Beauty and the Beast (Book Report)

The title of the book under discussion is Beauty and the Beast. It was written by Gabrielle de Villeneuve. The story tells us about a merchant and his family who face poverty. Only his youngest daughter Beauty gets used to another way of life. She asks her father to bring her a rose instead of luxuries. He tries to steal a rose, but being caught by the Beast, has to give one of his daughters to him as a punishment for his deed. Only Beauty has enough courage to go to the castle. The Beast falls in love with her at once, but she feels nothing but respect for him for a long time. She realizes that she loves him only when she can lose him forever. Then the Beast turns into a prince, and they get married.

Beauty is very kind and courageous. This character adores the family so much that she is ready to sacrifice herself. She is a person who always stands by her promises. She also values when somebody does her good and tries to do the same in return.

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The Beast is very generous. He is ready to give anything to the person he loves even if it brings misery and pain to himself. He is also patient; though Beauty refuses to marry him, he keeps asking her to do it.

Beauty’s sisters care more about luxury than their family. They are frivolous and have no idea what the true love means. They value dresses more than anything in the world. It will teach children that money is less important than dignity.

The merchant cannot say “no” to his daughters, and it is a problem because he spoils them too much. He is kind, caring, and trustworthy. Thus, children may understand why their parents forbid them some things.

The key idea of the book is that a person’s soul is more significant than his or her appearance. Everyone should learn how to distinguish one’s real nature from the way a person looks. The story will be very interesting for children. Firstly, it is kind and teaches people to be kind as well. It explains that a kind person receives a reward. Secondly, children will be fond of the book, because it contains fiction. Girls will probably like the story more than boys, because it is a love story with a happy ending. A girl may imagine that she is Beauty and learn that beautiful girls should not judge by appearance when they choose their mates.

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