How to Make Learning More Fun: Gamify Your Studies

fun study

Everyone has those days when studying seems to be too boring, confusing and challenging. Even the tasks that you easily did earlier might seem too tedious right now. It is the sign that you need to learn some new study techniques. The gamification of learning is a relatively new concept that has already proven its productivity. We are all familiar with the addictive effect, which games have on us. The gamification of studying follows the same principle – to make learning enjoyable and fun.

Bring in a Narrative

Gripping narrative is a vital part of all modern games. Including a storyline into your studying is bound to make you more interested in the subject. Some courses will be suitable for this more than others, but with a certain amount of imagination, you’ll be able to pull it off with all your studies. If you can’t incorporate the material directly into a story, make up an example of a game where you need to complete missions, aka school assignments, to win.

Change the Name

Boring terminology will bring little excitement into your studying routine. Instead, you can come up with your own alternative names to spice things up. You don’t need to use them around school so let your imagination lead you wherever it wants. For example, you can give chemical elements in a confusing formula the names of your favorite book characters and put them in a story where they are related the same way as in the formula. You can also change the names of your courses in Harry Potter style.

Make up a Game with Friends

Group revisions are great by themselves, but when they are done in a form of a game, they are awesome. For example, when you are preparing for a philosophy exam, each person can impersonate a philosopher and present their views. Not only will you learn a lot about the character you need to play, but you’ll also memorize what your friend, who is playing Aristotle, has to say easier than when reading it from a textbook. When you can make it in a comic way, the game will be even more productive.


Every game starts with simple tasks, victories in which make you a stronger character. Eventually, the complexity is becoming more difficult and the quests are becoming more challenging. You can build your studying routine around the same idea. Start with simpler tasks that will be preparation levels on the way of your player towards the main mission. For example, your task is to write a paper. Divide the process into levels – choosing a subject, making an outline, writing an introduction and so on. Feeling that you progress like a game player will boost your adventurous spirit and will make you work faster.

As you can see, even such mundane work as studying can bear similarities to fun activities. It all comes down to your ability to improvise and use your imagination. With a bit of effort, you can make everything exciting.

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