Walking Around Campus

free essayTo begin with, B.F. Skinner once said, “Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten” (Minimal Student). In addition to this marvelous quote, I would like to add that high school, college, and university years are never to be forgotten, since they are always saturated with unforgettable memories, experiences, and emotions. Even when people grow up and become older, they always remember the years they spent at educational institutions. People usually remember their acquaintances, friends, and the time they spent with them.

Several days ago I had an incredible walk with my classmates around the campus. That was one of the most interesting and emotional walks in my life. It was evening, and a beautiful sunset made the sky burst with various hues of red, pink, and orange. The weather was unbelievably nice, and, this is why, we were eager to keep on walking around.

The first place we decided to visit was a swimming pool. It is difficult to translate the emotions I had when I saw it. The big pool with the purest water in the world (at least, it seemed to be like this to me) enchanted us. Several people were sitting around the pool watching the sunset, and we did the same. I have been told that numerous sport events took place in that swimming pool, and that the school I was studying at was very proud of it. When I saw the swimming pool for the first time, I decided that I would be eager to take part in one of the competitions, since swimming was one of the most interesting sports for me. When were next to the swimming pool, we heard the sound of water waving under the light wind. The smell of water in the pool was quite pure, and it attracted us. The firm surface of the floor which surrounded the pool was a bit wet, since somebody had recently swum in it.

Having seen enough of the pool, we decided to go further, since we had many things we wanted to see. The next place we found ourselves in was the street by the campus. The asphalt road was clean, and people passing us by were speaking about something and smiling all the time. Their voices were loud, and they were discussing some important information related to the studying process. Some of them were talking about teachers, some of them were arguing about subjects and home works, and some of them discussed how they got acquainted with their classmates. I was walking, and I suddenly recalled J. D. Salinger’s Holden Caulfield, who studied at high school just like us. However, I hoped we all would not be burnt out from there as he had been.

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The street was filled with many smells: passers-by’s perfumes, the smell of cars’ exhausting fuels, etc. In general, the smell was interesting, and had already imprinted in my mind and memory. This marvelous mixture of different odors and colors I had a chance to observe will always be in my memories along with the light, evening, sunset, and the soft wind that embraced us.

After some time walking down the street, we reached a bridge. The view we witnessed from the bridge was magnificent. Standing upon the bridge, we could see a few cars. Suddenly, a rather noisy car passed us by, which a bit spoiled the atmosphere of romance and tranquility. The noise was very loud; however, it did not last for too long. As soon as the car disappeared, it was silent again. Up on the bridge it was colder than beneath it, and it added a hue of trembling, which seemed to fill our surroundings.

From the bridge, we could see a perspective of the city. Far away, we could see the lights of shops and private houses. A bit closer, there was a parking lot with a big number of cars. In addition, we could observe the cars with their lights on. We all had a feeling that it was a movie and we were being filmed. The wind kept on blowing, and we felt the smells of the evening embracing us.

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I was totally enchanted by the scenery of the city I could see standing on the bridge. The panorama of the mountains and trees was incredible under the farewell sun rays. I felt as if I were flying above the city, but not too high. This feeling provoked other ones which were connected with the sense of height and tranquility.

In conclusion, this first walk around the campus was the most marvelous one, and I am sure that I will never experience the same feelings in my life. On the one hand, this is good, since feelings have to be unique for them to leave an imprint in the memory. On the other hand, I will always miss such moments, because they taught me that life is so unpredictable and versatile that it is absolutely impossible to find out what you will see or feel next. I am happy that I had such a trip around the campus, and I do hope that I will have more walks that will leave such a perfect impression on me.

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