NFL Executives and the Handling of Science of Players Concussion

free essayThe subject on players who suffer the concussion during play continues to draw varied reactions worldwide. In essence, the National Football Executives have been in the center of criticism for their handling of the science regarding players who suffer the concussion. The NFL’s concussion crisis documentary investigates a covert campaign that NFL has engaged in during the last two decades. It is an extensive documentary that shows the potential link between the sports and long-term brain injuries that players develop. Consequently, NFL wages war against the scientists and researchers who portray the destructive effect of concussion on the lives of players. They deny the various findings and affirm that the scientists seek to mislead the society and the players regarding the impact of the game. Nevertheless, the question remains concerning about the role of NFL in handling the science concerning players that encounter concussions.


The relation between concussion and brain trauma has existed for several decades. In essence, concussion refers to an intricate pathophysiological process that impacts the brain. In most cases, it is a result of induction by trauma to the brain. The main cause is direct or indirect blow to the head. Neurological disturbances characterize the condition. The football game is an apparent example of a sport that result its players in concussion. During most matches, players are vulnerable to blows from diverse directions. Statistic indicate that over 90% of American footballers suffer from CTE that is an attribute of concussion (Waldron 1). Moreover, 90% of professional players have a defined degree of the disease. Despite the statistic, NFL remains adamant concerning the scientific evidence of concussion.

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NFL should accept wrongdoing with handling the science of concerning players who suffer concussion and their likelihood to develop brain diseases. It is because of the valid evidences that the scientists have provided. In essence, the researchers have shown proof of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) among the players (Waldron 1). Dr.Bennet Omalu discovered that the former Pittsburgh steeler Mike Webster’s brain has suffered CTE. Consequently, the investigators did go ahead to publish the findings. One would expect the NFL executives to show concern for such results. In fact, it would have been critical for them to fund research on the possible means of alleviating the diseases among sports people. Nevertheless, one notices how they hastily conceal the results. Terry Long notes that the NFL executives did not uphold the findings. In fact, they criticized the publication of players that had NFL. They further discredited Omalu’s finding and his credibility as well. The action limited Dr .Omalu from undertaking football-related research. Omalu publicly admits that the evidence that he provided concerning CTE dragged him into politics with NFL. He emphasizes that one cannot go against the firm. The point reveals the NFL as a metaphoric picture of the Tobacco industry. In essence, despite the destructive impact of Tobacco, the industry continues to flourish. They tend to inhibit research that exposes the negative effect of the drug.

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The other reason that propagates the need for NFL to accept their wrongdoing is the manner in which they have facilitated the formation of the NFL medical committee. In essence, they did put an ethical campaign against Omalu. Consequently, it gave them the opportunity to choose a team the National Health Institute of health. It is fundamental to note that despite the findings of the committee, NFL overhauled the results and chose to invest money into complement projects that did not reveal the impact of concussion on the development of brain injuries.

Concession and Refutation

However, NFL argue that exposing such scientific evidence would negate the participation of the potential players in the football match. They emphasize that it would cause many mothers to refrain their children from taking part in the sporting activity from early age (Waldron 1). NFL’s argument reveals an egocentric organization. In other words, their desire is to enrich themselves with the returns that they obtain from the organization. They close their eyes to the reality of the destructive impact of concession. It is fundamental to note that NFL fails to uphold the health of the players who are the pillars of their success. The argument is, therefore, orchestrated by greed and desire for more wealth accumulation. They overlook the fact that such findings can lead to a positive implication. For example, when they invest money to a valid research project, their scientist can establish crucial methods that can limit such injuries. Moreover, they can produce drugs that inhibit the development of CTE. It is, therefore, evident that NFL fails in its corporate social responsibility. Every organization must seek to uphold practices hat benefit the society.


The argument, therefore, reveals the irresponsible manner that NFL use to handle the science of concussion and its impact on player. It is crucial that they admit their wrongdoing and seek for means of alleviating the condition among retired players. Moreover, they should outline procedures that can help players handle concussion. It is significant to admit that the failure of NFL to admit these wrongdoings may have an adverse effect on the football fraternity. It can lead to rebellion among players. Moreover, it will portray the organization as ill-motivated. The image may impact its long-term performances.

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