Make Your Writing More Interesting to Read


What does the success of your essay depend on? The students will mention consistent structure, strong arguments, and error-free content as the most important aspects to complete a superb academic paper. However, apart from these obligatory characteristics, we shouldn’t forget about one more not less crucial, though hard to implement, the criterion of an essay, which is the level of interest it can arouse in your readers. If you wonder how to make your writing more interesting to read, have a look at our tips to make your essay really engaging.

Regardless your attitude to the topic, look for its interesting sides. It is great if a topic of your home assignment matches your interests and there is a bunch of ideas in your head of how to present your essay, what to mention in it and which style to choose. Although, in case you professor assigned you an essay with a topic you find dull, think of people, who might consider this very topic to be the most interesting to write about trying to understand what makes it THAT unique and gripping.

Academic style doesn’t mean the absence of creativity. Interesting writing is defined by the ability to combine logical structure with creative flow of thoughts. If you feel lack of inspiration to start writing, turn for help to your literature idols. Reading and analyzing texts of people you look after not only broadens your outlook but favors the creation of your own writing style and writing techniques.

To make your essay more energetic, use the active voice constructions. The belief that sentences with the passive voice make your essay sound more intellectual is quite controversial. In reality, the passive voice constructions only make the context more entangled, wider and difficult to comprehend. Stay more succinct, clear and interesting with the help of direct writing using the active voice.

Express your attitude. To attract a reader’s attention, don’t simply overload your essay with facts and statistics and with opinions of other scientists. Instead grab attention with your own ideas concerning a specific topic, your own observations and thought towards this or that subject. This is a great way to demonstrate your critical thinking and ability to contemplate independently rather than state or paraphrase general views.

Intersperse dull arguments with bright language. “Bright language” doesn’t mean your academic essay has to be overloaded with metaphors, clichés, and quotes! Though, it can be full of the compound and simple sentence structures, the variety of synonyms and examples, which will help to avoid repetitions and primitive statement of information making your essay impressive and unpredictable piece of writing.

Check your essay thoroughly. The obligatory step we can’t go without is proofread and checking your essay on spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. If your essay is full of mistakes, it automatically disinclines a person to continue reading your paper.

Our writing tips are not limited by dry theory explanations on how to write an essay, but are aimed at turning your written text into a gripping paper one would read with pleasure. Make your essays interesting with our writing tips.

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