Human Resources in Action

free essayIn the modern economic practice, human resources have become the most important asset from the whole business process. Staff begins to play the most significant role in the profitability of the companies. The success of many organizations, especially the hospitality businesses, depends on the quality, level of training, and the effectiveness of the staff. However, the number of errors in recruitment remains high and every mistake costs a huge sum of money for hospitality organizations. There should be applied a tool of interaction between an organization and a potential employee, so that the creation of an effective recruitment process will determine the quality of the staff, and as a result the efficiency of hospitality business.

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Recruitment Information of Two Hospitality Companies

The Rezidor Hotel Group, previously known as Rezidor SAS, is a one of the fastest growing hospitality businesses in the world. Headquartered in Brussels, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group possesses nearly 1100 properties and 170,000 rooms, according to the company’s website. Such a huge hospitality company can be compared only with even more significant one, Wyndham Hotel Group Worldwide, which brings together reputable hotel brands and services. Wyndham Hotel Group offers a wide range of hotels, with a number of properties: 7500, number of rooms: 650000, according to its website. The company is proud of its world’s largest loyalty programs, the number of active members of which equals to seven million people.

Both companies have one line level position that is currently available. It is the accounting and finance job. First of all, current recruitment methods should be briefly analyzed. They include placement vacancies on the corporate website. With the help of this method, both companies made the form of a job search most convenient for an applicant. Wyndham Hotel Group Worldwide includes a more detailed description, referring not only to key responsibilities, qualifications, necessary skills and experience, but also to the motivation of an applicant. The form is clearly structured in sections containing more complete information about vacancies and requirements, compared to Carlson Rezidor Group, which includes only short information regarding required individual features. Both of the companies do not mention possible earnings at all, focusing on the candidates from the internship. The Carlson Rezidor and Wyndham Hotel Group maintain relevance for open positions, updating the positions and leaving the section of vacancies visible to the visitors. The recruitment process for this particular position is similar; however, several more specific recruitment methods could be utilized to fill this open position.

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Different Specific Recruitment Methods and their Justification

There are two distinctly different strategies for each company, both of which contain two possible recruitment sources. Wyndham Hotel Group recruitment strategy is proposed to be massive and automated due to its much greater scale. Thus, such sources as recruitment agencies and job fairs are recommended. Recruitment agencies can help to find a candidate for the accounting job for a Wyndham better than the advertisement on the website, since recruitment has become a booming sector of the economy (Thompson, 2015). Firstly, each agency conducts a database search for candidates in accordance with the requirements of customers that are the employers. Secondly, as the Wyndham is one of the largest firms in the sphere of hospitality in the world, using the agency can make the mass process easier (International Labour Organization, 2013). Job fairs are also convenient, since first of all they imply direct communication with HR managers working for the Wyndham Hotel Group. The person interviewed as a candidate for accounting job can get answers to all of his/her questions. Secondly, job fair performs an advertising function. A lot of people can find out more about the business. At the same time, communication with personnel manager is included in the interview, which saves time. Thirdly, job fair helps to create a personnel reserve of the organization (Florea, 2013).

Carlson Rezidor Group strategy should include costs saving. Thus, such sources as services of temporary staff and contacts with educational institutions are recommended. The first is advantageous in cases where the search terms of permanent personnel are increased, as well as the period of temporary incapacity of permanent accounting personnel of hospitality business and in case there is no possibility of his/her replacement by another staff member (Civil Service Commission, 2014). It is also good in cases of working on temporary rather than permanent basis. Contacts with educational institutions have bright advantages of costs reduction. Firstly, hotel business does not require serious accounting skills. Graduates of the university without the necessary experience can cost much cheaper for Carlson Rezidor Group than expensive high-profile financiers. Secondly, graduates have personal competences, such as youth, quick learning, ability to plan and analyze, and personal motivation (Bizagi, 2014). That is why, they are good investment in further development. In addition, the success of suggested recruitment strategies for both companies should be estimated.

Measurement of the Success Suggested Recruitment Strategy

The assessment of the suggested recruitment strategies should be done with the estimation of several ratios:

  • The number of previous probations among selected employees within recommended strategy (Department for Education and Child Development, 2015);
  • The number of resignations on one’s own accord among the chosen employees, and as a result of violation of the established requirements within one year after acquiring the job (staff turnover) (Grabiel & Clemitson, 2015);
  • Labor performance indicators of employees selected using the recommended strategy.
  • The number of justified complaints from clients of the hospitality business.
  • Performance criteria of the strategy can be an indicator of the total financial cost of providing the process of search and selection of personnel and the amount of these costs per selected employee.

These figures should be compared with the respective averages, prevailing in the period that precedes the introduction of new recruitment strategies. Turnover ratio can be used as an indicator of the efficiency of the recruitment systems, which is calculated for workers recruited, using the following scheme (Richardson, n.d.):

P = Q1 * 100% / Q2


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where Q1 is a number of workers dismissed for yield reasons (own request, violation of labor discipline), and Q2 is an average number of employees. Thus, the selection process steps should be designed.

