My Process to become a “World-Class” Engineering Student

free essaySetting of objectives and the course of action for every activity done by individuals is very important. People need to set out their strengths and weaknesses in the fields they are involved in order to set the moves and the planning of events. Engineering is a very complex field and has a lot of different things and variables to be learnt by students who want to become a world-class engineer. It has many branches that a person needs to have an intensive knowledge and be in a position to explain and demonstrate all of them. From civil, water, electrical, mechanical and other fields of engineering, an engineer needs to grasp all these and make a clear explanation and demonstrate whenever he/she is required to do so (Silverman, 1988). An engineer must be a three dimensional issues looking individual, who can manage all the variables in life. These variables include family, finance, and other social life based activities. An engineer needs to utilize each and every opportunity that may come along his/her way in order to grasp nearly everything in all fields not only engineering.

A student in engineering has to fix every activity in the school environment in order to make them work in their favors and get maximum benefits from the school environment. Basing that engineering requires a cluster of the hardest subjects ever in the student’s school life, which includes mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc., a student needs to form ways in which he/she will have some positive attitude towards these subjects and utilize the school resources to become good and quality engineers.

What Do Engineers Do?

Answering this question, engineers incorporate ideas from different fields in order to come up with a design and how it will be brought up. The work of the engineers is to design and build things. Designing involves drawing the actual face and appearance of things as bridge or a house and guide their building procedures. All the buildings, bridges and other constructions in the world have been involved with engineering processes in some ways. In my situation, I have set the goals of graduating with a degree in engineering because I knew I have the potential to make through the course. I know passion and determination makes a person who he/she is. Since I was young I had the passion of becoming a mechanical engineer and since been enrolled in primary school, I have really worked hard to maintain good performance in the subjects required for this field. Therefore, I am very good in chemistry, mathematics and physics; moreover, I have received plenty of awards in these subjects. I believe and I know that the construction works are ever-growing in all parts of the world; thus, this has made positive returns with my degree and belief that I will put it in good use. I have looked upon to partner with the renowned engineers and bring up new and quality structures. Seeing good bridges and high storey buildings which I have designed and made them constructed is one of the things that is motivating me now in gaining the positive outcome of my course.

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Managing Other Quotas Besides Study

People have other surroundings including families and friends, financial problems, other commitments like the outside jobs, commuting much and sometimes health issues which are very unpredictable. Professionals need to know how to plan these variables and how to balance all issues and not let them affect and influence his/her career in the long run. While in school, I will try to balance these issues perfectly as a mirror of what will be happening of me in the engineering field. To my perception, each successful engineer will want to have good management of the above issues and make all of them a success. I have a family and friends whom I love very much. I love spending most of the time and sharing some ideas with them. Since I am the first born in my family, I help my parents in checking the children issues of my young ones. I will be using my free time, i.e. the Saturdays and Sundays to visit friends, keep away the school stress and attend to any issues affecting my family with ease whenever I can. In order to be a good engineering student, I will try to segregate the issues of class and school works from the family and friends. I will utilize my reading time well and do a lot of research while alone or during meetings with my fellow engineering students. When it comes to family and friends, I will only be discussing the things that connect us. As Felder & Silverman (1988) states, “Students need to be with good company in order to make their studies in school success.” I will also avoid friends that I feel are not of good influence to me and focus on the friends who will add value to my life. This will help me concentrate well and pass my exams and practical well.

Finances are good and keep things rolling and moving on. Engineering students need some reasonable amount of money in order to finance their projects and touring the construction sites and firms. A student needs to have a continuous flow of finances so that the crucial projects and the activities do not stop or have hiccups in the course of the studying process. Currently, I depend on the loans for the education and some help from the parents. I also have some few income generating activities at home which helps me get something to cater for some few expense. The finances I get may not be enough, hence, I need to have some other sources of funds. In order to generate some funds to cater for the loaded expenses, I intend to arrange some contracting jobs with the engineering firms during the holidays and the summer time. Here I will get to be paid a token which I will save in order to utilize when I go back to school. In the process, I will be learning in the company of the engineering processes and undertakings which will make more exposed to the field. Engineering students want to have a good health and be in a fit condition always. Currently, my health is good and I do not have any diagnosis or undergoing any medication. In order to make sure that I have good health and capable of attending all my classes and completing the assignments healthy, I will undertake an insurance cover that will cater for my medical expenses at all times. In the school, there is a health center and I will be visiting the nurse in case of any dysfunctions in my body. Thus, this will keep me healthy and be able to undertake the studies and practical well.

Utilization of the Campus Resources

Engineering students need to study in institutions with enough resources. There should be more than qualified professors in campus who are available at any time they are required for advice and directions. Some engineering calculations are very complex and the students need to be guided on how to solve them. In the job placement, they need to be placed on and engineering jobs be availed in order to enroll themselves and have the outside or the real life skills in the engineering jobs. As discussed earlier, not only the engineering students but all campus students, healthcare facilities and the school health center needs to be well equipped and available to the students at all times. Due to the exposure with chemicals and risks due to the manual works done in the engineering field, the students need faster access to the school facilities. In my position, as a new student, I have not started following the procedures. Though I know where every facility is and know the offices of the professors, I have not started consulting yet but I will start making use of them as soon as I have any need. In order to maintain my success and achieve much, I need to use professor’s help by asking them questions and forming a timetable when I can get advice. Just as I said earlier, I will seek for the placement and the contract job in order to gain more experience in the field as I study. Moreover, to maintain high productivity and concentration in the studies, I will be visiting the health center more often to check my health and make sure that I am always healthy and able to kick start every day. By doing these activities, I will be able to continue with each day studies and attain a level of being a world-class engineering student.

