Writing Tips: Creating a Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an essential part of any research paper so being able to write a clear and concise statement is a skill every student needs to possess. This type of writing is pretty standard and, therefore, there is a number of tips that will apply to any thesis statement.

What is it?

Before we tackle the technique of writing a thesis statement, let`s figure out what it is in the first place. Thesis statement unfolds the contents of your whole paper and presents the reader with a clear understanding of the topic. It`s an idea that your whole research will be centered around, so you`ll be able to come up with it only after you`ve done some research. It sets the general direction of your paper and at the same time helps to narrow it down to something specific.

Follow the accepted structure

The main feature of a thesis statement is its length – it`s only two or three sentences long. It should precede the main body of the paper so include the statement into the introduction, ideally at the beginning of it. Since the thesis statement is very short, you can`t allow yourself to drift off from the main point. You`ll have a whole paper to elaborate, but try to be as concise as possible while writing the thesis statement. Make sure that you present the idea of your research clearly and set the boundaries that limit your paper from a wider topic of your specialization.

Keep your originality

When it comes to tips on writing a research paper, authenticity is always the key to success. Generic arguments and clich’d phrases are a safe option, but they will never make you stand out from the crowd. There is a reason why you`re conducting a research in the first place, and in the thesis statement you need to prove that your work is worth attention and contains some potential for being practically applied later.

A widespread mistake students make while writing a thesis statement is using quotes. Implementing the words of reputable figures is often a smart move, but there is no place for that in a thesis statement. Remember the key to success? Yes, it`s originality so use your own words.

Come up with the key ideas

The main goal you`ll have to fulfill while writing your research paper is backing up your thesis statement so make sure you come up with a sufficient number of ideas to do so. Not only will it help to write your statement, but it might also open your eyes to new arguments and groundbreaking points of view in the context of the ideas you discover through brainstorming. Creating mind maps is a handy tool for achieving this goal. By doing so, you`ll be able to see logical connections between different ideas and will be able to discover new ones in these connections.

If you follow these basic tips on writing a thesis statement, you`ll be able to create an original and successful statement that will set a tone to your whole paper.