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Educational Related Issues that Court Systems May Face in the Next 10 Years

Over the years, the education sector has undergone extensive reforms and transformation most of which have been influenced by laws. Moreover, these laws have existed for many years, hence, they went through numerous modifications, and some have been completely changed depending on beliefs and attitudes of the society. Additionally, various aspects of schooling including students’ […]

Judicial Activism and the Interpretation of the Voting Rights Act

According to the article by Rosen, Eric Holder claimed that the Justice Department would sue the state of Texas over its new voting identification law. He emphasized that the state will not allow the recent Supreme Court decisions that tamper with Section 4 and Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (Rosen, 2013). The article […]

The Current Standards for Competency and Insanity in the Legal System

In the matter of criminal justice, defendants’ competence and insanity are put into consideration to ensure a fair trial. The first is the ability of an individual to understand the nature of a criminal charge facing him or her, while the second determines whether the one can be held accountable for a crime, which he/she […]

Business and Corporate Law

The business and corporate law undergo a variety of changes from time to time. However, it is essential to note that the laws regarding the issuance of services and goods are strictly applicable. This arises from the fact that both parties are liable to each other in case of a loss or injury. For instance, […]

Air Law

This essay describes and analyzes Colgan Air Flight 3407, 2009 accident and its consequences for the Colgan Air Company and other airlines in the USA. The information collected provides a comprehensive vision on the catastrophe and helps to perform an accurate evaluation of the newly developed regulations and requirements to air industry enterprises and pilots. […]

Environmental Law in Australia

Natural resources are limited, and without controlled use and effective management, they will become depleted very fast. In today’s world, pollution and destruction of natural resources has gained global attention. It is worth to note that pollution of the environment is not constrained within geographical borders; instead, its effects spread across countries and continents. As […]

Critical Legal Studies

The term critical legal studies, or CLS, refers to a movement in the legal context, which was established in the early 1970’s. The movement was established with the aim of changing the society based on human personality, hidden interests and class domination legal system. It was also established in order to subvert the traditional perceptions […]

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling can be defined as considering a person’s race during a criminal investigation. This is an act practiced by some law enforcers where they target persons for disbelief of a crime built on individual’s ethnicity, race nationality or origin (Burrows, 2011). Criminal profiling as performed by corps is the confidence on a collection of […]

Jail and Prison

The definitions “jail” and “prison” are often used interchangeably on a common level. However, they are not the same. Jails and Prisons are both the law institutions and serve in the legal system. They are obviously having a number of similarities, but the entities are rather different in purpose. Hall (n.d.) states that “They both […]


Summary Consideration is an inducing cause and is used in exchange of value. Traditionally, the doctrine of consideration was used as a promise without any agreement to support it (Melvin, 1994). The instability of the courts to have a standard definition of consideration has led to greater criticisms of the doctrine. The doctrine of consideration […]

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