Progress Letter

Dear (Instructor’s name),

The last quarter in school has proved to be even more than I expected. I feel I have grown, first, as a stronger and more confident person, because my understanding of English has become better. A desire to master the language that seemed to be a daunting task at the beginning was slowly fulfilled through my dedication and commitment not only in class but out of it as well. Through my tolerance and patience to learning, all the challenges confronted made this quarter a valuable time for me. We had many assignments that sharpened my understanding and command of English. For example, in the latter assignment, where I discussed the milestones that I hoped to achieve, my English improved significantly, as I was able to articulate my ideas clearly, as well as to use a correct grammar. For another thing, the discussions in class, communication with my friends, and reading more materials in English have tremendously improved my skills. In grammar, I have learned how to use the articles, how to structure the sentences correctly, and how to accurately use and appropriately switch tenses. Therefore, I feel more confident as a writer and able to express myself and convey my ideas through writing.

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During the quarter, while completing the first assignment 20A, in which I shared the opinions about making new friends, I experienced several challenges. Particularly, I had a problem with the use of articles, and with improper use of tenses and commonly confused words. Going through the corrections, I have learned that articles are critical for English and important in providing valuable information about the nouns they precede. I have also learned that an improper use of articles makes sentences sound strange to native English speakers. Regarding the tenses, the Chinese language does not use tenses as they are built into time words; though, confused at first, I have learned that it is important to know how to express the time of action and that appropriate use of tenses helps maintain effective communication in English. Even more important, I have learned to determine forms of verbs, that is, whether they express continuing or completed actions, so that I can use the appropriate tenses. Finally, I have realized that some written words in English may be easily confused because they have similar pronunciation and even spelling. Correct writing requires an ongoing use of different words and understanding of their meanings, which can be obtained through the reading of English books. This knowledge is important to me, because English is a global language, and I need to communicate with other people effectively, that is, to express my ideas clearly. In future assignments, I intend to apply what I have learned through examining my previous mistakes.

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My recent assignment showed an improvement of my writing skills. The work discussed the milestones I wanted to achieve in my life, and, in particular, it stated that traveling would be a significant milestone for me. Compared to the initial assignment 20A, in which I had many grammar mistakes, this latter assignment had no such issues. I was able to use articles correctly and used proper tenses while referring to a future time. For example, throughout my assignment, I used the words “I will” referring to a future time and showing a continuation of my actions, so I had to use the future continuous tense. More than that, I had fewer problems with the use of some words. For example, I correctly used a commonly confused word while saying, “I think every site has its history.” Namely, the word “site” is often confused with “cite”, because they both sound the same although they have different meanings.

Looking back on the quarter, I have made significant improvements, thank to which I received a congratulatory remark from you. It shows how far I have come in learning English and that now, I can communicate effectively by conveying my ideas more accurately. An ability to make good arguments has enhanced my confidence as a writer and, thereby, now I can write much better than before. I take this opportunity to thank you for devoting your time to reading this letter and hope that through your kind consideration, I will have a pass.

Sincerely, (Student’s Name)

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