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free essayBusiness and social spheres have experienced sufficient transformation with the development of electronic technologies. Currently, technological innovations present new challenges and opportunities, changing the way companies, people, and other stakeholders engage and build cooperation. Thus, the twenty-first century witnesses rapid development of online recruitment. Taylor (2016) interprets online recruitment as a complex of actions and activities performed by organizations by means of the Internet with the aim to identify and attract potential employees. The scientists admit the following benefits of electronic recruitment: data accessibility and availability, wide applicant outreach, low costs of advertising, fast information exchange, improved organizational attraction, and reduced costs of communications (Holm, 2010). Online recruitment services offer companies and people a  functional, informative, and fast way to achieve their goals.

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Recruitment and Its Forms

Recruitment and selection are the main processes of any organizations. They help to determine and hire appropriate and qualified employees to pursue performance goals. Lyons and Marler (2011) regard recruitment and selection processes as planned rational activities that consist of certain logical and linked phases within the human resources management. Thus, the recruitment and selection processes have such functions as to provide job description for candidates, identify the required qualification of specialists, track received applicants, verify the experience and work ethic of candidates, provide testing and interviewing, evaluate, and hire. Currently, the majority of businesses apply online recruitment as an innovative means of finding qualified employees.

Online recruitment stipulates management of the same processes as conventional recruitment and selection. However, it develops and improves the existing mechanisms by applying to electronic technologies. Moreover, online hiring process requires less expenditure and helps to find appropriate candidates faster than traditional paper-based recruitment. The practice reveals three forms of online recruitment. The first one is posting vacancies on the company’s official websites. The second form concerns the possibility to post information on the websites of specialized recruitment agencies. Companies may use the third form of online recruitment that stipulates the opportunity to share information about available vacancies on the platforms of social media. Many companies integrate the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram in their recruitment and selection processes (Rees & French, 2010). Millions of people use social media sites. Therefore, the majority of companies have a high probability to target candidates by means of social media.

European Recruitment

European Recruitment is an award-winning organization that proposes online recruitment services. It specializes in providing intelligent recruitment solutions for industries of sales and marketing, wireless, automotive, semiconductor and electronics, multimedia, defense and aerospace, security, etc. European Recruitment cooperates with the most efficient technology companies of the UK, Germany, and Europe. The website of the company eu-recruit.com was established in 2009 (“A Passion for Technology,” n.d.). It is an efficient tool of the company to provide clients with required recruitment content faster due to a high degree of usability, descriptive sections, and moderate architecture of the website.

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The organization’s site is easy to use, understand, read, and navigate. The website has a complex navigation system organized in accordance with the users’ priorities. Thus, visitors may use the major block navigation placed in the center of the website. It comprises the main sections concerning recruitment. The information is categorized by blocks depending on the required sphere or industry. Three additional navigations help candidates to contact European Recruitment’s managers, get valuable information about the recruitment process, and submit vacancies. The link texts and navigation labels are simple and informative. The users are provided with hyperlinks to get more information or understand the required issues better. The website follows social media connectivity. Thus, it provides share buttons to enter organization’s pages in Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Therefore, the high usability of eu-recruit.com is proved by its prominent and logical navigation, descriptive link text, and availability of hyperlinks and social media share buttons.

The content of the website is well-balanced and highly informative both for employers and potential candidates. Thus, employers have an option to submit a vacancy using the provided forms. The applications forms available on the site are easy to fill in and do not require irrelevant information. The available vacancies are sorted on the site in accordance with the industry to which they belong. Therefore, it makes easy for candidates to find the appropriate position within the sphere of their qualification or specialization. Each recruitment descriptive section contains concise information about advantages of the industry, contacts of European Recruitment’s managers, and a list of the latest jobs offers. Each job offer contains concise and detailed descriptions, such as the information regarding the salary, location, and job type. Detailed description depends on the information provided by the potential employers. It may contain broad information regarding roles, functions, and responsibilities of the required employee. The website has the option of “Quick СМ Drop Off’ that helps potential employees to get appropriate job offers by sending their CV to European Recruitment’s managers (“A Passion for Technology,” n.d.). Therefore, visitors do not have to spend much time searching the appropriate positions. The company will send the list of available vacancies after analyzing the CV. Thus, eu-recruit.com contains relevant information and options to satisfy the demands of employers and potential employees.

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The design of eu-recruit.com is simple and innovative. The site has an aesthetically pleasing architecture, clear structure, moderate visual clues, and easily recognizable links. Therefore, users do not have difficulties getting the necessary information. The website provides both static and dynamic content. However, it is not overloaded by video elements. The prominent features of the website are random changing layout elements and slide shows. Eu-recruit.com does not contain advertisements. The color box used on the website is too excessive and dark. However, it was developed to support the official logo of the company and track the corporate symbolics. Thus, the unique design of eu-recruit.com enhances clear presentation of the information and gives visitors a choice of options without overloading them with unnecessary content.


