Nursing essays

Florence Nightingale… To Pledge or not to Pledge?

The Nightingale Pledge was the first nurse pledge ever made in history to empower the profession with commitment to the patients. The pledge is a resemblance of the current Hippocratic Oath. The nurses were meant to memorize the verses of the principles established by the founding mother Florence Nightingale. The verses reflect several expectations from […]

Pain Management for the Obstetric Patient

Sources of pain for the antepartum patient, intra-partum patient, and postpartum patient during an uncomplicated pregnancy, labor, and recovery from the birthing process. Antepartum period starts when the woman’s pregnancy is diagnosed and ends just before delivery of a baby. During the prenatal period, an expectant mother experiences different body and hormonal changes. Usually, these […]

Pharmacological Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Nursing Implications

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is defined as a progressive inflammatory complication that affects the joints (“Management of rheumatoid arthritis,” 2014). RA is a pathologic condition that affects various tissues in the body and usually causes synovitis and articular tissue destruction. The complication is associated with the stiffness, pain, and inflammation of the large joints in the […]

Prognosis in HIV and Aids

Abstract The term HIV/Aids prognosis can be defined as the causes in connection to the outcomes of HIV/Aids. This include time or duration of Aids/HIV, probable outcomes, chance of complication, survival rates, recovery period for Aids/HIV as well as other effects in overall prospects of Aids/HIV (Welch, et, al, 2012). Prognosis in HIV and Aids […]

Qualitative Nursing Research on Haitians

Abstract This paper is critical review of qualitative research on the influence of socio-cultural aspects on tuberculosis-related stigma among non-affected persons. The study is conducted with Haitians living in Florida, United States, and in Haiti. The paper provides a critical and analytical review of the purpose of the study, the study design, theory that guided […]

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