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free essayThe immigration problem in Europe has been a very common phenomenon for quite a long time. Over the years, the media have been consistent in reporting cases when people were trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and move into Europe in search of a better life. Many deaths occurred in the course of this dangerous attempt, especially when some of the immigrants tried to swim across the Mediterranean to get into Europe. Most of the immigrants were people from the northern parts of Africa and some parts of Asia (The Guardian 23 August 2015). To avert the crisis of illegal immigrant flooding the European countries, various European governments have implemented stringent measures to curb the illegal movement of people across their borders. Some of these measures include strengthening security in the border region, with the governments of Britain, France, and Hungary proposing the construction of high walls on the countries’ borders in order to prevent immigrants from crossing into their respective territories (Graham 2015). The humanitarian crisis in Syria, Yemen, and the other war-torn countries have made the problem of immigration even more complicated. Most of the refugees and asylum seekers from the abovementioned countries have run into Europe to seek for help. Therefore, the situation in Europe has become more complicated in the recent years (Sky News 11 September 2015).

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As one of the leading European countries in terms of development and economic growth, Britain has in the recent past received the highest number of refugees and asylum seekers from war-torn Syria. The government and the media have, however, undergone sharp criticism due to their stand on the refugee issues and matters concerning asylum seekers.

With the current advancements in technology and communication in the recent years, globalization as a process of international integration has accelerated. Cultural exchanges have been made easier by communication technology, and this has worked well for many societies in the world. However, the post-Cold War era has seen a number of internal conflicts across the globe, which has been described as the flipside of globalization (Stever 1972). Most of these conflicts have led to the increase in migration of refugees and asylum seekers to countries like Britain.

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Britain has for some time now neglected the plight of asylum seekers. Despite being one of the richest in the world, the British government has not been sensitive enough to the plight of these refugees and asylum seekers and has undergone sharp criticism for some of its policy. This is regardless the danger that these people have faced and continue to face in their attempt to get protection from Britain. Over three hundred people have written an open letter to the British government to protest its decision to accept only 20,000 refugees for a period of five years (Erlanger & Smale 2015). It was reported that the protests were from some of the most senior British citizens including Lord Phillips, the former head of the UK Supreme Court, and Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions. They have argued that, just like during the Balkan War, Britain should accept up to 75,000 refugees and asylum seekers, since they have the capability to do so (BBC News 12 October 2015). The British government, on the other hand, has tried to defend themselves from this condemnation by explaining that they have been on the forefront to aid war-torn Syria by providing funding for humanitarian purposes and charity work.

The Humanitarian Charter provides protection for refugees and asylum seekers and ensures that their rights preserved. These rights include protection, security, and humanitarian assistance, which is a crucial aspect. The non-refoulement principle also discourages states from sending away people who are seeking protection and should instead provide them with protection. By limiting the number of refugees and asylum seekers getting into the country, Britain has opposed the principles enshrined in the Humanitarian Charter.

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Over the years, the British media has gained much respect on the global scale. However, their reporting of events has also come under much criticism following the way they have highlighted information regarding refugees. As a result, critics and the members of general public began to view the British media as not concerned with airing the plight of these refugees but instead portraying them as intruders who do not mean well for Britain. The media has, in many instances, spoken the government’s language, which has left so many people dissatisfied (Zeronian 2015).

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In conclusion, Britain, which is considered one of the most civilised countries in the world, is in a compromised position on the scales of globalization due to the recent developments. It has shown that the major principles that have been advocated for have been neglected as this mighty nation refused to help some of the neediest human beings in the world. The recent events into sharp focus what it means when the country claims to be a civilised nation. Additionally, for a country that enjoys massive media freedom, it is unacceptable for its media to pretend not to notice the genuine suffering of people and support its government without any due consideration for genuine concerns. All these factors put the commitment of Britain to question as far as globalization is concerned.

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