iPhone vs. Android. Which is better for you?

free essayMillions of mobile gadgets, laptops, and tablets of different classes fill the modern electronic world. Most people cannot imagine their life without cellular communication, and large cities’ inhabitants are accustomed to smartphones as intelligent assistants. In this regard, competition in the market for hardware and software plays a major role. Currently, one of the most decisive confrontations in the battle of gadgets can be considered the battle of operating systems. Naturally, there is no clear leader in this confrontation as each system has its tangible advantages and disadvantages.

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Many subjective and objective criteria can be used for comparison of mobile operating systems. However, in general, significant fundamental differences lie in design, application availability, personalization and customization, browser support, etc. (Marcus, 2014). A question of design is still open. Owner’s individual preferences play a significant role. Nevertheless, if to talk about an interface, Android gets a higher priority because icons and widgets are installed quickly and easily. On the equipment from Apple, all widgets are placed in a special menu, which is quite uncomfortable regarding how it is implemented at the competitor.
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Both operating systems have a large number of applications. However, there is a possibility of a broader multitasking in Android. In other words, a user can control various applications as if it is done on a computer. Personalization and customization in both systems are sufficiently well developed. It is necessary to give a slight preference to iOS because a work of specialized firmware is more stable than in the similar software on Android. Both systems perfectly implement browsers support and work in social networks. Also, they offer many programs for sharing a photo, video, and text information online. However, network connection on the protocols of 3G and Wi-Fi are noticeably faster on iOS. This fact makes work on the Internet on iPad and iPhone more convenient.

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Many users claim that games on iOS are more diverse than on Android. Besides, many innovations appear on iOS faster. Since, the latter is a completely closed system, which is heavily susceptible to modifications, its applications are more stable and do not contain viruses. Viruses on Android are a common situation. In the book Trust, Privacy, and Security in Digital Business, it is stated that “Android malware is quite numerous, as anyone can develop and distribute Android apps” (Eckert, Katsikas, & Pernul, 2014, p. 157). However, this problem is solved by installing protective software that checks all applets during installation.

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Most applications on iOS are paid. On the contrary, Android offers its users many free apps. Nevertheless, there are more applications in App Store than in Android Market. Android devices use standard interfaces, the connection to which is customary. This fact simplifies the commutation with other devices. On the contrary, Apple in its gadgets uses only brand commutation interfaces. However, a purchase of various adapters can be quite costly.

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Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages. In many ways, an audience determines a preferred platform. Apple is chosen by people for whom, versatility, functionality, and prestige are important. Devices based on Android are selected by those who focus on ease of use and work with the data as well as an affordable price. The battle of iOS and Android will continue until one of the companies offers something radically new overlapping all the competitor’s advantages.

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