Computer Science Technology: Information Security

free essayThe most important issue today is to maintain business or personal data secure. Frequent security breaches on a few major enterprises made data protection against unauthorised access a topical concern. As per definition, data severance is an incident when protected or confidential data has been stolen, viewed, or used in the inappropriate way. Companies all over the world invest a lot of money into the security system. Besides, they hire the best CIOs in order to avoid serious breaches and enormous losses.

One of the recent security breaches of 2015 happened at Premera Blue Cross which is a major provider of health care services when hackers accessed medical records and other personal data of patients. The company did not mention how the attackers were able to break in or how the breach was discovered. However, during the investigation no evidence that member data was used inappropriately or taken from its system was found. Despite this fact, the company was sued when Premera clients filed the same complaints claiming that the health care service provider did not want to take responsibility for the breaching and financial losses customers may suffer from. Because of the lawsuit, the medical company offered all affected clients two years of credit monitoring and protection services identification. Therefore, this occasion showed that the health industry might be the greatest data breach target in 2016 because they store some of the most sensitive personal information which is so valuable to hackers for it can be sold or used inappropriately.

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Additionally, crucial components in protecting information privacy and confidentiality include data encrypting, choosing a security system that fits the business, educating employees, and installing anti-virus software.

First, data encryption is one of the best protection methods which uses a necessary (secret) key that is hard to decrypt. The company should choose the best security system in order to have a good service provider that can offer a flexible solution cost in a proper way. In addition, by regular employee training, the enterprise will ensure that associates are well aware of the threats of email viruses or virus infected websites. Anti-virus software can prevent the system from being hacked so it is absolutely necessary to keep security software updated to deal with the latest viruses circulating on the Internet.

Furthermore, to protect client data better, CEOs need to start considering data breaches as not only an IT problem but to pay attention to the suggestions made by their CIO about improving the company’s security system. IT directors, in their turn, should be more persistent when describing all possible security concerns while the rest of the senior management might underrate the risk of issues presented to them; thus, some specific breach examples have to be presented to illustrate the possible consequences of security violation. Moreover, CIOs need to realize that if a breach occurs, they will be the ones responsible for the lack of security.

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According to Cole (2009), the four basic security principles are knowledge of the system, least privilege, defence in depth, and prevention is ideal, but detection is a must. When trying to protect the system, it is important to have a proper knowledge about it because if one does not know ins and outs of what a person is actually trying to secure, he or she has very low chances of being successful. Least privilege is the next important matter which means that people and machines are to do what they are supposed to do and nothing else. The third concept, defence in depth, implies either using of three firewalls instead of just one or running two compatible anti-virus programs or even more. The final concept about prevention and detection is simple but crucial, nevertheless, for it employs the idea to stop an attack before it is successful.

To summarize, these concepts about information security may be very useful and for this reason, all companies should be always alert and never assume that they have their data safe because of the best protection they suppose is used at the firm.

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