GulfTalent is the leading electronic portal of online recruitment available in the United Arab Emirates. The management of GulfTalent has transformed the local recruitment service, applying innovative approaches and proposing online services. The website gulftalent.com was established in 2005 (“Join Top Employers Currently Hiring,” n.d.). It proposes the services of online recruitment, training courses, professional events organization, and researches in the sphere of employment. The major advantages of GulfTalent’s website concern its high functionality, sufficient informational content, and aesthetic design.

How It Works

The website’s interface is very functional and simple in use. It includes elements of input controls, navigational and informational components. The navigation system of the website is descriptive and concise. It consists of two parts. The major one is organized horizontally on the top of the page, which is a standard placing. Therefore, visitors can easily find the appropriate content. The information about GulfTalent is organized in the drop down menu, which contains informative items: jobs, courses, salaries, resources, and for employers (“Join Top Employers Currently Hiring,” n.d.). Additional navigation is placed on the bottom of the website. The navigation labels are concise and informative. Organization of navigation at the top and at the bottom of a site is the most effective way to get the highest attention and retention of clients. Thus, GulfTalent is easy in use due to the descriptive navigation throughout the site and its well-organized and planned structure.

GulfTalent performs two major functions, serving as an informative and supportive electronic resource. It contains sufficient information concerning its activity and performance. Thus, clients have an opportunity to learn about the website’s reputation and achievements in the sphere of recruitment to be confident that they get the service of high quality. The website consists of numerous informative sections that provide detailed information about proposed services for unemployed, employers, affiliates, HR professionals, advertising agencies, event and course organizers, journalists, and universities. The description of available job offers is sufficient. Each job category contains information about available positions, potential employer, location, and date of submission. The candidates can analyze requirements, statistics concerning candidates who applied for the job, and apply to a position. The great benefit of GulfTalent is that it contains useful material to analyze and estimate all pros and cons before making a decision. Thus, GulfTalent proposes scientific publications, articles, and recent researches to investigate while looking for a job or an employee. The website reveals the current statistics concerning employment trends and salary rates in all job categories. It has the option of online applications, which are simple and not overloaded with detailed data. GulfTalent has a supportive function for people who are looking for a job. It contains such sections as “Help center for candidates” and “Build online CV” (“Join Top Employers Currently Hiring,” n.d.). The website also provides share buttons for social media: Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter to be constantly available for clients. Therefore, website’s users have access to detailed information, materials, and sources to make appropriate choices.

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The design of GulfTalent is simple and sophisticated. The site has a number of useful features, including online applications, a rating system, useful links, and tags for easy searching. GulfTalent does not contain irrelevant advertising, which proves its high commitment to the business (“Join Top Employers Currently Hiring,” n.d.). Therefore, annoying advertisements do not distract visitors’ attention. The design of the website is user-centric and created in pastel colors. The content is static. GulfTalent does not use any audio and video-based elements in the design. However, the site contains visual elements. GulfTalent strives to focus users’ attention on specific areas of the site with a moderate use of visual elements. Therefore, users can see clearly what functions are available on the site due to the descriptive and moderate interface design.

Both websites have established a sufficient base to provide qualitative recruitment services. Eu-recruit.com and gulftalent.com are functional, contain numerous beneficial features, and have a moderate and sophisticated design. However, gulftalent.com may need certain improvements. Thus, the major function of the recruitment websites is to provide clients with sufficient up-to-date information to enable making immediate actions. Therefore, gulftalent.com may propose the option of “Online help” that will help all stakeholders to solve possible problems or misunderstandings faster. The website may offer several mobile recruitment applications, which will become useful tools for businesses to manage their hiring processes while leading a busy life. Therefore, employers will have free access to candidates’ data bases and all relevant information to evaluate and make a choice faster. The suggested improvements will help to follow modern innovations and improve the service quality and delivery.


Online recruitment has a positive impact on the business recruitment processes and candidate’s aim to find appropriate job. The analyzed content and productivity of websites eu-recruit.com and gulftalent.com have proved that online recruitment helps employers and candidates to achieve their goals faster. Functional, informative, and easy to use recruitment websites bring stakeholders numerous advantages. Thus, employers have an opportunity to exchange information faster, save money for advertising, and provide data accessibility and availability. Potential employees use recruitment websites striving to get job faster in accordance with their qualifications and desires. Although the majority of companies use online recruitment, there is still room for improvements due to technological developments.

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