8 Tips on Writing a Memo

8 Tips on Writing a Memo

8 Tips on Writing a Memo

Before we introduce you to eight great tips on how to write a memo, we should first figure out what a memo is per se. In most contexts, memo is a document that is written and kept inside one company. It is used with a purpose to guarantee clear and fruitful communication within the staff […]

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How to Check If You’ve Really Understood Your Studies

Many students practice “teaching to the test.” This is the method of preparing for exams. It allows you to check and consolidate your knowledge. This approach is quite effective and very often students are able to get high scores. However, this technique has some drawbacks. Most students remember only a certain template of the test. […]

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A Massive Boost to Your Studies

Striving for the acquirement of knowledge and improvement of our academic success, we often overlook the importance of the simplicity of small changes in our study habits. Or let’s better say not overlook, but we do not find them a worthy mean of achieving study goals. We suggest you changing your attitude to simple daily […]

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University Student Life

There is no doubt that you will spend a great amount of time in the university. You academic life will be so active that you can hardly imagine the schedule, which it has prepared for you. The point is that apart from studying purposes, you will make an effort to take part in different social […]

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Useful Study Tips and Techniques

Each of us wants to be successful in our studies. Of course, you may know such basic rules of how to have a good study routine. Of course, you should not procrastinate; have regular work time, etc. However, we collected some unique study tips and techniques, which will make your study process full of pleasure […]

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Tips for Success in Studies

Each of us has a lot of studies, especially at the end of the semester. We are in a hurry, exhausted and feel the lack of motivation to do anything. However, some study tips could change your life. Following these small and straightforward tips, you will know how to study better without a survival test […]

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How to Make Your Student Life Easier, Take Better Notes and Absorb More Information in Less Time

Everything you study in college needs to be memorized and retained in your memory. But what if you study a lot, take notes, and attend all the lectures, but still cannot recall the facts your teacher asks you about? It is possible that you’re doing something wrong and maybe you just don’t know how to […]

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6 Memory Techniques for Exam Preparation

You’ll ever hardly meet a person who doesn’t get intimidated by exams. In most cases, the moment you see the questions the biggest part of information will come back to you provided you’ve been preparing well. However, sometimes it’s important to incorporate special memory techniques to make your exam preparation more productive. Here are some […]

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fun study
How to Make Learning More Fun: Gamify Your Studies

Everyone has those days when studying seems to be too boring, confusing and challenging. Even the tasks that you easily did earlier might seem too tedious right now. It is the sign that you need to learn some new study techniques. The gamification of learning is a relatively new concept that has already proven its […]

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Good Presentations
How to Give a Presentation Well

The art of giving a presentation is one of the most significant skills in life. Starting from school, people should master their speaking skills so that later, at college, they will be prepared to the life full of presentations. This is a period of life, when almost every subject requires decent speaking skills. Moreover, you […]

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