Concert Review: Coldplay

free essayI was very impressed with the performance of Coldplay Live in Boston 2012 I saw on YouTube. I really like their music, and I enjoy listening to it everywhere. I would like to start my review with the short description of their history. Coldplay is a modern rock band from the south-east of England. They play alternative rock, indie rock, and post-Britpop. The band consists of vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bass player Guy Berryman, and drummer Will Champion. In the mid-90s, all of them gathered in London to attend lectures at University College, where they soon became friends. They all have an immense love for music. Chris started writing lyrics and Will agreed to pick up the drumsticks. At the beginning of the musical path, Johnny and Chris played their music on the street in order to earn money, but the desire to gather stadiums lived in their hearts. Then the group grew and started to produce mini-discs, which musicians gave to their friends. Admiring reviews inspired young musicians, and then the newborn band recorded the first mini-disc with four songs. Later their dream came true, and the band became popular not only in the UK, but also in the USA.

In my opinion, they have a stunningly harmonious sound and lyrics. This music is universal. You can listen to it in the car travel or while having some rest outside the city – it pops up so many images in the mind! The music of Coldplay is quite simple, but there is a proverb “Genius is simplicity.” Their music conveys a boundless respect for women, love, feelings, and this respect is sincere. The texts have deep meaning (Rush of Blood to the Head), and quite good metaphors (Warning Sign).

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In the concert, they presented their latest album Mylo Xyloto, although there were works from other albums. The band made a great performance before a big crowd. I need to say that the music of Coldplay is very lively and honest as usual, but the clue words for their show are creativity, energy, and passion. Coldplay certainly added some new tricks, but the rock band also had their old tricks like confetti, huge balloons, and several stages. The concert ended with a spectacular laser show accompanied by usual piano play of “Clocks” and the final was “Fix You”.

Coldplay music is for smart, incredibly beautiful, talented, capable, successful people with excellent taste, who take everything from life. Coldplay is never boring. They are nice, cute, and adorable. They have an incredible success with girls, boys, and people of all ages. Once in a while, an implausible lyric was released, and it left lingering memories in my mind. The lyrics were perfectly chosen and expressed emotions that people could not tell. I felt that the sound was modern. Music plays a critical role in showing emotions. Life would be unimaginable without it. Indeed, the world would not be an interesting place to live in without music. It plays a critical role in delivering messages. However, all melodious works have a start and an end. Music enables the listener to imagine what he or she is listening. Thus, it is an art that appeals to the listener. For instance, the lyrics in Parachutes use repetition to express emotions that cannot be spoken or felt. The words contained in the lyrics were very emotive. Some songs like Yellow are considered by people as childish. However, the pop-sounding beats appeals to a large audience. The opening song of the album Parachutes is Don’t Panic. Unlike other tracks, the use of drums in Parachutes provided the song with added value. In addition, mellow vocals played a critical role of enhancing uniqueness. The compositions that I heard during the concert (Mylo Xyloto, Us Against the World, Hurts Like Heaven) evoked in my heart deep and special feelings or thoughts. It was a time when I could listen to the music and feel the absolute unity with the rock band. The most memorable features of that concert for me were slower, lyrical sections. Also there were striking melodies, rhythms and unusual instrumental effects, for instance during the performance of composition Clocks.

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I think that both the soloists and whole band succeeded in projecting the emotional meaning of the show. The dynamics seems to have enough variety and flexibility; it was not so loud or too soft. The melodic lines were projected with a feeling of lyricism and light. What is more, there seems to be a good balance between main melodic lines, voice and accompaniment.

I realized that Coldplay music has a large following on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Through Coldplay music, societies acquire critical viewpoints on issues and realize the need to change some social aspects. This change in social order is inevitable as societies are usually prone to influence. Coldplay plays a major role in this as it portrays the image of the society, that is, the prevailing conditions, strengths and shortcomings. Coldplay music is of great impact when it comes to changing a society’s mindset. For example, the song Viva la Vida speaks against youth’s oppression and is able to reach millions of citizens in an instance. Any attempt to sense such music would make it popular and its message stronger. As a result, the citizens would have an even stronger resolve to see a change (Eisentraut, 2013).

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