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free essayThe project’s performance in terms of schedule and costs does not allow any additional expenses on memory, software, and design stages of the Digital Camera project. At the same time, the project management team should account for force majeure or technical failures. The latter phenomenon is relevant in the project as it cases on the development of modern technologies. For example, if the shell and power are not completed until March 9, the other parts like zoom system, memory, software, and camera design do not have the necessary support to unveil (Busch, 2014). Moreover, in case the memory or zoom system fails in any aspect, the project will require additional funding.

The first recommended corrective actions include paying more attention to the stage of developing memory and software by exercising higher control. The second suggestion for Digital Camera project is to launch the process as early as possible. The project is clearly late for one day because the team has not started the processes a bit earlier. Therefore, the danger is that the completion of stages may not meet the deadline of March 8.

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The first correction action to improve project’s performance, memory and software stage is in progress. It currently has 4 days completed and 2 days remaining. As far as it is the longest process in the Digital Camera project, the step needs more attention and control from the management team. If it is possible, the team has to assign more employees to complete the project in timely and effective. The memory and software stage has the longest timeframe. Moreover, it takes 58% of finances of the Digital Camera project. According to Heerkens (2012), the most money- and time-absorbing stage of the project is the most dangerous one.
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The second corrective suggestion bases on that the suggestion to start shell and power stage a day or two earlier. If the project’s team manages to do so, the project will commence 1-2 days earlier. The table below explains the suggestion.

Stage Time / Spendings
Design 2 days / 20 $
Shell and Power 3 days / 25 $
Memory and Software 6 days (4 days in progress) / 100 $
Zoom System 2 days / 25 $

The start and due dates base on the following arguments. If the project starts on March 1, it will commence on March 7. Each day delay in the beginning stage causes postponing of the completion date. The present plan suggests that March 9 is the earliest completion date. Therefore, the team has to find the way to launch the project earlier to complete it on March 8 as the latest.

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The foreseeable risk of the project is the possible technology failures. For instance, the failure in zoom system causes problems in design; thus, the digital camera will not work. The same applies to the possible software malfunction. Another risk-prone aspect is the human factor. The employees should be professional and careful, because the minor lags lead to the requirement for additional time to complete the Digital Camera project.

Digital Camera

The project’s performance in terms of schedule and costs does not allow any additional expenses on memory, software, and design stages of the Digital Camera project. At the same time, the project management team should account for force majeure or technical failures. The latter phenomenon is relevant in the project as it cases on the […]

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