Computer Security

Modern society is dominated by the constantly increasing role of computerized systems. Computers have nowadays become an integral part of people’s lives and are used for everything, starting from banking and to shopping and communicating. They store private information, emails, corporate information, and others. It is essential for the user not to lose their information and prevent it from redistributing. However, the society faces the increased risk of becoming vulnerable to misuse of computer systems, as well as the information and data that is stored there. A security breach may lead to harmful problems to a person or business (The Importance of Computer Security, 2013). The increasing sophistication and volume of computer security threats include data theft, phishing scams, and a variety of other online vulnerabilities.

Today’s communication requires prevention of personal and corporate data thefts, including work related documents, credit card information, passwords, work sheets, and others. Most daily actions are highly dependent on the security of data stored in computers. This demands vigilance about securing computer systems and information (Why Cyber Security is Important?, n.d.). This explains the significance of investigating privacy protection and computer security.

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As computer security is the action that prevents and detects unauthorized computer use, prevention measures that are analyzed in the study help people to stop unauthorized users and prevent the access of any part of one’s computer system. Detection helps users to determine whether anyone else made attempts to break into the system.

It is evident that there are a lot of compromised moments speaking about computer security and data protection. Thousands of infected web pages are discovered every day and a huge number of records is being involved in data breaches. New ways and methods of attack are launched continuously. However, the study provides the basic instructions related to computer security, highlighting the importance of data security and an essential approach to system and data protection (Why Cyber Security is Important?, n.d.).

The study is significant in both theory and practice. First, it provides a valuable theoretical basis for the research topic, making the readers aware of the computer security problems. The study gives a better understanding of the importance of computer security, making computer users aware that they should know the risks of the Internet, particularly when they want to download any information. The study may be a useful guide for computer users who need to address the issue of computer and information security. Second, the research may be a guide to make one’s computer secure, as it explains how to ensure computer security. Properly applied security mechanisms described in the paper help to protect computers. In addition, the study helps to recognize different types of risks a computer user may face in an online world. Nowadays, protection of information and data stored in computers has become a necessity, rather than responsibility.

The current research provides the insight into the basic ways of computer security, making emphasis on the fact a good security plan is required to ensure users that the information in their networks and computers is safe. Another benefit of the study is that it helps to identify the category of users who tend to be subjected to the computer security breakage, as well as determine the degree of effectiveness of the chosen computer policy that ensures data security.

Thus, the study is beneficial in terms of practice and theory, as it provides better understanding of the investigated topic and discusses the issues that needs urgent solution.

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