Importance of Biomedical Engineering Ethics

free essayAccording to Bronzino & Peterson (2014), biomedical engineering ethics is the application of engineering principles and techniques in medicine with the objective of combining expertise in engineering, medicine, and human biology to come up with effective technologies and techniques in healthcare. From the definition, the module of biomedical engineering ethics is apparently new on the market. Furthermore, the objective of the biomedical engineering is to create products meant to be utilized in medicine; hence, a biomedical engineer is just like any other engineer, but in the healthcare sector.

Importance of the Module

The module included helpful information because it tutors students on the relevance of the combination of engineer and medic skills in the field of healthcare which are relevant in the modern world. The lessons learned in the module motivate a person to study to become a biomedical engineer on the perspective of helping the field of healthcare and engineering at the same time. The motivation comes about because one is made aware that he or she will be able to contribute towards two fields that are becoming increasingly important in the world (Bronzino et al., 2014). The rationale here is based on the fact that a product developed by biomedical engineers co-determines medical practice in the modern world. BME Ethics is, therefore, an essential module as it creates a positive image of both engineering and medicine.

The other relevance of the module lies in the fact that students are able to learn more about different diseases and gadgets that are safe for the healthcare sectors in terms of ethics. The approach of innovating products ethically is significant as it implies that biomedical engineers are ethically proactive. Therefore, students are motivated to take part in the course. The implication here is that products are innovated on the basis of ethical contents in healthcare and engineering. As a result, studying the module was useful as it aimed at guiding what is right based on human needs and respecting ethical aspects of the two fields, i.e. medicine and engineering (Bronzino et al., 2014).

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The other positive thing about the module is that it motivates course takers to be honest, fair and dedicated to the protection of the public safety in healthcare. Furthermore, performance of biomedical engineers entails illustrating standard professional traits that consist of adherence to the highest rules of ethical perspective. Taking this module is therefore beneficial for both the student and patient as the objective is to deliver quality products meant to make the healthcare sector more desirable and appropriate (Bronzino et al., 2014). Moreover, innovation of the products in this field is relevant as medical ethics and engineering principles are practiced so as to ascertain professionalism.

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In conclusion, Biomedical Engineering Ethics is a module that any aspiring student should join. The module is not only ethically generated and motivated, but can be perceived as ethically modified. The above discussion shows that it is an essential module as it aims at bringing engineering and medicine on the same path so as to satisfy the needs of the healthcare effectively. It is noted that the aspects of integrity and morale are encouraged in the module, which is an indication that it is a module with a positive objective. Significantly, it is an important and appropriate issue in the modern world of healthcare as it calls for the relevance of practicing ethical aspects to attain positive results.

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