Book review essays

The Study of Bhagavad-Gita

The ideology system of each person bases on several elements, which are the most important for life. Religion is one of the elements, so the study of Hinduism as one of the world’s major religions is always relevant. The ancient Indian epic Mahabharata describes the dynastic struggle for the throne between two cousins – the […]

Irony in Two Books

Irony is a literature technique concept that is characterized by use of expressions that signify the opposite of the norms in a literature material. It is used for various purposes in a literature work. Irony can be used by authors to create humor or even enhance an emphatic effect in composition. Indeed, this technique makes […]

Beauty and the Beast (Book Report)

The title of the book under discussion is Beauty and the Beast. It was written by Gabrielle de Villeneuve. The story tells us about a merchant and his family who face poverty. Only his youngest daughter Beauty gets used to another way of life. She asks her father to bring her a rose instead of […]

Love and Morality in Confessions of a Mask

Love and morality are the two eternal themes depicted in the poetry and prose; Mishima Yukio was one of the writers who used these themes in his book Confessions of a Mask. One can say that love and morality are the interdependent and interconnected notions. Love can be moral when it is mutual, and both […]

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Chapter 1: Matthew’s Effect This chapter is dedicated to hockey, so the author writes about Canada, which is the most hockey-crazy country. The story begins from the moment the author notices strange things in the hockey player roster. He starts to realize that all the successful hockey players from the list were born in certain […]

Analysis of Three Stories

Introduction The “Greasy Lake”, “A&P” and “Araby” are collections of various stories that capture the lives of Americans in different times, especially in 20thcentury. The aim of the essay is to adequately analyze the various incidences of the stories and to reveal the critical turning points of the main characters. The stories basically reflect fear […]

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