Local Area Network Case Study

free essayResearchers have become particularly interested in the Information Technology aspect of Apple Corporation. Analysis of Apple Corporation reveals that the company has made many attempts to break and block its dissemination on the same. Today the attention to issues related to local area networks has increased. Moreover, numerous objectives were initiated that have helped in the development and growth of the corporation through the local area network.

Research on Background of Apple Corporation

Social issues have been focused on effectiveness and significance of introducing positive or negative attributes to any corporation. They focus on changes and developments of strategies in an organization that would enable it to gain significant competitive advantage and stay a step ahead of its competitors and its inside operations. It is important to note that the main aim of a business must never be solely to make money. Instead, businesses should focus on the public good, responsibility, and smooth flow of operations within the corporation.

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Rationale to Use LANs in the Organization

It is important to note that a local area network is basically a computer network within a specified area or company. The key issue related to the use of local area networks is to interconnect computer networks and ensure high data transfer rates in order to enhance telecommunication line, thus increasing the value for the costumer. LANs used in the organization include the old system used on telephone systems. However, in recent times the company has introduced a network topology, which has a unique interconnection pattern layout. In this case, the Internet protocol is standard at upper layers of local area networks. At the Apple Corporation, local area networks are connected by computers within the work station in order to execute programs. This way, the management and staff are able to access data from any computer available at work stations. Additionally, the management and the staff of the company can also transfer information using communications, which allow chat sessions and e-mail sending.

Apple network relies on Ethernet system, which is the most common and effective system. It is important to note that Ethernet is based on a star or bus topology that is used to transfer rates and support data within the organization. In this way, this method helps the company handle many functions at the same time. Ethernet systems used in the company are standard. This ensures their effective and efficient control. This means that these systems help identify and create channels of distinctive forms in order to create value. As a result, the value changes customer’s perception, which in turn improves and strengthens a relationship between financial performance and corporate activities. Responses on customer satisfaction, stakeholder relationships, customer donations, brand loyalty, brand evaluations of a product among many others largely rely on the value delivered to the customer and are proofs of the local area network’s success. Local area networks have received a lot of attention from many different researchers. This research is undertaken in order to understand the most significant ways in which this system can benefit companies. Findings of the research undertaken have shown that local area network effect smooth running of the company, increases consumers awareness, increases customer satisfaction, improves corporate image, and purchase intention.

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Local Area Network

Local Area Network helps simplify networking capabilities of computers and other shared resources, such as printers and files, within an organization. One of the most commonly used local area networks is the Ethernet. It is affordable and can be used in networks that are more advanced. It comprises of wiring standards, which include signalling variants. It is connected to a shared medium and a coaxial cable. The system divides data into smaller frames in order to check errors and address destinations. In this way data is protected from damage, and in case there is any damage, it is re-transmitted and detected. It is important to note that since data sent through Ethernet is in the form of frames, the system contains data footer, header, and data section. In this way the system uses network adopters to appropriately discard and read the frame and address the sender and recipients. In order to broadcast the devices within the network, Ethernet performs preliminary detection to determine the level of transmission in progress. This simply means that Ethernet allows standard and simultaneous transmission.

Ethernet uses many different devices. These include a repeater, Ethernet cables, and a bridge device. A repeater helps connect multiple cables in order to allow data from greater distances to be spanned. In this case, Ethernet helps meet company’s needs, improve communication, and make functions of the corporation more efficient. Ethernet uses bus topology, ring topology, star topology, tree topology, and mesh topology in its functions.

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Bus topology

Bus topology can easily be compared to a backbone. This is because bus topology helps connect all required devices. It has functions, which are related to a backbone and shares information with mediums with shared communication. It helps send and broadcast messages from one device to another. The system broadcasts the message and sends it to the intended recipient. It is a very simple and easy system to install. Additionally, this system does not require too much cabling as compared to many other systems.

Ring topology

Ring topology is a system that allows communication to travel in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. This system is implemented using a token ring, sonnet, or a FDDI. It is most commonly used on campuses and in office buildings.

Star topology

Star topology is mostly used in homes. It comprises and features a hub node from a central point connection. This system requires a lot of cabling and connections.

Tree topology

Tree topology is a combination of bus and star topologies. It is a very simple system that is simply connected to tree devices. This system greatly supports network expandability.

Mesh topology

Mesh topology comprises of route concepts. This simply means that the mesh system uses different paths to reach the destination source.

How It Works

Differences between Hubs and Switches

Switch is a device that is used to forward and filter devices between local area network’s portions and segments. Functions of hub and switch are different in many ways but are sometimes integrated into a unique and single device. It is important to note that central network in any organization requires a server to handle and equip data types, which are also known as frames. The main difference between the switch and the hub is the manner in which these devices deliver the frames. In a hub, the data or frame is broadcasted from the port regardless of the number of ports. This simply means that this device does not distinguish to which port should be sent to. Additionally, it is important to note that the hub shares bandwidth with its ports. This means that hub’s bandwidth is available to the maximum even when only one PC is being broadcasted. It is important to note that hubs are nodes that are connected to networking cables. All hyper hubs are uplinked and connected together. However, this depends on the hyper link port. Additionally, it decreases performance as the user number is increased.

On the other hand, a switch keeps MAC addresses record of most devices connected to the same. In this case, a switch can identify the system within the port from this information. In this way, every time a frame is received, the switch identifies and knows which port to send it to. This means that the user can have full access to bandwidth maximum amount. The switch drastically increases network speed from the available bandwidth. It also enhances performance of the network, web servers, and work stations when it is connected directly to 10/100Mbps. Additionally, switches intensify applications to the file server or work station if they are connected to 10/100Mbps.

The cost of switches is more or less the same as the cost of hubs. The price is related to the performance value. This simply means that the higher the performance, the higher the price.

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Comparison between the Cabling (UTP, STP, or Fibre Optic) Used in the Organization

A cable is a channel or medium through which data or information travels or is sent from one network device to another. Each network uses different cables in relation to user needs and network’s topology. The unshielded twisted network cable comes in two different types namely: unshielded and shielded. The unshielded twisted device is the most common and popular. It has four different pairs of wires within the packet or jacket. Each twist per inch within each pair is used to limit and reduce interference from electrical devices and other adjacent pairs. The untwisted shielding pair connector is a plastic connector that is inserted only one way. The difference between the two is the copper pair twisting tightness.

Shielded twisted pair or STP cable is common and popular in environments with electrical interference, for example, electrical frequency or radio interference. These cables have a metal shield that blocks the outside interference from computers and fluorescent lights amongst many others. This cable uses a token ring topology. Coaxial cabling has a plastic layer, which is essential in providing insulation between conductors.

Fibre optic cables have outer insulating jackets, which are made from unique TVC or teflon. The fibre helps prevent breakage and strengthens the cable. Additionally, the fibre centre is shielded and cushioned using plastic coating. Another characteristic that is different from other cables is that the core fibre is made of plastic fibres or glass. The fibre optic cable is highly effective. This is because it has the ability to transmit signals over longer distances as compared to other cables. It is also important to note that fibre optic connectors are used as St Connectors. This is because it is easier to connect in concealed and hidden spaces.


Apple Corporation is an international company that uses the best local area networks in order to achieve the best results in the market. Local area networks in this case have helped improve communication and technology within the company. Local area networks help simplify networking capabilities. They also help protect data from damage. The system uses different topologies and cables in relation to data types, types of networks, and company needs.

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