Understanding the Teaching Styles

Due to the complexity of the engineering field, a student needs to be very close with teaching staff for quicker access in the times of difficulty in studies. The students need to know the phone numbers and the offices of teaching staff that include lecturers, tutors, teaching assistants, etc. These people will offer a student with the learning programs and help him/her familiarize with the mode of learning. Since I joined the school, I have successfully got the locations of the teaching staffs and some of their phone numbers. I am familiarizing with the styles and making good use of them in order to achieve high results. In order to gain success and be a world-class engineering student, I will use the school program and the teaching criteria since the one who designed the program are very much learned individuals, thus, I will follow the professors instructions and make sure that we are sailing in the same boat with them.

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Attitude towards the Course Requirements

Engineering course has very hard subjects and the problems solved in this course require a resilient student and have a heart of steel. The hard mathematics, physics and engineering processes are not so entertaining. A world-class engineering student should have the confidence to tackle and solve challenging mathematical and engineering problems. In my position, I have always liked tackling the complex. I have a positive attitude in this case, I love growing, developing and improving. I fear the issue of coming into contact with other students whom I do not know and interacting with them. I fear that they will be of bad influence to me. In order to get well and graduate from the campus with good grades in all dimensions, I know engineers work as a team. Therefore, I will make sure that I select the best friends with ambitions like mine and study groups with them. This will make us be great world-class engineering students.

Understanding the Principle of Teamwork and Leadership Using Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Successive engineers work together and get the best results. In this case, they need to form groups of people who understand themselves and have the same goals and objectives. According to McCrae & Costa (1989),”individuals possess most or some of the following characteristics such as extraversion, sensing thinking and judging which are the four pillars that individuals are made of.” In order to become a good leader in extra-curricular activities, I need to identify these traits in myself and find colleagues with the same traits in order to form successive and effective group. The group consists of people with different traits and it is upon the group leader to know these traits and create a cohesive group that will result in effective and efficient actions.

As a group leader, I will check on the interacting capability of the individuals, these may include extraversion. In order to be a good group leader, I will exercise the extraversion trait where I will be open to my fellow students and group members. Thinking is the other criteria I will use to merge the fellow and prospects engineers. Trying to think in three dimensions and providing viable solutions to the groups problems will be my main tasks and this will prove me to be a good and competitive leader. Making good judgment will be the most efficient case and a good approach for me to be a good leader in the extra-curricular activities. In utilizing my own personality, I will make sure that at all time in my undertakings I will be gauging my actions and asking others opinions on how I am undertaking them. I plan to change my actions whenever I find that I am doing things that does not relate to the ethics and personal integrity in the engineering world. These action plans will not only make me a good world-class engineering student, but also my group members and colleagues.

Personal and Professional Integrity and Ethical Behavior

Integrity and ethical behaviors both professionally and personally make individuals achieve greatly in what they are doing. Personally I know every profession needs the code of ethics and integrity in order to have the undertakings and actions of the professionals good and better. I will practice to act professionally and due care in every act I perform. In managing the group learning and all other acts I will practice what I will be doing in the real world while still at school. Self confidence is another ethical behavior I will exercise while a student and looking forward to being an exceptional engineer. I will be very confident in what I do and consult on the things that I do not understand in order to get the concept and be perfect in them. Independence is the key to ethical behavior that a professional should not forget to exercise in their fields. Being independent assists one in making good and perfect decisions and not be manipulated by the external parties in what they do. Last but not the least is the self discipline. This will help me to honor everyone who comes along and help achieve my degree well in a respectable manner. These aspects of moral and integrity behaviors will make me be a world class engineering student and graduate for that matter.

Avenues to Successful Graduation

Successful graduation calls for many commitments and a series of events need to be put in place in order for it to go well. The effects of financial issues are the major adversities where students are incapable of controlling it. In order to make this task easy and have a continuous flow of cash, I will have to borrow some loan and initiate more projects at home. Hence, I will earn some money and will be secure. The hardness of the course is another issue. In order to become a world-class engineer, I will have to step by step with the course and not to be left back in the coverage. As I grasp everything, I will not have much time in revising them and I will be good to face exams. In the cases of any difficulties with the studies, I will have my group member as a back up and we will discuss the problems together to the end. These actions will make us be world-class engineers and right to go for the graduation with good grades.

Time Management in Studies

Managing time is the best thing a world-class student should do. Scheduling of timetable of events and sticking to it is not an easy task. An engineering student should have a plan of events in order get all things in the due and do them at the right time (Felder & Silverman, 1988). I have not planned my timetable, but I am in the process of creating it. In order to be in touch with professors and to get the grasp of whatever they teach, I need to be reading ahead before they come to teach. After the professor has finished teaching, I will review the lecture notes at my free time and discuss them with friends. After we have finished what was taught in class, we started checking on what will be taught during the next lesson. This will help me understand better the subject during the next lesson. As I have the professor’s contacts and know where their offices are located, in case of any problem with the covered syllabus or any other field, I will contact them during the visit hours, lunch breaks, weekends and any other time that they may deem available. With my colleagues, we will be formulating some challenging questions which we will ask professors during the class and request them to solve for us or follow them to their offices.

In conclusion, to become a good world-class engineering student is not a walk in the park or a wedding party. As I have explained above, it requires a lot of sacrifices and hard work. In order to achieve the best results in the engineering world both in school and the later career, students need to form group discussions where they can assist each other in the weaker areas. It requires good arrangements of cash flows and proper mental preparations. Time management is very essential and students should take into consideration on how they manage their time both in and out school. Before commencing on any course in the schools or campuses, it is very good to make sure that one has a good plan of the finances and how they will raise funds if required by the school management. Having frequent contacts with professors and lecturers is a very good thing for any student who wants to make it in the school and grasp good grades. World-class students disturb the teaching staffs with questions and they have a thirst of knowing new things.

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