Cloud Drive

free essayNowadays, the massive development is experienced in the technology industry. Personal computers and mobile phones have made our lives easier by giving an opportunity to connect with other people all over the world. Technology makes the world a global village, where people are able to communicate with each other freely (Dinh, Hoang et al.). For example, through using Gmail, Facebook and other types of social media, people in Canada are able to communicate with people in Africa, as well as any other part of the world instantly. Internet and technology also enhance the storage of excess data, which the computers and phones cannot store. This data can be safely stored in the cloud drive.

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Organizations of different sizes need to store their data somehow; some of the companies find it challenging to purchase bug hard drives to store their data. There is an arrangement that in the massive storage on the internet, these companies pay for valid space for a particular period of time, like a year or so (Dinh, Hoang et al.). As time goes by, these companies update their information for their stakeholders to access. Amazon, as a company that deals with sales of online books, has a server in the cloud drive that stores the books for their stakeholders to be able to access. Walmart, for example, has online services that help store the goods sold to their clients and all the information about the made transactions. PayPalCompany deals with massive financial transactions. In order to make sure that these funds reach their designation and that the company stores the records of all the transactions, it has to pay for the cloud drive. Massive information, stored in those drives, keeps the companies running and performing smoothly.

The below image shows the cloud drives for Amazon, demonstrating the way it works. From the image it can be seen that there is a flow of information from the cloud drive to laptops, computers, phones, tablets and much more (Mahmood, Erl & Puttini, Ricardo 125). The company feeds and updates the data to the cloud drive, and then the clients can access the information and give their feedback on what they require.

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Data Protection

As there are different kinds of risks on the internet, the security measures have to be taken. There are individuals who make their living by hacking or intruding in other people’s websites to steal their information. The maintaining companies have to keep their clients’ data and information secure. To keep the information safe, the server company employs the following measures:

Firewalls – these features are like guards that block any malicious or unauthorized access to the information (Zissis, Dimitrios, and Dimitrios, Lekkas 584). By doing so, the servicing company keeps the clients’ data secure and only people from the company or other stakeholders with genuine domains can access it.

Advice – the servicing company gives its clients advices on how to manage their sites. They instruct them to give every employee a username and a password. These measures and much more assist clients in making their cloud drive secure.

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Advantages of Cloud Drive

The users of the information have an access to it in a very easy and fast manner. Synchronizing information, data, and materials on the internet make it effective and efficient for the stakeholders to access it. Information users need to simply register as a user and get the domain that keeps them as a member.

There is an instant update of the information in the cloud drive, which is very efficient for businesses. The actions for updating do not require manual work, as the IT specialists in the company handle it all very well (Liu, Huan 70). Therefore, organizations do not require many employees to work on their services, as the action reduces workload and only leaves work professionals to handle it. Hence, it provides more time for other company activities, for example, the financial ones.

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The cloud drives are very secure, especially from physical damages of the stored information. There is a total control of the traffic and the entrants to the system, as the servicing company controls traffic by using the domains. Employees of the clients, using the cloud source, have control of their usernames and passwords that assist in keeping the system secure.

Disadvantages of Cloud Drive

Even if there is security in the cloud drives, some of the employees in the organization may breach the security control protocols and give away their passwords to someone. These actions enable the goons to intrude the system successfully and do their malicious acts (Zissis, Dimitrios, and Dimitrios, Lekkas 590). For example, Target Corporation has experienced a security breach on the credit cards, where hackers were able to steal clients’ money (

The system may sometimes be slow, which makes it slow to make the decisions in the organizations. Response from the servicing company may be delayed, which will cost the clients a lot of activities and resources. Installation of this system to the organization is also very costly. This action drives many companies and enterprises without the required resources out.

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Digital and technology era has to no exception captured and successfully dominated all the world’s activities. With all the perfect functions, like the efficiency, accuracy and much more, companies living and operating in the current setting should incorporate their systems to technology and clouding activities. There is security, control, up to date information and much more benefits in the cloud computing storage. To no exception, this phenomenon carries the success of businesses and enterprises to a 100% guarantee.

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