What the President Should Have Done Differently to be More Successful in Governing

In order to be more successful in governing, the president should have strategized on various ways through which the differing views of democrats and republicans could be addressed to bring a common understanding. Currently, most of the challenges and critique that the presidency is facing are directed from the republicans’ side of support. These are in one way or the other related to their differing views on the democratic mode of running the government and state in terms of the programs and policies. As such, harmonizing the relationships between the two political sides would have gone far in establishing massive support of the president’s system of governance in the state (PBS Station, 2012).

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The most effective mode in harmonizing democratic and republican sides of governance is to provide equal and fair chances of deliberation on governmental programs and policies, especially those involving huge financial investments such as the launching of the Obamacare project (PBS Station, 2012). This would give the opposition side an equal right to participate in the affairs of the government regarding the welfare of the nation. In result, there would be fewer challenges and objections faced both by the political and social fronts of the opposing republican side.

Judging from the issue of public creating employment opportunities, the government’s involvement of the opposition would have yielded alternatives to creating governmental jobs that would consequently end up affecting the country’s economy. This, being the republicans’ main concern over the matter, would have yielded more sustainable and beneficial alternative strategies. These involve aspects such as the promotion of foreign and private investments into the country that would create additional employment opportunities without affecting the taxpayer. Such a step would also raise the economy through the increased taxable incomes in the country.

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