A Selection Process Including Four Different Recommended Steps

Candidates primary revising is the basis for the next stage, which is the selection of future employees. The selection process of personnel should be represented by the following four steps that applicants for the accounting and finance positions would have to go through during the screening process, before the company makes a hiring decision: filling the application form, interview with a representative of personnel department, interview with the future supervisor, traineeship.

Analysis of the application form data implies that the general information about a person is a primary indicator determining the possibility of successful implementation of accounting job. Using this step, human resources experts should analyze the information contained in the application form filled by candidates, comparing actual data with their own job model of Carlson Rezidor and Wyndham Group. Analysis of data is an easy, cheap and very effective method of primary selection in case of a large list of candidates for accounting and finance positions. Number of points of the application form should be minimal, and they should seek information, clarifying mostly the performance of the future work of the applicant. The application form of candidate evaluation as an accountant and financier should be simple, and should include the following general information:

  • Full name;
  • Date;
  • Sex;
  • Age;
  • Family status;

It also should include specific information:

  • Name of the institution where the candidate could get knowledge necessary for the successful implementation of his/her duties;
  • His/her specialization and further education;
  • Potential positions desired by the candidate;
  • Profile and company names, where the candidate could acquire and learn the necessary skills for the accounting job, work experience;
  • The list of official duties, which a candidate has to perform;
  • The degree of knowledge of office hardware (PCs, photocopy, fax, etc), and software products (Microsoft Exel etc);
  • The degree of knowledge of a foreign language;
  • Professional knowledge and skills list;
  • Psychological qualities that would help to cope with the job responsibilities and learn new skills;
  • Psychological qualities incompatible with work on the post or in the hotel;
  • Psychological characteristics that would allow achieving compatibility with the staff directly connected with the future employee and the appropriate corporate culture.

However, this method is close to capacity assessment as it focuses solely on facts from the past of the candidate, not his/her present stage. So the interview with a representative of personnel department should help to estimate the candidate’s current skills.

The interview with the HR manager explains things like who, what, when, where, why should be recruited. Who: accounting and finance specialist, what: he/she needs to perform primary accountings; he/she should know accounting program software; he/she should operate such terms as costs, income, net profit etc. When and where: he/she should be interviewed after successfully passing the first stage (the application form) in the HR department of a certain hotel to force him/her to express natural reactions to his/her future possible place of work. Why: the interview should include a question: “Why do we need to recruit exactly you?” In addition, HR manager should fix the reaction of the applicant to this question, estimating confidence and presenting arguments.

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Specialist of recruitment conducts individual interviews with selected candidates. Thus, the purpose of these interviews is to assess the extent of conformity of the candidate’s portrait to the ideal employee, his/her ability to fulfill the requirements of an accounting job description, his/her potential for professional growth and development, the ability to adapt the organizational needs, meeting the expectations of the candidate for hospitality businesses, working conditions of payment, etc. HR manager, who is not an accounting specialist, should focus on assessing the overall performance of the candidate, which includes analytical skills, character, life philosophy, motivation, performance, and compatibility with the Carlson Rezidor and Wyndham Hotel Group. The interview is a two-way process, not just an evaluation of a candidate, but rather the candidate should be given a possibility to evaluate his/her future workplace in terms of its compliance with his/her own interests and needs. HR manager conducting the interview should provide the most objective and complete information about the organization to motivate the candidate and at the same time to avoid hiring those whose expectations differ from the capabilities of the Carlson Rezidor and Wyndham Hotel Group.

If the second step satisfies the manager from the personnel department conducting the interview, he should assign a meeting of the candidate with his/her future boss. In contrast to the interviews with HR experts, this interview should allow to assess professional qualities of the candidate’s ability to perform direct functions. The future supervisor should give details about his/her department, vacant positions, and functions that candidate have to fulfill in case of hiring. The results of the interview should be documented. Education is a compulsory requirement for the future accountant and financier at this stage. In addition, a suitable candidate must have neat appearance, be cheerful and energetic, calm, confident, have logical structure of thought, be careful to clearly express his/her own thoughts, and demonstrate an interest in self-development.

The ability to evaluate the candidate directly in the workplace without taking obligations regarding permanent employment is the last recommended step for the accountant and financier recruitment in the hospitality industry. During the probationary period, the candidate should be checked regarding full performance of his/her duties. He/she is rewarded at this stage, but he/she may be released without any consequences for the Carlson Rezidor and Wyndham Hotel Group. During the probation, the department manager should pay special attention to candidate and evaluate him/her in terms of professional suitability for the position.

Recruitment process analysis of the two leaders of hospitality business namely Rezidor Hotel Group and Wyndham Hotel Group Worldwide was made and possible suggestions were designed. Wyndham Hotel Group recruitment strategy is proposed as massive and automated due to larger scale, while Carlson Rezidor strategy should include costs saving. Four direct steps of recruitment were developed, which shows that the creation of an effective recruitment process determines the quality of the staff, and as a result, the efficiency of the hospitality business. It confirms the thesis put forward.

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