Expanding Disneyland to Dubai

Disneyland is a Walt Disney’s theme park that was first opened in 1955 in southern California in the USA. However, the company has spread over the world and is represented in many other countries. Dubai is the great city, cultural and business center of Asia and main tourists attraction in the United Arab Emirates. This work is aimed to demonstrate that expanding Disneyland to Dubai will lead to numerous positive consequences for the company and the country.

In recent years, Disneyland has expanded its company by developing Disneyland Paris in France, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong, and Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. According to the official reports, the company managed to secure revenues about $5.1 billion in 2010 from its resorts and park division. Its operating income was $525 million in 2010. In a way, Disneyland is a rapidly growing company, which can become a dominating global brand in the nearest future (White, 2010). Dubai has emerged as an influential power in sectors like, tourism, economics, politics, marketing, and business. The facts, listed above, demonstrate that the expanding of the company has many advantages, which influence Disneyland’s income. Dubai is rightly called the powerful city, which has an impact on the international economy and marketing. The combination of these profitable objects is rather argumentative and reasonable. Therefore, the idea of placing Disneyland in Dubai is taken into account by the authorities.

Critical Location is one of the crucial factors, which makes Disneyland’s expanding to Dubai very advantageous. Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf, in the northeast region of the United Arab Emirates. It is the commercial capital and most important port of the UAE. Due to the Dubai’s unique and critical geographic location, its strategic position allows it to connect to each local Gulf country, as well as to South Asia and East Africa. For example, when the tourists are looking for multi-destination tours, Dubai offer them a wide range of options as it is very close to many other tourist destinations like, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Island of Kish, Mina Jebel Ali, India, and other eastern coastal regions. Hence, favorable location promotes to the company’s placing in Dubai.

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In the development of Dubai economy, tourism sector has played a vital role. In order to attract more tourists, government has planned to various projects such as, building of new airport, opening of Dubai World Central, development of Dubai Marina neighborhood, enforcement of infrastructure, and adoption of advanced and modern technologies, and transport system. Undeniably, Disneyland is likely to attract more tourists, which improves country’s economy. That is why the benefits of placing Disneyland in Dubai is obvious.

Considering the strategic location of Dubai, large population, growing tourism industry, advanced modes of transportation, and modern and developed infrastructure of the city, the project of expanding Disneyland in Dubai will achieve massive success. As Dubai isn’t as expensive as Hong Kong, London, and other major cities, it is inappropriate to consider it as a big issue. Such expenses can be recovered by attracting massive available population. Therefore, the expansion of Disneyland in Dubai can be beneficial for both the company and city.


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