The Israel-Arab Conflict

There have been conflicts between Israel and the Arabs that have lasted for a very long period. In these view, we should look at the cause of the conflict and the way we should solve that conflict. The conflict between Israel and the Arabs is mainly military and causes political tensions. The root of this modern Israel-Arab conflict lies in the rise of Arab nationalism and Zionism towards the end of the 19th century. There is also a territory that is regarded by the Jewish people as their homeland which also the Pan-Arab movement claims that it historically and presently belongs to the Palestinian Arabs while at the same time the pan-Islamic context claims that the territory is a Muslim land. The conflicts that exist between the Jews from Palestine and the Arabs emerged in 1920 on the 20th century. In 1920, there was the rise of Nebu Musa riots and Jaffa riots. In 1929, there was rise of Palestine riots and Arab revolt that later turned into a full-scale civil war in 1947. This later spread to all the countries were members of the Arab League leading to the creation of the state of Israel in may 1948. The conflict that had started as a political and nationalist after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire started due to the competition over the territory.

Over the years, this has shifted to a local Israel-Palestinian conflict from being a large scale regional Arab-Israel conflict. The end of the larger scale hostilities ended with the cease fire after the Yom Kippur War that arose in 1973. Subsequent agreements that are meant to restore peace in the region have been signed between Israel and Egypt in 1979and Israel and Jordan in 1974. Up to date efforts to restore peace are been made for example the Oslo Accords that led to the creation of Palestinian National Authority in the year 1993. A final peace agreement is yet to be reached. Currently, a cease-fire exists between Israel and Syria and as well as Lebanon from the year 2006.

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The conflict between Israel and Hamas over the rule of Gaza arose in 2009. Fighting since then has continued. Despite the signing of the peace agreements, the Arab world and Israel has remained odd with each over a specific territory. Thought the BBC Documentary of the birth of Nation, there are many things that comes out clear which needs to be resolved first as a way of getting to the peace agreements. The territories over which there have been disagreements about should be shared among the conflicting countries without the favor of any country. In this way a long lasting peace solution will be found in order to end the conflict. According to the documentary, the conflicts have consumed the lives of many innocent people. A lot of happenings have taken place before the rise of Israel. However this conflict holds a lot of aspects some of which are religious. On the religious aspect, different religious groups such as the Christians, Muslims and the Jewish. These groups have posed a religious aspect on this matter.

Contemporary there is an argument that have arose concerning the three religious groups and their believes on the chosen people, the Promised Land and the chosen city of Jerusalem. According to the biblical concept about the Promised Land, the land of Canaan was only promised to the descendants of Abraham. In the Eretz Yisrael manifesto of 1896, The Jewish state, Theodor refers to the biblical concept of the Promised Land.

The Muslims also claims the ownership of the land according to the Quran. Contrary to the Jewish arguments about the land promised to the descendants of Abraham and was given to the younger son Isaac, the Muslims argues that the land was given to the elder son Ishmael from whom Muslims claim to be the descendants.

The Muslims also holds many biblical severe. They have also constructed their sites on the Jewish sites. Through the religious contradictions in the bible and the Quran, it becomes hard to know to which religious group the land belongs to. However this can be resolved through negotiations and other conflict resolution methods as a way to end the Israel-Arab conflict that exists. This will help to lay a firm foundation in the quest for peace. The root course of the conflict should be put in to greater consideration in order to have a clear way through which the conflict resolution will be conducted to bear fruits.

The United Nations which is the body that is responsible for the maintenance of peace in the world should also take the necessary steps towards the realization of stability within the region. The warring parties should also come to an agreement on the way forward towards the restoration of peace in the region. In this way the people from this region will be delivered from the suffering which they have been subjected to over a long period of war.

Every country in the region should be ready to set aside their differences and work as a group to solve the long lasting problem. The Israel-Arab conflict resolution only calls for cooperation among the regional leaders. The leaders should honors the peace agreements they sign if peace is to be realized. All the possible courses of the conflicts should also be properly investigated and solutions to them discovered.

In regard to this conflict, it is the responsibility of the Arab countries together with the state of Israel to come as a group and resolve their disputes together peacefully having put their differences aside. The world as a whole should also have the will to support the peace talks in order to cater for the needs of people in the region who have greatly been subjected to suffering due to the rising crisis example those in Gaza region. Through this a peaceful coexistence between the Arabs and Israel people will be enhanced.

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