People Often Get Motivated to Behave Violently by Violent Video Games

A lot of people regardless of age enjoy playing video games. Video game industry offers a variety of video games of different genres, such as: logical video games, racing games, different kinds of quests, etc. However, the most popular video games are the ones, which contain violence. While playing a video game, which contains violence, the player needs to commit violent actions repeatedly. Even the most violent of video games do not embolden the players to act violently in real life. However, playing video games, which contain violence, can provoke a violent behavior in real life, and result in terrible consequences.

When the person tries to kill another player’s character, and fails to do it, this person gets angry. It is so because nobody enjoys failure. Thus, this person tries to kill the other player’s character once again. If this time the attempt is unsuccessful again, then the person gets even angrier. If these two players know each other in the real life, then the angry player can treat the other person violently in the real life, in order to avenge his failure in the game.

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Violent behavior is not only stimulated by the request to behave violently in the game itself, but also by the fact, that in order to get the chance to become the winner of the game, players are requested to commit violent actions repeatedly (Gentile and Anderson 105). It is widely known that repetition is one of the crucial methods of learning new information. In order to master new skills, people repeat these actions often too. Thus, violent behavior can be acquired through the repetition of violent actions in the video game. If the person often plays violent video games, and in the process of playing, commits a lot of violent actions, this person gets used to behave violently. Thus, it might be hard for this person to distinguish where to behave violently and where to behave normally. Therefore, if the person performs violent actions repeatedly during the gaming process, it might cause this person to behave aggressively in reality.
According to the research, which was conducted in 2008, children, who have been playing video games, which contained violence, during a long period of time, behaved in a more violent way, than before they started playing the violent video games (Pediatrics 2008). Research showed such results due to a fact, that in the process of playing a violent video game, the player constantly thinks about the aggressive actions he must perform, so his thoughts become aggressive, and the player starts feeling angry, so his behavior in real life also becomes aggressive (Anderson, Gentile, and Buckley 139). However, violent video games do not produce the same effect on all people.

The level of aggression, which is caused by playing violent video games, is different for every single person. According to Gentile and Anderson, “… psychological effects of playing violent video games may be even greater for children who already show more aggressive tendencies. (p. 140)”. Thus, people, who are already aggressive, easily become even more aggressive. In addition, each person has a different level of media literacy. Thus, some people pay more attention to the effect of video games on them, and can control it, and some people do not notice that they become more aggressive. In addition, some people have more control over their emotions and behavior, than other people. Thus, the less control people have over their emotions, and the lower the level of their media literacy is, the stronger impact violent video games produce on these people. Such people might even become killers after playing to much violent video games, because the level of aggression, which they received from the game, might be enough for them to go and kill a person in real life. As for people, who can control their emotions properly, they might either not became aggressive at all, or just be a little aggressive, and a little rude to people around them.

To conclude, many people play various video games. The most popular of these games usually contain violence. Research showed that playing violent video games often leads to violent behavior. Still, the fact that the person plays violent video games, and commits violent actions in the process of playing the game, does not necessarily mean that this person will become a killer in reality, or will be violent to other people in the real life. However, there are specific factors in the process of the game, which stimulates the violent behavior. First of all, players are required to perform violent actions repeatedly during the game, and repetition stimulates players to acquire the violent type of behavior. Second, for performing violent actions during the game, such as killing another character of the game, or breaking something, players are rewarded with different kinds of bonuses, so killing and being violent in the game is perceived by the players as something positive. Thus, people who do not possess the high level of media literacy, are not able to track the influence, which the violent video games has on them, and are not able to control their emotions and their behavior, can get easily stimulated by a violent video game to behave violently in the real life. Thus, in some cases violent video games lead to violent behavior.

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