External Environment Analysis of Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel Hospital is situated at the center of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It was opened in 2012 with the aim of bringing a positive paradigm shift in the delivery of private healthcare. Burjeel Hospital is one of the best medical facilities that provides quality and advanced medical facilities (Burjeel Hospital 2012). UAE is located in Southwest Asia.

The population size of the UAE stood at approximately 8,264,070 persons in 2010. The population growth in the UAE is growing at 12.26%. Moreover, the population growth in the UAE is among the highest in the world. This is due to the high number of immigrants in the region. The UAE government has made some efforts to eradicate illiteracy in UAE thus raising the literacy level to 91%. The UAE government uses 25 percent of its total revenue to promote education. Public education is free for both male and female at the university level. This helps with a high range to make the local people some knowledge thus making the place suitable to do business in a modern way (United Arab Emirates National Bureau of Statistics, 2011).

In addition to that, Burjeel Hospital is in a region with a high potential of the business. This is evident due to the size and changes in GDP. The GDP of UAE is ranked second with $360 billion in the CCASG and the third in the Middle East. According to Statistics, UAE is among the fastest growing economies in the world. Moreover, the nominal GDP has risen from 20.8% in 2012 to $360 billion compared to $298 billion in 2011. It is also evident that tourism is one of the main sources of revenue in the region (United Arab Emirates National Bureau of Statistics, 2013a).

However, the economy of the UAE is one of the freest in the world thus making it to improve in the business freedom like in Burjeel Hospital. Additionally, the free situation has enabled the good management of the government spending, the region has become a corruption-free zone, and it has monetary freedom. On the other hand, the government in the UAE has been putting up measure to solve the issue of unemployment. This has really reduced unemployment in the region thus raising the living standards of the local people. Moreover, the banks in UAE charge lower rate for deposits and still the investors can access their deposits at their leisure. This act is to encourage the investors for them to invest more in the region thus raising the economy of the UAE (United Arab Emirates National Bureau of Statistics, 2013b).

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Business like the Burjeel Hospital in the UAE can be affected either positively or negatively by the government policies towards business. The UAE government offers free trade in the region thus promoting open markets. Nevertheless, foreign investors do not receive national treatment thus their ability to invest in the region is limited. The government has a policy that at least 51% must be owned by a UAE national. The Government has gone further to improve the regulatory efficiency. It has made it a policy that there is no minimum capital to invest thus making it less costly to start a business in UAE (United Arab Emirates National Bureau of Statistics, 2013b).

The UAE offers special incentives to encourage more investors in the region. Some of the benefits include the government offering investor up to100% foreign ownership and control; the investors have 15 years renewable guarantees with any taxation; there are no custom duties to the investors; their investment options are flexible; there are sufficient transport facilities that favor businesses; there is full administrative and recruitment support from the government (Norton Rose Fulbright, 2012).

Although the UAE Government offers many incentives, it also has some business regulations. This is to ensure that there is a protocol being followed to set up a business to avoid illegal business in the region. Medical education has been the top priority for UAE thus promoting and supporting Burjeel Hospital to ensure proper provision of health care. This has also gone a long way to enable local people to receive treatment closer to their home. Besides that, the government has managed to save cost for the provision of health since there is no need to fly to an outside country to receive proper treatment (Burjeel Hospital, 2012).

Additionally, the UAE has really advanced in its technology usage. An example is the technology being used in the medical sector. For instance, Burjeel hospital is using cutting-edge technology that reduces the waiting times, misdiagnosis thus increasing efficiency in service provision. Another example is the technology from Khalifa University, which will monitor the level of glucose in diabetic patients and indicate the time they need insulin injections. Moreover, the internet is another technology that hospitals like Burjeel use to advertise its services. Besides that, there is more about online training in such like hospitals in UAE. The Internet is also used to advertise vacancies in the medical specialties in hospitals (Burjeel Hospital, 2012).

UAE is a Muslim country. The region has a low number of local citizens who are estimated at 15%. Tourists flock in the region for various reasons some go there to do business and other for leisure. The high number of tourists in the region is experienced due to the generosity and warm welcome of the Emiratis. The locals have no particular dressing code for the region is democratic and free. Moreover, concern for health by the locals has grown greatly thus making use of the health facilities like the Burjeel Hospital. This has forced the Government to be more cautious in the health sector and thus set aside a portion of revenue to cater for health (Burjeel Hospital, 2012).


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