Tips for Success in Studies


Each of us has a lot of studies, especially at the end of the semester. We are in a hurry, exhausted and feel the lack of motivation to do anything. However, some study tips could change your life. Following these small and straightforward tips, you will know how to study better without a survival test at the end of the semester.

  1. Full topic scheme

Few know about a system of exploring the new theme. First of all, we get some information in our classes. High school allows you to get the excellent grades even for retelling teacher’s materials. It means that we should know the primary point of our topic and have a strong background. The next level – individual works. Try to find something new by yourself on the Internet, magazines, newspapers, etc. It would be great when you could tell any additional info or facts. It will show your desire and interest in this theme. The last thing is the accurate presentation of your results and examining.

  1. Priority

Whatever and wherever you were doing, you should set your goals and aims. Remember that each your class choice does matter. Thus, do not choose classes which you do not like and do not have any desire to study. It will lead to severe grades and will have the negative impact on your future. Therefore, be sure to choose the right classes, which you may use even for your work in the near future.

  1. Ten-minute windows

Usually, our day consists of small and big time-parts. We have one hour lecture; then we have half an hour break, then 40 minutes of getting to home or dorm, etc. This list may be endless. The primary question –how do we use our time? Usually, we waste our time more than we think. For instance, when we are in a public transport, we just listen to music or staring through the window waiting for our bus stop. Thus, we waste this time and even do not realize it. The central principle – to use time correctly and do not procrastinate.

You may download study apps on your phone, read short stories, make some notes, etc. It seems that there are many various ways how to use each your break for studying. It means that using this technique you should not have to spend the whole hour for studying at home because you have already done it through a few “ten-minute windows.”

  1. Place & Time

Two things are crucial for our studying – place and time. There are many variants where to study. Someone chooses a quiet library; another one prefers noisy dorm room, park, kitchen, etc. Find study space that suits you the best. It will help you to feel comfortable and allow working efficiently. Time for studying may also be varied. We have morning, afternoon, and evening. Many people complain that they cannot work all day during a week, and they think it is a problem. Forget about it. The rule says that you may choose two time-zones (for instance, morning and afternoon) for your studying during five days (it may be different days). Furthermore, you can have two free days to refresh and relax.

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