Additional Services

Progressive Delivery
Our company is happy to announce that we launched a new progressive delivery service, which allows to easily deal with complicated and large orders such as 20+ pages double-spaced or 10+ pages single-spaced papers.

Benefits of Our Service:

We send drafts in the following manner*:

Progressive delivery service costs +15% to the total order price.

*when our client wants to get his/her order in a way different from the one described above, it is not a problem for us since we can make an individual plan basing on client’s desires and his/her order peculiarities. Under such circumstances, all the details should be discussed with the order manager.

Additional Services for Short Papers ( under 20 Pages)

Summary writing is an additional service. It allows clients to get their paper summarized in one page. One page summary helps clients to understand the major points covered in their papers. Such service is useful for clients who are tasked to make a report on the topic researched in the paper.

Draft Service

When a client orders such additional service, he/she will be provided with a one-page draft (a 300-word draft if the paper is double-spaced and a 600-word draft if the paper is single-spaced) of the ordered paper when 50% of the total order deadline expires. For instance, when the urgency of client’s order is 2 days, a draft will be delivered in 1 day.

Extended Revision Service

We give a guarantee to revise orders in case such need arises within 48 hours after order delivery. Extended revision service gives clients a right to extend revision deadline to 14 days!