boardroom meetings.

With the use of wireless technology, my car has been made safer with the installation of car tracking device. This device has improved my productivity by eliminating the potential threat of it being stolen and also saving on the money that would have been used to pay for insurance premiums. Wireless technology has also improved my home security with the security alarms and CCTV cameras installed and, thus, not requiring the physical presence of a home guard. This has enabled me to save on the cost of hiring a home guard since the alarms are automated and can convey messages in case of unfamiliar faces.

The use of satellite TV has also enabled me to access the global TV channels. Thus, I receive global news, watch music channels, documentaries, reality TV shows, as well as sporting events from all over the world. This has improved my productivity by providing me with the necessary avenues for spending my leisure time without having to go out and spend more money.

The other benefit of wireless technology is that it has also enabled me to purchase and download movies and music albums within minutes of their release without having to visit music or film stores. This has enabled me to save on the time required for the physical purchase, as well as making me up-to-date.

The use of voice, facial, and fingerprint recognition devices has also enabled people to save money that would otherwise be needed to make spare keys for each staff in the company. Furthermore, it makes it easier for firms to operate without the need for additional security checks and identification cards. Therefore, in the long run, there will be improved security in the entire premise.

Wireless technology has also enabled me to read and access newspapers, journals, books, and magazines. This has helped me increase productivity on my part since I can read whatever news I might want/need from all over the world without physically purchasing numerous volumes of information which would be not only bulky, but also very expensive.

Wireless technology has also enabled me to receive radio and television signals to my laptop when I am away from home. This, in the long run, has proved to be beneficial since I am always in line with the current affairs from wherever I might be.

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Current Problems that Technology Can Solve

At the moment, there are a number of issues and challenges that I am facing, and the wireless technology is the only possible solution. Despite the availability of the network connectivity, it is still hard for companies to allow their staff to operate fully from the comfort of their homes. With improvements in the conferencing technologies like Skype, most companies can operate a virtual staff.

On top of that, with the hardships involved in charging of phones, car batteries, and other devices when away from home, it is necessary to employ the infrared technology and use solar power to solve the issue (Iniewski 2007).

The problem of theft of equipment and information on companies through burglary can also be solved easily using the wireless technology. In this case, companies can enable their employees go home with special gadgets and carry this information with them.

The use of drones, which use wireless remote controls in warfare or spraying the agricultural land, is still underestimated. However, if it is allowed, there will be an improvement in efficiency of warfare and agricultural production since there since they will require less staff, as well as fewer risks involved.

Though there have been a tremendous improvement in medicine and surgery, the impact of wireless technology has been felt, but with a lot of cautions. For instance, the use of radiology technology has been used to cure cancer in its early stages. With scientific improvements to these technologies, most of the modern diseases will be completely wiped out in the nearest future. Furthermore, there are studies on how to use wireless implants for human beings (Peckham 2013).

Most of the wireless communication devices, however, do not offer the privacy required by their users. For instance, several people can view whatever one is reading in an online magazine.

Another problem involved with wireless technology is the vast number of devices that are required sometimes. This includes chargers, wireless routers, and modems, among many others. Therefore, with the improvement in wireless technology, it would be possible for creating universal chargers both for laptops and phones. This way, if a charger is lost, one will not need to buy a new one but will just use another phone charger even if they are not similar (Peckham 2013).

Last but not least, wireless technology has the ability to lead to wireless charging, which in essence can help reduce the hazardous wires. On the positive side, the companies like Enocean have started creating devices that do not even require charging. Their devices use alternative energy sources, for example, the temperature differences and vibrations to power their sensors.

The Future of Wireless Technology

There are numerous wireless technologies that I would like to see in the future. The devices currently giving scientists sleepless nights on the incorporation of wireless technology are the mobile wireless charging portal, charging system for the electric cars and trains, and wireless recharging system for roads that use renewable energy for recharging the motor vehicles that pass over the road panels (Lepton 2013).

In addition to these, there should be laser communication systems to replace the existing wired fiber-optic cables. This laser technology employs the use of a beam of concentrated light (Lepton 2013). In addition, with the growth in demand for the space tourism, space ships and satellites will have to be installed with laser beams, which will serve to improve the scientific knowledge on the space objects like asteroids, stars, and planets. Thus, they will be an enhanced security against space objects in the future (Lepton 2013).

Even though people with disabilities, at the present moment, can live on computers by connecting the neurons of their brain cells through the electrochemical process, there is light at the end of the tunnel that this process will become completely wireless (Lepton 2013).

Another scenario expected in the near future is the 5G technology to help improve the existing 4G technology. Samsung, the pioneer company to introduce 5G, says that the technology could help increase the download speed up to Gigabits per second. Thus, it will shorten the time needed to download and stream movies live (Sande 2013).

Some other notable future application of the wireless technology is in valve communication. Manufacturers that use valves in their production process will no longer need to employ people to monitor such valves. They will be monitored electronically (Jensen 2010).


The use of wireless technology since the 19th century up to modern days has been very beneficial to mankind. People have been able to relay information over thousands of miles away. Furthermore, these technologies have made a breakthrough in the field of medicine and surgery and thus improving the healthcare and hence saving lives. There has also been scientific research going on in the outer space which has been enhanced by the use of wireless technology. Devices such as Smartphones have monitors for blood sugar levels, thermometers, and blood pressure detectors, which ensure that their users stay healthy and aware of their health conditions.

However, despite all the benefits that have been brought about by wireless technology, there is a looming danger of a ‘spectrum crunch’ (Swain 2013). This spectrum crunch is a situation where there is a crash in the communication networks due to an overload in data shared. This scenario was almost faced during the 2012 London Olympics. According to the data provided by, there is a looming possibility of a spectrum crunch by 2020.

Nevertheless, the benefits brought about by the wireless technology exceed the costs spent by a wide gap. Therefore, people should embrace these technological changes with open arms.

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