How to Create a Comprehensive Team of Employees

free essayHuman resources refer to the human labor, which is crucial for any business setup. Most businesses that make a mistake in the human resource decisions and implementation fail in the delivery of services. The service industry is labor intensive, which means that employees need to be at their work stations all the time. Therefore, the consumption and the purchase of that service is simultaneous; thus, the interaction of the consumers and the providers of the service is an integral aspect of any business. Regarding healthcare, the dependence on the delivery of services by professionals presents a wide variation of the quality services to be provided by employees, which involves competency and skills (Fottler, 2011). The intensive labor in the healthcare industry as well as the distinct professional practice requires that the management develops a system to help in the management of the performance of their employees, thus involving the management of human resources activities.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are two activities that involve the attraction of individuals in adequate numbers and with appropriate qualifications, and they are performed on a timely basis (Nartey, 2012). Recruitment is the process of screening and identifying the right candidates for a job position. Interpersonal skills, experience, and the qualifications are the most important qualities required in the healthcare industry. The workforce in healthcare includes doctors and nurses who are well conversant with their, and in this case, job descriptions will be specific.

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The first employee in the healthcare industry is the doctor. Thus, they must be specialized in a certain area, and since the organization deals with mental illness, a therapist would be the most suitable candidate. The educational requirement for this position is either Master of Science in Psychology or Doctorate of Psychology (Top Medical Assistance Schools, n.d.). A candidate ought to be compassionate and tolerant to the mentally ill patients. Registered nurse is also another important candidate that should have a four-year degree, to be registered by a recognized medical body, and to be in a position to offer emotional support to the affected family. The position of a therapist attracts a salary of $71,760 a year or $33.66 an hour (Top Medical Assistance Schools, n.d), while the position of Registered Nurse is $67,930 a year or $31.48 per hour.

Pharmacy Technician candidates are required to have a mastery in the handling of drugs. One should be in a position to understand both the names and uses of drugs, should be able to dispense medicine, and indicate the right dosage; one should also be flexible to perform the role of secretary in a pharmacy. The wage is $30,430 a year or $14.10 per hour (Top Medical Assistance Schools, n.d ). Another crucial personnel member is the Clinical Laboratory Technician, and they ought to have attained either Associate of Science in Biology, Associate of Science in Pre-Medicine, or Associate of Science in Chemistry. Their role is to perform numerous laboratory tests that are to be assessed by physicians. The annual salary is $49,070, while the hourly wage is $22.99 (Top Medical Assistance Schools, n.d ). Further, the position of Health Information Technician requires an individual who has undergone technical college training. The candidate will be responsible for the medical records in the facility. With the adaptation to the new technologies, the candidate ought to be well conversant with the latest technologies and software programs. The salary for this position is $36,770 a year (Top Medical Assistance Schools, n.d), translating to $16.42 per hour.

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The interview questions for all positions would be asked at random, and they would include questions like “Why do you want to work in our organization?”, “What are your weaknesses?”, “When have you ever been most satisfied with your job?”, and “What were the comments on you from your last boss?” (Martin, n.d.). The aim of using this selection criteria tool is to ensure that the candidate is qualified for the position applied for and that they would be fit to work in this particular work environment. The interview questions also work to gather more information on the candidate and determine their personality. The development of this type of recruitment and selection method was is dictated by the nature of service delivery the organization fulfills as well as the need to get the right candidate for a specific job description.

Compensation and Benefits

There are some factors that make one organization more preferable than the other by the experienced employees, and to ensure that the organization has the advantage of attracting the best candidates, employees must be enticed with benefits. Thus, medical employees are entitled to a variety of compensations and benefits. They are crucial in attracting the best candidates since they feel confident in working in an organization that maintains the welfare of its employees. The compensation and benefits assigned to the therapist include the income benefits that ought to be accorded to the individual in the case of a work-related injury that could make them lose a portion of their wages. This benefit can be temporal or permanent, depending on the nature of the injury. Medical benefits will ensure that the individual receives compensation for the cost incurred in the treatment of the work-related injury. Burial benefits ensure that the individual, occupying the position of therapist, is provided a dignified sent-off upon their demise (Texas Department of Insurance, 2016). The benefits outlined for the position of Registered Nurse include income benefits that allow the employee to be compensated in case of loss of income due to the illness, resulting from the nature of work. The individual is also offered a paid leave to enable them to bond with their family. The organization also offers both paternity and maternity leave to allow the nurturing of the child (University of Management and Technology, n.d.). At the same time, the sick and casual leaves are allowed, whereby the casual leave should be based on a valid reason.

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The benefits and compensation regarding the Pharmacy Technician include a paid leave that enables the employee to have a great time with their family members and friends. The employee is also entitled to income benefit that enables them to be compensated for the loss of income due to the injuries, sustained while on duty. The position also demands an overtime benefit, where the employee may be forced to work for longer hours than required. Besides all that, the employee is entitled to sick and casual leaves (University of Management and Technology, n.d.). The position of Clinical Laboratory Technician has income benefits that compensate the loss of income, resulting from the injuries, sustained in the line of duty. The individuals are also entitled to paid training to be up to date with the latest inventions in the medical industry. The individuals also are eligible for both sick and casual leaves besides being entitled to maternity leave. The benefits offered to the Health Information Technician include paid training to enable the employee to advance their knowledge in the new technologies (Texas Department of Insurance, 2016). The employee is entitled to sick and casual leaves as well as eligible for income and medical benefits.

