How to Write a Thesis When You’re Short on Time

How to Write a Thesis When You’re Short on Time

How to Write a Thesis When You’re Short on Time

The first time I began worrying about quitting graduate school was when my sixth year of studying has begun. I started a few unsuccessful projects and found out that most of the gathered data was supportive for none of my hypotheses. Those attempts made me feel depressed. Eventually, I decided to meet my supervisor to […]

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Make Your Writing More Interesting to Read

What does the success of your essay depend on? The students will mention consistent structure, strong arguments, and error-free content as the most important aspects to complete a superb academic paper. However, apart from these obligatory characteristics, we shouldn’t forget about one more not less crucial, though hard to implement, the criterion of an essay, […]

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Essay Feedbacks
How to Respond to Essay Feedback

When receiving an essay feedback, you feel as though you are on a trial. You look through your mistakes and comments in red and simultaneously feel ashamed, embarrassed or undergo some other spectrum of emotions. Having read the comments till the very end of the paper, you read your verdict – the feedback on your […]

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Making Your Essays Better

At first glance, it seems that such terms as creative writing and essay cannot be interconnected. After all, the creative style of writing is mostly the characteristic for the works of fiction, and the essay is more in touch with the academic sphere, but still, it is possible, and even necessary, to use creative writing […]

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Analysis Essay
Tips on Writing an Analysis Paper

Analysis is an absolutely vital technique that helps explore everything in our world. It’s a useful skill if a person is able to split a complex concept into smaller pieces and scrutinize them carefully. When this needs to be done in a form of an academic paper, you might feel intimidated because you don’t know […]

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Dissertation writing tips
How to Write Great Dissertation: Step-by-Step Guide (Pt.2)

Step 1: Write an amazing dissertation You are at the most crucial stage of writing the dissertation, which is the final product of all your efforts. Surprisingly, some of the students being confident at the previous two stages of the process find it quite challenging as they do not know how to write a dissertation. […]

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Dissertation Writing
How to Write Great Dissertation: Step-by-Step Guide (Pt.1)

Writing a dissertation means being on the home straight of your academic career. Thereby, you have to present your skills and capacity to conduct a thorough research in a chosen topic. So, what is a dissertation? People often use this term to present the result of their research for an undergraduate program. It is the […]

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Writing Research Paper
Writing the Conclusion to Your Research Paper

If you think that it does not matter how to end a research paper, you are wrong. A conclusion to a research paper is actually a very important part which value is often underestimated. A good conclusion is as critical for the major impression of your paper as the well-written introduction. So take your time […]

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Thesis Statement
Writing Tips: Creating a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an essential part of any research paper so being able to write a clear and concise statement is a skill every student needs to possess. This type of writing is pretty standard and, therefore, there is a number of tips that will apply to any thesis statement. What is it? Before […]

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Being More Creative
Productivity Tips on Being More Creative

If you are constantly talking about something, waiting for a better version of a project, a startup, a book or anything you want to embody or to launch but the idea of handling it is only in your head and not in real life, it will lead to the “idea debt”. The term belongs to […]

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