free essayEveryone in the world dreams of visiting Disneyland at least once in their life. It is one of the most interesting and frequently visited places on the planet. Disneyland is a country of imagination where even very serious adults become children again. The park brakes all stereotypes and establishes some peculiar traditions. It is one of several places in the world where children can have fun together with adults, because the activities are interesting to both. Walt Disney made it unique but it changes continuously becoming even better. Disneyland is a cross-cultural concept  the importance of which can be assessed by the influence it had on people and society.

At the peak of his career Walt Disney established an true empire. He created a successful animation studio in Hollywood together with his brother. The idea of a new park establishment appeared at that time. Many thought that it was his personal dream, while others invented more exiting stories. In addition, the influence of his daughters was also essential. Nevertheless, the real reason for the entertainment park’s creation was much simpler. Walt’s studio received many letters from children, who wanted to visit the place where cartoons were developed, since they were extremely interested in the place their favourite characters inhabited. However, there was nothing interesting to see. That is why Walt Disney decided to create a park near the studio. That thought was supplemented with different unique creative ideas. Financial institutions refused to help, so Disney mortgaged almost all of his property. Thus, Disneyland was his life’s primary work.

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The history of the park confirmed the most essential reason for its creation. The purpose was to make a place of universal entertainment for children and adults. When Walt Disney went for a walk together with his daughters he noticed that parks were created for children only. There was nothing for adults to do, as they could only watch their children play. Disneyland became the first place of universal fun for everyone. In addition, the success of the studio motivated the stuff to invent something that could surpass it. The studio created so many images and characters that it was essential to establish an empire for all of them. Disneyland was created with the purpose of making children’s favorite characters unforgettable and transporting them into reality. Walt Disney probably could not even imagine how significant his images would became. Disneyland looks like a city or a country. Furthermore, it is necessary to see it at least once in a lifetime.

The construction of the entertainment park looks quite complicated and the tourists cannot navigate it without a special map. It is more suitable to call it the empire of Disney. There, people can see everything that a human can imagine and create. Disneyland is a fair world which incorporates all of humanity’s dreams and fantasies. It is interesting to visit it, but that privilege is not cheap. The establishment requires large investments, and can only be created in highly developed cities, because the profit have to be bigger than the expenditures. Therefore, the tickets to Disneyland are extremely expensive not only for adults but also for children. Nevertheless, the magic country is worth seeing. There are only several parks in the world, and every one of them has some national elements of its particular location, though Disneyland is obviously an American phenomenon. It is divided into several sections: Mickey’s Toontown, New Orleans Square, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Critter Country, Adventureland, and Main Street, U.S.A. They are all designed differently with unique uniforms and it seems as if the tourists travel through dimensions. They all have certain styles and designs. Each section has a certain central element that attracts the most attention. For example, it is the Cinderella Castle in the Main Street, U.S.A. or the Golden Rocket in Tomorrowland.  There are a lot of elements which showcase Walt Disney’s imagination, but also many places for intellectual development, where people can learn a lot about jungles or space. In addition, Disneyland is a museum of the Disney empire development, because it illustrates the history of the animation studio. Every day in Disneyland ends with colorful fireworks, just like in a fairytale. Nevertheless, the life of the park is similar to an independent country and has a significant influence on people.

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The impact Disneyland has on people is quite remarkable, and the worldwide fame only confirms it. It is not just an American national heritage It is the property of the world. Walt Disney became one of the most known people on the planet and his name associates with fairytales. It is the driving force of globalization. Thus, it is obvious, that the park connects the ideas and world processes in the sphere of entertainment. The influence of Disneyland brings some unification in international communication. It is easy to admit that there are only several real Disney parks, but all entertainment places try to imitate its style and methods. Consequently, Disneyland influences human communication and leads to standardization of the entertainment sphere around the world. However, there is nothing negative about it, because this place can perfectly combine amusement for both children and adults.  It is the place which can help establish friendly atmosphere between parents and children. Common places of fun can only attract certain age groups and it causes a gap in family communication. Disneyland is a unique park for the whole family. The benefits are obvious. It gives many parents an opportunity to spend a good time with their children. Moreover, Disneyland projects a strong feeling of happiness. A magical world full of colorful landscapes and streets helps people forget about everyday life full of problems and complicated situations. Everyone can feel the unbelievable influence of fairy country. Even the members of stuff are partial to the magic. It is hard to imagine a more interesting profession than that of a Disneyland employee.Workers can forget about all the problems and observe the fairytale every day.  Thus, it is a special and significant place.

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Disneyland became a worldwide phenomenon and involved almost all the countries of the world into the process of its development. It has an essential function of cultural unification. Besides, Disneyland’s management needs global cross-cultural relations and investments involved. Thus, the tendencies of international culture development increase because of the Disneyland phenomenon. In addition, it has developed a certain singular language. It includes a great amount of specific terms. They are understandable for everyone, because they have become international. Disneyland involves some intercultural communicative processes, creating a pass of international communication. Moreover, the direct significance of the entertainment park is obvious. Disneyland improves the position of cinema and animation industry in the world. Actually, it concerned American tradition only. Hollywood has established a unique movie and animation culture. However, this culture extends to the world and becomes a global achievement. In addition, the entertainment industry becomes standardized. It cannot have some negative effects, because its foundation is absolutely innocent. The parks use children’s stories and positive characters to create a captivating atmosphere. It has an affirmative effect on culture in general. It develops a in a certain was that can be called Disney Art. It is not only a powerful business empire, which uses its brand everywhere and earns a lot from it. Disneyland is also a subculture. It is possible to see it everywhere: on TV, on the streets, and in the children’s books. It has some distinctive features that are impossible to confuse with anything else. The Disney Art is characterized by colorful images, pictures, and buildings. Children cannot imagine Cinderella or Snow White in dresses of any other colors or with different hair. Disneyland creates unified images and immortalizes them.

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In conclusion, the creation of Disneyland has led to some great changes in the animation industry and in the sphere of park entertainments in general. Walt Disney did not just established an amusement park, but also a significant place for cultural development of America and the entire world. The purpose of it was the establishment of special entertainment parks for children and adults. Disneyland has a very interesting construction and unique design. The structure looks like an actual city. Nevertheless, it involves considerable investments and the tickets are very expensive. It is necessary to admit that a visit to this place would be  important for anyone. It has a great intercultural influence and develops international relations. This place can make people happy by erasing everyday problems from their memories. Disneyland is one of the most frequently visited places in the world, because it is a universal method of international communication.

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