The reason for the selection and use of these tools of benefits and compensation lies in their applicability to the nature of work. To those, who work in quite dynamic departments, the organization offers training so that they could acquire new knowledge. At the same time, since the healthcare industry involves strong emotions, most employees are entitled to leaves so that they could be with their families and have some rest. The development of these tools is made, based on the comparison with the direct competitors, which implies the need to compete effectively for the best employees.

Performance Management

Performance management is the measure of how the organization has fared in a given period (mostly annually). It is crucial for the management to develop appropriate performance appraisal performance as this concept is crucial in the service industry such as healthcare. Thus, some performance appraisal can be adopted to enhance the productivity of employees, and they include awarding the best employee in a given department to encourage the rest of the team to work as hard as the winner. In this case, the organization ranks the staff regarding specific criteria, and the winner would be awarded a pay bonus for a certain period. Essay method is another way for the management to use for the appraisal of employees. This involves the writing of annual characteristics of every employee by outlining their strengths and weaknesses so that it was easier for the organization to plan the promotions and salary increments. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) is another appraisal method, which is quite relevant to the healthcare industry, as it helps to point out the performance of an individual based on the personal attributes such as the attitude towards patients (Chand, n.d.). Finally, 360-Degree Appraisal is the method of evaluating employees that considers all aspects of an individual. It encompasses their behavior, skills, and abilities; thus, it will help in training the employees to be more effective in their department.

Management performance is an important aspect of any organization as it helps in the shaping of organizational goals and ambitions. Firstly, the management has the role of ensuring that the employees are well informed of the common goal and they should strive towards its achievement. Secondly, the management ought to communicate to the employees that they should understand their duties in the organization. This should be based on the qualification of the employees in a given area since by such skills, an individual should be able to fulfill such expectations. Thirdly, communication is quite important, and the management should ensure that the linking of the objectives is supported by effective communication (MSG Team, n.d.). Lastly, the management should foster a cordial relation, based on empowerment and trust between line managers and employees.

How It Works

The premise of using the appraisal tools such as the 360-Degree Appraisal and the essay tool is to ensure that all employees offer the best services to consumers. It also allows the organization to keep track of the behavior of employees and identify those who deserve a promotion. Thus, management performance is important, and in this case, the management has the duty of ensuring that the objectives of the organization are clearly understood by all employees (MSG Team, n.d.). Consequently, on this premise, such tools as effective communication, fostering of cordial relation as well as enhancing of productivity by hiring qualified staffs have been incorporated. The development of these tools is determined by the need to develop productivity to the entire organization. Therefore, it was necessary to introduce performance tools that would cover employee performance as well as the performance of management.

Training Program

Training program is crucial in any organization as it helps in imparting the required knowledge to the employees, which makes them more effective while performing their duties. The training program to be carried out in this organization will be dedicated to job coaching. The key types of training to be included would be technical training, skills training, and managerial training as well as the safety training. The programs will last for two weeks. The mode of delivery will be power point presentation, and it will involve all employees of the organization. The details of training would be communicated to the entire staff via the notice board and  weekly meetings (Duggan, n.d.). In the technical training, the employees will be empowered on how to handle the clients well even in the most challenging moments. This training will aim at enhancing service delivery to patients. Skills training will aid in communicating to the employees the need to match qualified skills with a specific are of specialization for them to maximize their potential and ensure high productivity. At the same time, managerial training will focus on the importance of good relations among employees so that the organization could operate in harmony and as a result, achieve the set objectives (Open Textbook Library, 2016). Finally, safety training will enhance the protection of the employees from harm that could come from the mentally ill clients. It is also essential since the employees are exposed to chemicals and other equipment that requires caution while handling them.

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The reason for the development of these tools of training lies in the nature of work that the organization deals with; therefore, the training should be adjusted in a manner that every aspect of the organization benefits from it. These tools of training aim at empowering the management, employees, and the organization in general (Open Textbook Library, 2016). The program has been developed after critically analyzing the needs of the organization, which allows selecting the most relevant training program. Therefore, after a long deliberation among the owners and management of the organization, this training program has been chosen.


Conclusively, the development of a comprehensive human resource plan for a business requires a combination of critical aspects that aim at addressing all departments in an organization. Recruitment and selection of employees are among the most important parts of the human resource plan since only by getting the right candidates the organization will have good employees. Compensation and benefit packages are important, and they play their part in ensuring that the organization competes effectively with its competitors in attracting the best employees. Performance appraisal, on the other hand, helps in identifying the best employees, thus aiding the management when there is a need for promotions and demotions. Management performance is also relevant in ensuring that the objectives of the organization are communicated effectively to the employees, thus promoting harmonious interaction among the staff. Finally, the training program is necessary since it aims at imparting the required knowledge and skills to the staff for greater productivity. Following these elements of the HR plan for business will enable any healthcare organization to compete effectively on the market and will attract revenue as well as professionals, willing to work for it.

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