Creative Instagram Accounts

Creative Instagram Accounts

Instagram gives you an opportunity to see what interests people the most and from what they can draw inspiration as well as creativity in everyday life. It’s a well-known fact that we use this app in order to capture the best and most fascinating moments of our life. We create good Instagram posts to show photos on which we do something that makes us smile, what can bring happiness to our life. Frankly speaking, the following accounts are the best of Instagram and I assure you that they will undoubtedly become a source of inspiration for you.

Humans Of New York

Brandon Stanton likes walking the streets of a very beautiful New York City. However, he doesn’t simply walk, he also takes many photos of random people. This man opens up many interesting life details of different people. Sometimes not even all family members know about certain facts. It can often make you smile and, in particular, broadens your mind.

Paris in Four Months

Having moved to the capital of France – Paris, Carin Olsson began documenting everything that might be a point of interest for her and for other people who follow her account. For example, she shows her experience regarding macaroons as well as the Eiffel Tower with really amazing and shining lights. If you are quite eager to see Paris and are not able to come there now, the best choice you can make is to visit Carin’s account.


This person suffers from cancer, however, this disease doesn’t prevent her from sharing creative photos and inspiring other people to be contented with what you have and smile as often and as much as possible. She is like a grandma who is always helping you by instantly bringing a grin to your face.

Maya on the Move

Tania Ahsan enjoys capturing the world of her amazing bulldog that is called Maya and that travels in New York. This account is regarding adventures of this cute dog in such a big city. The appearances that are made by Maya will bring a big smile to your face, and you will get inspired to do something unusual and special.

“Red” Hong Yi

This person is able to paint without using a paintbrush. She takes different items of everyday life and creates wonderful images. This brings pleasure to her.

Murad Osmann

Although Murad Osmann is a producer in the sphere of music and video, he became famous in Instagram thanks to his images where his girlfriend leads him by her hand.

Nick Ulivieri

This man is a very gifted photographer who adores Chicago – the windy city. He takes photos of skies during storms too. All of his shots are gorgeous and make you understand how fascinating life really is.

Jo Jerry

This Instagram user likes taking landscape photos in such city like Santorini in Greece. As soon as you take a look at any of these photos, you would want to book a flight right away.

Hopefully, you will find among these accounts the one which will speak to someone deep inside of you. Derive inspiration from the striking images and don’t forget to share them with friends!

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