The Impact of Computer Technology

free essayNowadays, with the appearance of a new societal order that is based on Internet communications, computers are gradually gaining a crucial meaning for economic and social development, including the ways of producing knowledge and the nature of people’s professional activity. The particularly rapid development of computer technologies ensures effective functioning and successful evolution of the modern world as well as the improvement of all the spheres of social life. In fact, almost the century ago, computers were regarded as an unknown phenomenon for the humankind. However, currently, they have become an inevitable tool in people’s life with the help of which it is possible to conduct different functions depending on the individual’s demands and purposes. Therefore, the primary impact of information technologies lies in expanding the real perception of the world and overcoming spatial and physical limitations, which makes the life of individuals and the society in general more active and increases the number and geography of social contacts and contributes to globalization.

Computers affect all spheres of the modern society and bring different results depending on the conditions and the goals of a person or community who applies them. Hence, it is necessary to explain various aspects of impact. Thus, the most widespread role of computers is the personal impact that is connected with the personal usage of information technologies and the consequences or benefits which the individual seeks to gain from them. Foremost, the usage of telecommunication technologies provides privacy for people in case they do not want to post information about themselves. Moreover, with the emergence of computers, it became possible to conduct various procedures via the Internet, which significantly saves time and energy. The society obtained access to almost all the databases, organizations and institutions as well as to bank systems all over the world. In addition, information technology in the sphere of human activity facilities people’s life and guarantees security. Specifically, positive impact of computers is visible in the creation of credit cards, data banks, and computer terminals. Furthermore, according to Sutton (2013, p. 22), computer technology provides people with such opportunities as “credit card transactions, account billings and loan repayments.” Consequently, the influence of computers is regarded important as it ensures the majority of possibilities for individuals to improve their skills and knowledge and improve life.

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The impact of computers is equally relevant on the community level, which includes organizations, social institutions and even local governments in the cities. Primarily, it presupposes implementation of information technology into the social sphere in order to provide effective progress and the achievement of the main targets, such as “sustainable agenda of economic development and poverty reduction” (Gawad & Muramalla, 2013, p.204). In particular, one of the major benefits of the computer technology is employment. With the help of computers, companies obtain access to many websites and databases where they can post job advertisements or search for employees. Moreover, digital technology “helps to further develop the organization’s domain of knowledge and increase the speed of knowledge transfer” (Shirazi, Qhorbani, & Afrasyabi, 2013, p.2264). Besides, information technology can be a useful tool for governmental bodies in order to establish urban planning and provide law enforcement in the city. Furthermore, the usage of digital appliances promotes efficient monitoring of events taking place in the city as well as traffic control. Thus, it is obvious that computers play an inevitable role on the community level as they enable the local authorities and the management of the organizations to receive the necessary data and regulate various processes through the Internet.

The major characteristics of computer technology are the power and fast speed of processing huge amounts information. To procure the effective work of the government, the authorities “have set up massive initiatives to implement ICT infrastructure and enhance people’s reach and access” (D?, 2016, p.112). Moreover, the ability of computers to accumulate data is used by special services to create universal files accessible to federal and regional law enforcement agencies. In addition, the computer technology provides preciseness of vote counting during elections and allows transfer of electronic funds. Furthermore, the authorities, particularly the police refer to digital appliances to compile the criminal situation. The facts about crimes committed in different regions of the state are entered into the computer system, which denotes the corresponding acts on the map. Hence, Tosun (2016, p. 28) proclaims that by “using statistical data and digitalized-map, police agencies can take proactive measures to diminish crime in certain areas.” Thus, modern technical capabilities have a national impact, acting as the governmental means for managing and manipulating the society and events occurring in the country.

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The significant impact of computers is visible on the global level as well. Cooperation among the countries is an inevitable process in the modern world. Therefore, application of computer technology is essential to ensure stability and legitimacy of the state and to maintain international relations on a decent level. Primarily, digital appliances with various translation programs enhance comprehensive understanding of the discussed topics during the negotiations and international meetings. The computer technology “helped facilitate decentralization of state-sponsored media monopolies and democratization of the flow of information between the nations that are rich and poor” (Lin & Atkin, 2014, p.30). In addition, as the sphere of science is in constant progress by creating new inventions, expanding the boundaries of research on Earth and carrying out exploration of space and ocean, the particular goals can be achieved solely with the application of digital tools. The efficient usage of information technology serves as an indicator of social development of the states on the international level. Hence, the introduction of computers in all spheres of human activity is an innovative criterion for further prosperity of the country.

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Nowadays, the management of machines and mechanisms has also moved to a new level. Specifically, instead of a rigid mechanical control scientists gradually implement a flexible intelligent control based on microprocessor technology, mathematical models, and software. The modern computer technology is an effective solution that “provided today’s workplace with increasingly powerful tools to address business needs” (Schess, 2013). Creation of electronic professional programs allows increasing the labor productivity of specialists and reducing the number of personnel. Moreover, it improves the speed of processing information and its reliability, which is necessary for effective planning and management. Hence, the technological resources play a huge role in the workplace and contribute to the success by the means of various software products.

Computer technology also helps to overcome diversity in the organization. It is obvious that the prosperity of any company depends on the inside atmosphere and cooperation among the employees. However, it often seems to be an unattainable task due to misunderstandings based on personal distinctions. According to Barak (2016, p. 2), “worker migration, gender, religious and ethnic differences continue to dramatically change the composition of the workforce.” Due to these barriers, the personnel fail to fulfill their responsibilities or to accomplish the tasks that produce a profound and global insight into the topic. Consequently, in such situation, the computer technology is essential, as it might promote teaching for those who lack necessary skills, elaborate the goals similar for everyone and provide the software programs that will be helpful in work. In addition, Webster (2014, p. 69) states that “information technology affects the sexual division of labor,” namely diminishes gender differences between the workers. Thereby, with the help of computers, it is possible to eliminate the diversity problems in the workplace and encourage employees to seek for improvement and success.

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The scientists are constantly working on the development of computer technology and implementation of innovation in human life. The technology of microprocessors is already approaching fundamental changes. It is possible to assume that the future of computers will be associated with an increase in computing characteristics and network capacity as well as with the expansion of functionality of applications and information systems. However, an in-depth analysis of the effects of technological development suggests that the key role in the emerging ecosystem of total computer use will be played primarily by new means of human-computer interaction. Thus, Deb (2014) states that “contact with other people will only happen if desired by a person; everything else will be done by technology.” Hence, the future computer technologies will probably support life productivity in any conditions, ensure the connection with the past and change the way of people’s communication and their personal abilities.

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In conclusion, computers have become an indispensable part of human life, thus creating a considerable impact on every sphere of human activity. The development of computer technology in the modern world increasingly contributes to major achievements. Thus, it provides impetus for the manifestation of new forms and content of traditional activities of people, which leads to their self-education and realization of their abilities in different fields. It has been found that the role of computer technology is extensive as it covers the personal, community, national and global levels of impact. Therefore, digital technologies facilitate different processes in the world, radically transform various life aspects and ensure the effective progress of the society and the personal cognitive abilities.

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